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bodeguita del medio Havana Cuba

The bar is located on Empedrado street between San Ignacio and Mercaderes streets in Old Havana.

This is a typical tourist bar, that is always crowded and visited by tourist groups.
This famous bar was the hang-out where the novel writer Ernest Hemingway drank his Mojito's

On the walls lots of signatures of celebrities that visited the bar, names such as: Nat King Cole, Pablo Neruda, Fidel Castro, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Ernest Hemingway and others.

Expensive drinks, but a must to see when you're the first time in Havana.
The bar is known for the excellent Mojito and behind the bar is a tiny restaurant that serves traditional Cuban Cuisine: dishes with rice and black beans.

The music band sings a song of Polo Montañez

Hemingway bar Havana Cuba

Typical Cuban food and dishes

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