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The tavern is located at Ignace Street #368, corner Muralla street, Plaza Vieja (Old Square) This place is a wunderful square renovated with the help of the UNESCO. The square was built in 1559 and was named "New Square", later Plaza de Armas became more important and the square lost its public function and was renamed "Plaza Vieja" (Old square). In the restaurant they serve brochettes with chicken, shrimp etc. from the outdoor grill at prices between 3 and 9 CUC and hamburgers at 2,50 CUC.

The tavern is well known for its beer, it is the only bar in Havana where you can get draught beer.
They produce their own beer and you can visit the installations and production at the backside of the café.

Order a big translucent cylinder filled with 3 litres of cold beer, fitted with a tap, on your table, so you can drink at ease. The beer is of an excellent quality and taste. It's the best in town. We easily finished the 3 litres container with 3 persons the restaurant qualifies as a unique Havana experience.

Taberna la muralla  Old Havana

Beer production installations in the restaurant La Muralla

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