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A Friendship for Life or maybe more in Cuba

by Muchachaloca

I came back from cuba a few weeks ago and I'm a 26 year young woman with dark features mediterranean type I considered good looking.
I do speak spanish and a guy thought he can use me as a walking atm but I told him off!!
I met a other guy (same age as me) who works at a restaurant and we could not get our eyes off each other.
we talked and walked and spend time with each other and he bought me the drinks and I refused because I felt guilty him not having money and spending money on me!!
in my culture it is almost normal that guys actually spend money on the woman ....
and I felt very weird and ashamed to spend money on a guy because I know that they have pride too.
I did not spend a $ on this muchacho.

During our conversations I asked him if he had any relatives in Spain or the USA .. it turned to be that he has a brother and give me his contact information and I got to talk to him a few times.

He admitted that he has a child and want to leave cuba sooner or later.

If I call him at his house and not able to reach him there I know where to reach him !!at work where we have met!! he is hard working.
The duration of my stay there was over a month and I saw him almost daily at his work location.

He came to the airport unexpected to see me one more time .
He did not ask me for any money, gifts, cellphone
since I told him I want to come back and want to stay with him and agreed with it.
we spoke about my return to cuba.
I looked up airfares up and its to expensive to come back it would be more useful to send him the money than me being around and all this good bye drama again. He did refuse the $$ he want me to come back. I made it very clear :
that I'm either rich or wealthy and that I have to watch my money even living in Europe.
In addition to his I made it very clear to him that I'm aware of the conditions in cuba and the mind setting of cubans when it comes to tourists and try to fool them and marry them to get out of the island . For sure I'm a not the one that fall for this games or that kind of YUMA.
I had the privilege to travel to many places on this globe and I'm not the typical resort/beachhotel person I rather like to explore
the real nation/culture/people and made good/bad experience.

I have to admit that I'm in a relationship but I can't get this cuban muchacho (i have a weakness for latinos they are the best looking to me:) out of my mind. I did not cheat on my bf.
But sometimes life goes different ways and maybe this the case here.
I'm actually considering to marry him if that what it takes to get him out.
I told him that this can happen and but we go separate ways because I'm not interested in to be cheated on or being abused etc.
He clearly asked but what happens if I don`t want be apart from you?!
Friends of mine (latinos) talked to me and made it clear enough about cuba and its people...how they fool tourist etc.
who ever reads this post please before you judge me or badmouth me consider this fact that no human being is perfect and if we would be in their shoes we may would do the same thing.
There are people like me that just like to help and YES I do send money and stuff to cuba out of my own will !! I'm not rich I asked people if they sponsor me on that matter I was lucky.
I can`t help the entire world but where I can I will. I came across this site and this posts I had to smile because a few things sound so similar to me Sad but I think once you made a bad experience you should not fall again for it and let people use you. I hope we can learn out of this but always remember we are not perfect and we are not all the same I'm referring to the entire globe.
Sorry for my bad English :)

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Jul 28, 2013
Jabba the Hut
by: Mr. Z

I loved the "Jabba the Hut" reference in the oldest response here. And Anonymous is absolutely correct. If you are a sucker and want to spend your money on this Cuban, do so, but DON'T get married. Marriage entitles the Cuban to more than just what you give, it entitles him to part of your home, business, bank account(s), future income...

I thought since I was not so old (44) and healthy, muscular, tall, okay looking... that I was a great catch for some younger Cuban and that she would love me as much if not more than I loved her. It turned out she preferred to be with a 70+ Italian, who would take her to a resort a few times per year, buy her expensive gifts, and openly have sex with other prostitutes and film it for her to see, because he had more money for her and her fat, pimp mother, than a man who wanted to marry her, have children and perhaps bring her to Canada. When I confronted her, she said her mother beats her and forces her. I told her she's going to end up exactly like her mother. Thankfully, I was with her long enough to see her true character and not marry her.

