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25 Years Ago I married a Cuban

by Marianne Delgado
(Marlboro, NJ)

I met a Cuban mechanical engineer while I was a secretary in the same cosmetic mfg. co. in Brooklyn, NY. Me being an American girl (5th generation) w/Irish and German roots spoke my high school spanish to him fooling around. Well, 1 month later we moved in together to Union City, NJ (ugh) and 6 mos. later we married in Bay RIdge, Bklyn - Our Lady of Angels Church in Bay Ridge, Bklyn. That, my friends, was on Dec. 1st, 1985. We find ourselves for the past 22 years in Marlboro, NJ with our daughter Danielle 20 and Natalie 11.

P.S. Did I mention and that my husband George was a marielito (political prisoner) from ages 15-22. Que pena verdad. He was from Luyano, HAVANA.

Minor Remark by Vic Webmaster
Not all Cubans leaving on the Mariel boatlift were
political prisonners. Most of them left Cuba (free) on the search for a better (economical) life.
Not all ordinary Cubans made it, some skilled Cubans started a new life, other Cubans ended in
poverty, I guess you married a "lucky one".
Wish you lots of happiness with your marriage! Go for another happy 25 years!

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Sep 23, 2015
lovely relation NEW
by: Anonymous

Husband wife is very beautiful and loving relation on the earth.If there is love between husband and wife then this earth will become heaven for them and they could write their story via write my essay reviews. Here in blog a lady is describing about her cuban hubby and his condition now a days which we should read to get experience.

Jun 23, 2011
Dearest Sarah
by: Marianne Delgado

Dearest Sarah:
My husband and I met each other and within 6 mos. were married - very unusual in this country for such a short engagement. He is an only child and so am I. However, I was 25 and was 35 and I had a lot of life experience living in NYC and was actually charmed with his being "different" from your typical American man. I also spoke Spanish very well. He came from a pre-revolution family, without having that "dog-eat-dog", every man for himself mentality. He remembers what it was like b4 Castro and half of his family (aunts and cousins) came to Miami in the early 60's. He knew what freedom was. He also spoke fluent English, with a heavy accent, of course, but was educated as an engineer and could make a living right away. He was not ignorant and wasn't so macho like many foreign men are (as is my experience). He gives me his paycheck, I give him his $ for the week and I pay all of the bills. Yes, he gets his new car and boat and all the stuff a man loves but he lets me be me and vice-a-versa - never jealous - never cruel - even took care of my sick parents with me till the day they died. I married the right man indeed. I have never been to Cuba and my husband wouldn't go back for free.

Jun 23, 2011
Hi Marianne
by: Sarah

It is a lovely story and I am very happy for the both of you.
I guess the stories here differ from yours... You, see you met in common ground, equal opportunities, perhaps equal academical level... When we Europeans go to Cuba and meet someone there there are huge barriers... If most of them are desperate for a way out or some extra income, and see us like a passport with legs... It is hard to let the guard down just because the odds are against us...
This said by someone who thinks of Cuba and a guy I met there very briefely. I am not in contact with him and know he "hits" on lots of girls, like anyone his age would. Would I like to have a chance to see if he was the one? yes but I really can't afford the risk, both financially and emocionally.

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