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A man from Cuba

by marlene


I blessed the day i found Carlos, we met in the dating site, and from the start , i am not interested in him because he wrote so little, saying hi and hello....! but everyday was an exciting day for me, he always says that he wanted so much my pictures and see it everyday! My God, i was so elated because for me i am not pretty and somebody makes me feel important in his life! from then on,everyday we talk over the phone and i sent him emails and he sent me too, but i know he wrote a little but the words are so striking and so wonderful.
carlos give me hope to love again, and inspires me.i can not explain myself when i talk to him, i am speechles, even in the busiest time of my life i still call him and say hi to him...and we always laugh and make fun ...my family and friends recognized that for the past months i am so happy and i told them , because of my love of carlos.
actually , we dont select who we gonna met, but only God knows who are we to met? but I promise myself to open my heart for him. i love him the most now because he cared and loved me that nobody ever that to me.
i am looking forward to see him in person on december 29 in the aiport because we will met for the first time! wishing all things will be alright with the two of us but i am praying it will be for the best..
thanks for this site...

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Sep 23, 2015
Good post NEW
by: Lenora Mills Sr.

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Could you contact me please to discuss an advertising of Mix-Costumes on your blog? I would pay the amount you want for banner ads or other ads you can suggest.

Answer me, please! Thank you!

Sep 01, 2015
gay in Cuba NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm a gay man waiting to visit Cuba I know there is no "open" gay life there, but I'm sure there is one anyway.If anyone has any info that may be of help It would be greatly appreciated.

Jan 18, 2012
And Pigs Can Fly And I Believe In Father Christmas!
by: Anonymous

starstarstarstarstar wealth and money is not the issue....
by: marlene from the philippines
carlos paid for my round trip ticket to see him...and he had a nice job and work so much i love him so much....he is hardworking and not the lazy type of a person....God is the center of our life....and i am very proud of him and lucky to have him in my life...he is my the man of my dreams....thanks God...
marlene from the philippines....

Marlene 'From The Phillippines'.. why do I not believe a word of what you are writing?
How on earth could Jinitero such as 'Carlos' pay for a round trip to the Phillippines.

There are many thousands of hard working Cubans but they would have to work five lifetimes to save up the fare for a round trip to the Phillippines.
Why do I fee that the Cuban government/tourist board/cultural dept. is in on the act and doing a Tony Bliar WMD type spin on Cuban men and how hardworking/honourable they are.

Marlene you know and I know that is total B.S.
If Carlos shelled out $5,000 for a round trip to the Phillippines then pigs can fly and you Marlene believe in the tooth fairy!.

Dec 25, 2011
Keep Your Wallet Close To Your Chest
by: Anonymous

You are seriously living in cloud cuckoo land.

You say you are in love with a man you never met, and you are flying half way round the world to meet him/

You say he is so charming and so great with words. You are describing a typical Cuban Gigolo, a parasite who will leech off you for the duration of your stay. I hope you have lots of cash as you will need it.

You say you are not pretty. Well Bingo! for Carlos. He hit the jackpot by finding a plain Jane with low self esteem online. He can ponce off you and use you as a walking ATM in Cuba and for as long after that as you allow him to.

Casanova con men like Carlos make a living form overweight low self estem plain Janes from Canada, the UK Germany. They flatter these woman, and slowly sponge every last dime they can elicit from you, while telling you how much they love you.

Keep your wallet close to you, ensure you have enough money left to pay the departure $20 tax because if Carlos works his charm you may not be having to borrow that $20 bucks from a fellow passenger at the airport.

You have my sympathy. There's a mug born every minute and Carlos has found one in you. He hit the jackpot!.

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