May 17, 2011
by: Anonymous

Marrying a Cuban just to get him/her out of Cuba because you feel sorry for him/her is indeed sending the wrong message and only perpetuates the problem. You are sending the message out to Cubans that it is OK to use another human being for your own self seeking purpose. Not only will you foot the bill, you will be responsible for this person for years afterwards even if they have long left you.
Recently I stayed in a 5 star hotel in Cuba. Enjoying a drink in the lobby with my friends, we watched a ratty car pull up with two young men in the front seat and two young women in the back. The women got out, kissed the two boys good bye ( on the lips so we wondered if they were the girls boyfriends) and came into the hotel. No security guard stopped them as they made their way to a table where two old italian men were waiting.
Very soon after a man sitting in a darker area called us to his table. I went to ask him what he wanted. He asked if myself or any of my friends (6 of us)wanted to join him. He had a laptop in front of him. We declined the invite as it turned out he was a Cuban and a pimp with a computer full of choices of prostitutes both men and women. I was really disturbed that a pimp could just sit in an expensive hotel and run his business. We reported it to the front desk but I was told that the security and front desk staff ignore it because everyone gets a cut. I don't know if this is fact or not but this is such a turn off for returning to Cuba. Tourists need to stop buying the product but we all know thats not going to happen.

Remark by Vic
Reporting this to the front desk is useless, he has probably bribed the complete staff and security.
10 cuc (half a month salary) per person can do miracles in Cuba. The main problem in Cuba is the low salary and poverty!

May 10, 2011
Dirty Old Perverts Should Be Banned From Cuba
by: Anonymous

Very old Italian men have a fetish for very young Afro/Cuban girls, and I am talking schoolgirls.

I was approached by a tout at Santiago bus station who led me to a casa particular which I later found to be no more than a brothel. On the terrace was a 70 year old Italian man - from Calabria with a 14 year old black Cuban girl. She was crying because he would not give her the bus fare to get home. She had spent the night with him. The old pervert's excuse was that he had bought her dinner the night before, what more did she want.

I gave her the money to get home. She had barely left when Gxxxxx went out on the street and returned with another AfroCuban girl, a single mother he had purchased for 10 CUC, he also gave her a t-shirt for her son.

There was an endless flow of traffic in and out of Casa Vxxxxx house. The hypocrite also black, wore just White claiming to be a 'Santeria', I told her she did not have an ounce of spirituality and she was a Madam, and checked out. She screamed at me that she would not refund my money, I told her to keep it, I did not feel safe in her whorehouse and left.

In Guardalavaca there was another 70 year old American in a cowboy hat sharing a room at villa Cabanas with a 15 year old Cuban girl. He joked that he though she looked like Pokahuntus the Indian princess, he had a farm in the wilds of Montana and wanted to 'smuggle' Yxxxx out and marry her.

The poor girl originally from Moa had been pimped by her aunt who lived with a retired Army captain in Calle del Coches. Yxxxx hated the old American, he complained she would turn her back on him in bed and refused to kiss him. He also complained she was into Hana Montana and rap that 'horsesh.....it". I told him she was 15 what did he expect.

Cuba needs to clamp down on the sexual exploitation of it's children, it seems to be a growing market. Shame on the receptionist at villa Cabanas who clearly took a back hander when he allowed this child into the hotel in Guardalavaca.

May 05, 2011
Es Cuba Si-!!
by: Yasmila

Re: "What A Dreamer"-
It is a dream a real bad dream at that,when parent's are parading their young kid's and offering them for sex to anybody not only the "Tourist".
I go to Cuba often and see first hand the reality of this nightmare.
On one occasion,I happen to be having "Mi cafe con leche" at "La Rampa" open air patio,when an older woman and a young female child of about 7-8 year's old happen to walk by and sit 2 tables in front of me.
The way this child was dressed was cause for concern,but who am I to judge!-I assumed she was in a play of some sort-she had her hair colored blonde-red ruby lip's, really long fake red nail's, red short- short's-high heel's,a white see through top that barely covered anything-and a bare midrift.
The older woman whom I assumed was her mother whispered something in her ear,and the next thing I see is this child going to a table with 3 male tourist's and asking them for money,or food and a beer for her mother or who ever she was,and if they needed something to!!
I nearly gagged-this is juvenile prostitution in action-I approached the older woman and asked her if she knew the young child was asking for money from complete stranger's-she said Si and that she bring's her daughter here every day to ask for money or food because her husband abandoned the family and there is no other choice.
I was relieved to see the male tourist's telling this child to go away please!!
Welcome To Cuba!!

