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I got a question about perfume in Cuba from a British visitor, she wrote:

"Please can I buy a bottle of Mariposa and Vengueros Perfume and have it sent to England as I love this fragrances".

cuba perfume - Havana Perfume Museum

Fragrances can be bought in the shopping malls in Havana. In Old city, the Harris Brothers Shopping has a perfume shop on the first floor. 

Most of the bigger shopping malls in the Havana Miramar district sell Cuban perfumes. (see Shopping). The main problem for our visitor will be the transport of her fragrance. The shops are not allowed to do business with foreign countries, they have no shipping and billing department. Remember this is Cuba, not the U.K. The economical solution is to ask a friend or another tourist travelling to Cuba to buy your perfume in Havana and bring it home to your home address. Another more complicated solution is to ask a Cuban friend to ship your parcel with DHL courrier service to your home address (DHL is the only foreign courrier with a license in Cuba). Don't forget the custom regulations and the transport cost, the whole operation can easely cost a multiple of the perfume value.

cuba perfume - Casa del perfume havana Cuba

Havana Perfume Museum

A real specialist fragrance shop is La Casa Cubana del Perfume sometimes also mentioned as the Havana Perfume Museum located at Mercaderes street Old Havana.

This big shop / museum sells handmade perfumes made from plant oils and Cuban flowers. The fragrances are sold in ceramic bottles. 

This is a unique shop with an antique interior and a wide range of fragrance products. 

When you visit Old Havana a must to see.

Cuba perfume - Havana Perfume museum

Handmade perfumes in the fragnance Museum

cuba perfume and fragrance - havana

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