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A letter from my boyfriend in Havana

by Elisabeth

I met a good looking man (46 years old) at La Florida in Havana last easter. We spent 12 days together, and I was not able to avoid falling in love with him.
I got al lot of e-mails from him, and in short the main message from him was that he loved me and wanted to marry me as soon as possible. I went back in August to visit him, and see if I found him serious or not. We had some nice days together, and some terrible days were he showed his anger and black moods. I was very disappointed, and got angry because I don't accept such behaviour. I returned to Europe earlier than planned, and he cried and was very sad, said he had been an idiot. We went on with the contact. I did challenging him about some issues I found difficult in our "relationship", and he got very angry. Today I got this very special letter from him. He tells me how bad I am, but he can go on the relationship and marry me if I with a limit of 72 hours give him 1000 cuc:

Hoy escribime una vez mas y juro por todos mis ancestros e hijas que sera (that's nice too, I swear on the head of all of my daughters (how many?)
mi ultima comunicacion con usted,puesto que acabo de comprender que usted
es una persona injusta e egoista que no suele respetar ni tampoco desea
hacerlo y que poco le importa las situaciones y dificultades que poseen
las personas,dire algo para usted eres una persona injusta y muy malvada
tu mejor que nadie sabe que en tu pais nadie te va hacer sentir como hoy
tu te sientes conmigo y que nadie sacrificara años de su vida a tu lado
para que tu cada vez que te de la gana hagas una crisis de celos
estupidos,ya usted colmo mi pasiencia,soy yo ahora el que no desea tener
mas ninguna relacion con usted no me arriesgare a perder los mejores
tiempos de mi vida al lado de una persona tan tonta como lo es usted que
no sabe valorar las cosas que la vida le ofrece y que vive siempre
llevando en su mente un mundo de prejuicios,no quiero seguir viviendo mi
vida con mas tormentos ni angustias,si la escogi a usted fue porque a
pesar que eres muy bella y atractiva te vez a lo lejos una persona dulce y
comprensible no mas señora me equivoque con usted,yo quiero en mi vida una
persona dulce,tierna,fragil dispuesta a dar su vida por mi si fuese
necesario,no deseo tener una esquisofrenica que un dia esta muy bien y
despues sin ningun motivo me escribe ofendiendome diciendome que si soy
alcholico que si soy un oportunista,no permitire mas sus juegos
esquisofrenicos ni mucho menos gastare mi dinero en el correo para darle
respuestas a las mismas estupideses de todos los dias,a partir de hoy
usted queda libre de mi y yo de usted. Solo volvere a tener relacion
amorosa contigo si a partir de estos instantes usted me da el respeto que
meresco porque yo no arriesgare los ultimos años de mi vida al lado de
alguien que no sabe ni desea valorar a las personas,hoy tendra que
demostrarme muy fuerte que me ama.

1-Quiero 1000 cuc para resolver todos mis problemas
2-Te espero en diciembre para casarnos
3-deseo ser feliz y no ser mas nunca maltratado

si usted antes de 72 horas no empieza a cumplir con mis deseos puede

Remark by Vic Webmaster

This is Cuba in full, Love, Money, Storytelling, and blackmail in one letter.
Always be vigilant with good looking Cubans in Tourist areas and bars like La Florida, the Hemingways's bar in the heart of Old Havana.
When you don't give them the Plata (money) they feel maltratado (bad treated)

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That's insane. I think you shouldn't have trusted him so quickly. 12 days is too little for a big love.
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Sep 25, 2011
You Had A Lucky Escape From This Abuser!
by: Emma

You were lucky. You could have married him and had a life of misery, just like a work colleague of mine has been subjected to 12 years of abuse and humiliation by a con man from Santiago di Cuba.

She was in her 40's when she flew to Cuba to write a piece on Cuban trains. It was her first trip to Cuba so naturally she was a sitting duck for a scammer.

She travelled from Havana to Santiago on the Hershey train, quite an adventure.

She is hardly what you would call an attractive woman, very plain, but she has held down the job of travel editor on a women's fashion mag. for 15 years, and has the opportunity to travel the world.

Most of her colleagues think she made the biggest mistake of her life by marrying this little lazy scammer from Santiago, all white suits, gold chains, fake weaves, but not a pot to p....s in.

He got her pregnant within a week of meeting her. They married so as to obtain a visa and the guy has not worked a day since landing in London.

Never had a day job. Oh yes he has done the typical gigolo gig - of DJ -ing, a great excuse to meet girls. But earn a living? . Do a proper job? support or maintain their 12 year old daughter?
No way!.

He expects his wife to also send money back to his family in Santiago. Even worse whenever a writer comes up with a great idea for a story on Cuba she will pinch it.

According to her she 'Has to travel back to Cuba at least three times a year so my husband can see his family" So no one gets to have their story published if Cuba is the destination.

She steals the proposals/ideas for herself, it will mean a freebie trip to Santiago for her lazy parasite husband.

This is a woman who is clearly being disrespected, abused and conned by a little Cuban charmer who lives the life of Reilly in a lovely home in North London.

He is out every night cruising the night clubs while she is home with their daughter.

She is always out of pocket from funding his expensive lifestyle, maintaining his family, she's lost self respect.

Why do intelligent women take such abuse?. Lack of self esteem for sure.

Is the sex so earth shattering that they are prepared to sublimate their unhappiness, take the abuse, the degredation?