May 05, 2011
Oh brother "what a dreamer"
by: Anonymous

That is so funny I'm laughing my head off. What a butt head!

Actually regarding the percentage of bad people in Cuba, listen to this.

I'm sitting in the Parque Jose Marti in Cienfuegos at my usual table when a couple of other tourists called me over. One of them said to me we are arguing about what percentage of Cubans are liars and cheats, he said this guy says it's 97.5% of Cubans are cheats and liars and I said 98.5% of Cubans are liars and cheats. What do you think? I said for sure it's 98.5%.

This is the real Cuba!!! Another time sitting at my usual table, I see the most beautiful young girl (15) walking with her mother, from my seat I said, que linda senorita, the mother said to me she's just a young girl, I said, si senora pero elle es muy hermosa, and they continued around the corner, about 2 minutes later the mother walked back to me at my table and told me here is our phone # and my daughters name is Daisy, (they wrote it down) please call us.

I'm 50 years old and I weigh about 265 lbs. GET IT !!

It's very sad but "es Cuba", I have seen a Cuban mother in a bar introducing (offering) her young daughter (15-16 years old) to a Cuban man, I guess that he was 60. How can a single mother of 50+ survive? Sad but a daily reality.

Apr 29, 2011
by: Yasmila

You are indeed coming off as an empty headed idiot!!!-are you a blonde maybe????.
Don't ever misinterpret common sense and reality for jealousy-for if I wish I could have and marry all the Jinetero's-and Chulo's in Cuba.
I live by what I see with my own eye's and have counselled many women,and men like you who got caught in a very emotional and financial disaster by doing what your doing,with the Cubano's.
Are all Cuban's bad-lier's-cheater's-abusive-and evil- lazy????-NO!-just 90% are.
And for you to tell me you found one of the 10%-,is almost laughable-for only 2% of those are all married or in serious relationshiip's and have no time for an air-head like you!!-the other 8% are-Maricon-Gay!!
As for me being bitter that's far fetched for I am in a relationship with a Cubano myself,and am going back soon-but will I marry him--NO!!
If your plan's on marrying this Chulo does not work out I can give you the name's of 3 Cubano's who are very poor and suffering in Cuba and maybe you can marry them to, to get them out of their misery- it will give you something to do in your spare time,let me know I will put you in touch with them!!-Hasta Luego!!

REMARK Vic Webmaster, no personal insults please, Let's keep our forum polite and friendly!

Apr 28, 2011
Ere's De Verdadero una Loca-Chula!!
by: Yasmila

Muchacha-Loca!!-Que pasa??????-you say you are Italian!!!!The Italian's I know would not give up their dignity to do what your doing-it's a disgrace and an embarrassment for your culture-paying for a "SHAM WEDDING" to a male -Cuban whore-and thinking that it's ok.--It's not ok! your sending the wrong signal's to the most undignified lier's and loser's on this planet.
You actually feel ok knowing that your hard earned money is going to pay for puta's-chulo's-beer-and a good time for all these leeche's-well you must have money to burn -go ahead marry the Jinitero-support him and his tribe of loser's-you are no better then they are-your not only dumb as a drum but you lost your beat as well-your emotion's are out,and your common sense is in denial, and in the end you deserve all that you get-you sound bored with your life and you will do anything for attention even throw money away for a negative and bad reason.
And not only that you are also contributing a negative factor to the Cuban's thinking that all tourist's are dumb and totally ignorant like youself-a real shame!!

Apr 28, 2011
Friendship for live maybe more
by: Muchachaloca

Maybe some you are saying is right but i m not interested in a romance with a cuban and as i wrote before read between the lines before make a judgment
"I'm actually considering to marry him if that what it takes to get him out.
I told him that this can happen and but we go separate ways because I'm not interested in to be cheated on or being abused etc.
He clearly asked but what happens if I don`t want be apart from you?!
Friends of mine (latinos) talked to me and made it clear enough about cuba and its people...how they fool tourist etc"
I`m aware of that people try to get poverty i heard stories about places in far east asia as well i dont want to start with this!!

