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shows the old city as the most unforgettable experience, one big open-air museum, American old timers drive by under the brilliant sun, you can listen to the salsa music while savouring rum, enjoying a Cohiba cigar and watch the elegant Cuban women parading with swinging hips...
At every corner in Havana magic is in the air !

Say what you want the city has it. Do you wish to admire the famous buildings, museums, castles, the cathedral, the historical statues, the Capitolio, Plaza de armas, castle del morro....

Or do you love the Latin culture and want to gain a better understanding of this unusual city and its beautiful people ....in short: you want to feel the city's pulsating life: the meat market, the fruitmarket, the local cuban bars, the stores, the salsa dancing.

And what about Havana by night ! Magical, if you know your way about this lively city. I tell you the do's and don'ts, and guide you through the Havana night scene,.......fasten your seatbelt !

After dancing all night to the hot salsa and reggaeton rhythms, exhausted and satisfied, you will surely appreciate a lazy day at the Habana del Este beaches for a complete relaxation.


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