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This language was created as a result of the blend of Roman Catholicism with African religions. Of the many religions rooted in Africa, those known in Cuba are: Regla de Ocha or Lucumí, Regla de Palo, Palo Monte or Mayombe, Ñáñigo or Abakuá and Regla de Arará.
Santería, otherwise known as Regla Ocha, arose as a consequence of the syncretism between Roman Catholicism and the Yoruba people: the Orishas or saints kept their African name, but took on the likeness of Roman Catholic saints.


Is the most extensively practiced of the Cuban religions. Becoming a member is straightforward – one is initiated, and after a period of time he/she can consult with his/her Orisha in his/her house. Soon he/she gets a clientele composed of godsons and goddaughters who offer monetary donations to both the Santero and their Orishas for help in decision making in events in their lives. Many Cubans, even Santeros, also practice Palo Monte. Unlike the Santeros, people often use Palo Monte to harm others.

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