I currently live in Canada but im about to leave his brohter come from the us to visit me!
I m italian and i have a certain limit how much money i will send. something i wont never do going to have debts for a male!!
NO!! I`m a fisty woman served a few years in the military back home i`m very domanding !!

When i feel like to give then i do to those i want to give even to females in cuba i gave all my stuff away even my suitecase haha!!

He did not clean up because i clean better!!

And may as well he want to spend on his puta let him those people have such bad sad life there if i can make them happy for a moment be my guest!
Maybe im dumb as a drumm but playing me no way jose!!

Apr 25, 2011
Muchacha loca-loca -loca-!!!!!!!!
by: Yasmila

Are you for real??- what the hell are you doing? your making and paying for your own heartbreak and future emotional breakdown.
No woman of dignity send's money to a "Chulo Jinetero" and Cuba is the Capital of this kind of people.
Like I said be-fore love them and leave them in Cuba-these Chulo's have their family, their f%^k puta's and most are infected with "STD"S.
Yes 10% are beautiful and sensuous but that's all they are,just a shell of a human with no emotion -no heart- no feeling,once they have you hooked on their "SEX" it's history for you.
All the money your sending is going to their "PUTA"S" to buy nail polish, clothe's and to get their hair done, eat out,and nice cold cerveza's.
Your pinning for a male whore who will drain your account dry and spit you out like a piece of stale gum.
I travelled all over Cuba for over 5 year's and it's the same crap in all the province's-"Find a dumb YUMA romance her, sex her up, make her want more,and the next thing you know-your another victim-all the lie's, deceit,cheating will go on forever-and you will eventually suffer excruciating pain when you awake from this nightmare.
But if you intend on keeping sending him money and being his patsy-be my guest!!
If you have any dignity left-look in the mirror and be ashamed of yourself-have a good cry-clean yourself up and work on the relation ship with your boyfriend.
HASTA LUEGO!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 24, 2011
You're No Different To Every Yuma On Here, Don't Kid Yourself!
by: Anonymous

You say that you are 'Not the type who goes to hotels or resorts to fin a man', but from what you have written you really are no different from any of the other Canadian or English Yumas who've fallen for a Jinitero bar man, diving instructor, burger flipper, or waiter.

You say you 'look Mediterranean'.

So what.?

You could look like Jabba the Hutt in Cuba and still get hit on.

You have a pulse, that's all that matters, and a wallet, and are the means to a passport out. Do not kid yourself. You're not kidding anyone on here.

Your English is perfect btw, you did not say if you were in fact from the UK or Canada?.

As I said you are no different from the thousands of women who fly to Cuba every month and are swept off their feet by a Latin Romeo.

All the signs are there and you are too blind to see them, too much in deep at this stage.

First Red Flag:....He has relatives overseas.

Second Red Flag: He can;t wait to leave (just like all of them)

Third Red Flag: You are already sending money - Big Mistake!

I would also be wary of the fact that he bought you drinks.

That's a trick played by the seasoned Jinitero to gain your trust.
The not so seasoned con men will expect you to pay for them. The good ones will offer to pay.

Read through the posts here, the clever ones wlll always offer to pay for a cab, a drink etc, to hook you in at the beginning.

Like a good fisherman they wait, and wait, they bide their time, they have patience to lure the bait, no matter how much time it takes.

And look like this charmer has really hit the jackpot in you. Won the Lottery.

Do you honestly think you're the first Yuma he's tried it on with?

Read the post on the Infamous Water Sports Romeo 'A'. at Breezes Jibacao. He had at least 10 women on here thinking they were 'The One'. He was playing all of them. And all of them sending him regalos, cellphones, laptops, money.

He cleaned up.

No one can tell you what to do, only you can decide that. You know in your heat the reality. You are the means to get him out of poverty, and he has played you and it has worked.

I just hope your bank balance is substantial enough to withstand the considerable debts you will run up in the process of getting him out. And that you have a sympathetic bank manager.

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