Surely a vibrator would be a better option. Far more hygenic, Healthier for sure. Easier on the pocket.

At least she would know it's not been doing the rounds of the clubs picking up women, and it will not give you an STD and empty your bank account.

Sep 25, 2011
He's Just A Typical Irresponsible Abuser of Women.
by: Anonymous

I do not think this man is 'typically Cuban'. You have many types of men in Cuba as you have in any other country. Unfortunately Havana and tourist venues, hotels and bars tend to attract a high proportion of abusers.

In bars and hotels they have access to foriegn women on a daily basis, they turn on the charm, women fall for it.

They always have a sob story, thier mother needs an operation, their home is falling apart, their sister does not enough money for school books, her 15th b/day dress. They use 101 ways to extract money from you.

The could win an oscar when it comes to trickery thieving and scamming.

These men are lazy, why should he put any effort into his workshop, repairing it, paying his licence fee etc. when he has mugs (foreign women) subsidising him. Giving him money,buying him drinks, kitting him out in style, jumping into bed with him.

He becomes bored then he starts to reveal his true abusive nature and blackmails you for money, writes you nasty abusive emails. Is judgemental nasty and critical on the phone.

He knows he is losing his grip on you so resorts to insults and abuse as a last resort in the hope you will hand over more cash. If this fails h will trot out the tired old 'Te Quero Mucho' script.

If I were you I would send his picture with full name and address to:

the Cuban Embassy,
the Cuban Consulate
and c.c. the Cuban Tourist Board.

This cretin is damaging Cuban Tourism.

Send a letter explaining what he has done to you and no doubt to countless women before you.

This jerk is an abuser of women. He has most likely also abused Cuban women before you and they have given him a wide berth.

You will find such cretins in every country in the world. If you want to be abused save your cash and stay right at home. Such cowards are in every bar, every club, every workplace in your town.

You do not have to travel to exotic locations to meet a bully a parasite or an abuser. They're in your own back yard.

I would learn to get some self esteem. Take care of yourself. Learn to spot signs of abuse and walk away. Do not become a victim by giving the thug oxygen/power to abuse you.

Have some counselling, you may find that you can trace your lack of self esteem issues back to a controlling bullying parent, or teacher.

Good Luck!!

Sep 22, 2011
Havana Is Con Man Central!
by: Anonymous

I am sorry that you had to experience the very worst aspect of Cuba - the type of scumbag who is responsible for killing off tourism in Cuba and that is a shame.

There needs to be a web site which names and shames the Cuban scammers so as to warn potential victims and to tip off the authorities of the men and women who are a serious liability to their tourism revenue.

One such con artist is a 45 year old called Rodolfo who was on the payroll of hard pressed Cuba's cultural department and spent his working day on FaceBook, Couch Surfing Yahoo Messenger Skype, touting for potential victims with his big cheesy grin.

What this cheesy big grin charmer will never tell you is that he already has a Cuban partner and 13 year old daughter.

That his 'central casa' is in fact 30 kilometres and a very expensive cab fare from the centre.

That he is repeatedly arrested for being a Jinitero and his hapless victims have to bail him out, and always are expected to pay for his meals and feed him his mother his 'sister' and his daughter. A stay with charmer Rodolfo will wipe out your holiday budget in less than two days.

How much happier you will be by remaining independent, hustler and con- man free?.

But scamming and conning is not confined to Havana. Varadero is Jinitero packed, you'll find them working in every hotel and they know all of the tricks to part you from your money and if they hit the jackpot, a ticket out of Cuba.

Even in Baracoa you will find the hustler but they are a lot more charming, they lack the harsh coarsness of the Havana jinitero, they smile more they play the waiting game and will quote Cuban poets Jose Marti in their conversation as a ploy to hook you in.

Watch out for Dionel who hangs out in the bars and dance venues, always kitted out in Nike, and football shirts, good looking but he will lie through his teeth to part you from your clothing, cellphone and money. He can spin the sob stories. His sister's 15th aniversary no money to buy the dress food etc.

His grandfather's house is a pile of rubble, he will con you he has has to live there, he does not.

Dionel Jaffita Amaro lives a comfortable lifestyle with his older partner, a divorced single mother who is in on the scam.

He will also not reveal that he has three illegitimate children by three other Cuban women which he will deny but when challenged dismiss them as "Oh just an Aventura'.

Such is the cynical attitude of the Cuban con man. He will dismiss his own flesh and blood as 'an adventure'.

Make sure you're not Dionel's next victim, next 'adventure' because you will be left seriously out of pocket.

Sep 18, 2011
END this relationship forever
by: Anonymous

This man is 46? He has probably been doing this for years!!!!! Wow. I think I met him quite honestly, as there are not that many men in that age group that hang out at Florida hotel bar.
Stay away from him. He is bad news. I could not believe the things he was saying to you!!! He has no respect for you at all. Once time in Cuba, after leaving that very bar, I watched a man kissing and loving up a tourist woman. He was kissing her and trying to convince her to go with him to a casa. After her final no (her friends were anxious to get going)she and her friends walked away. He turned to his friends and spat on the ground then wiped his mouth in disgust saying her breath was like rotten garbage and muttering all kinds of insults like " that fat pig could have got stuffed tonight" while his friends laughed. Sorry for your heart being stolen by this thief of souls.

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