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An ugly and very sad story from Cuba

by Andy B
(Ontario, Canada)

I met a beautiful Cuban girl named Rachael who was very nice, naive. Not to much education, but honest. She was one of the 2.5% that are nice, honest, and sincere.

This is typical too in Cuba. The mother was a witch, she trained and brainwashed the girl into buying the most expensive things when cheaper things were available. The mother would force her to try and make me buy things that the mother wanted and would take.

Once when I returned to Cuba and went for her she had on broken and dirty shoes. I asked her where are the shoes I bought you and where is the gold chain I bought you? She told me her mother made her give them to her and the mother sold them as they needed food and things.

I was so upset I cut the mother off completely. I was there for a few months and we traveled around, rarely returning to her home where the queen of the witches lived Wana in Cienfuegos.

I was so in love with this girl that I told her I was leaving for 2 months and coming back with a suit to marry her. When I got back to Toronto my sister was in the hospital dying. I was so upset at my younger sister dying in the hospital and thinking how short life is, I returned to Cuba in 3 weeks.

When I got her at her home she was like under control of her wicked witch mother Wana and seemed different. When I took her back to my casa particular she started crying. I asked her what was wrong and she asked me to give her some paper and a pen, and she started writing a 3 page letter to me. My Spanish is pretty good but I couldn't understand the letter as well there was 3 guys names in the letter and the word cida (aids). I asked her if it was alright to take her and the letter to my English professor friend for him to translate it and she agreed.

At the professors home he read it and said to me, do you know what it says here, it says her mother forced her to go with other guys (Cuban) that liked her, the letter said she had sex with all 3 of them and the rumour was 1 of those guys has sida (aids). I couldn't believe my ears and we went back to my casa.

No way was I going to have sex with her but I loved her and wanted to take care of her. At my casa was a doctor (owner). I asked the owners to prepare us a nice dinner. While sitting at the table Rachaels head turned/twisted to one side. I said what's wrong with your head? When she spoke her words were sounding strange as if her tongue was twisted???

She said she was going to speak to the doctor, when she returned her head was turned to the other side and her speech was messed up. She didn't eat and we returned to our room. While in the room I told her that her only problem was her mother and that her mother was giving her false information, she went a little crazy as I was bad mouthing her mother. I was now fed up and told her, get your things together and I'll take you home, and I did.

As she left my car I said your mother is the problem and she told me to F. O. in a very strange voice. From that day forward I saw her only 3 times and we talked each time. Her voice was permanently impaired and she also was in the hospital for mental problems too I heard.

This is Cuba. Even when you find that real nice person, the 2.5% of all Cubans someone else coaches them, influences them, and changes them. In poor Rachael case her mother ruined her life and made her go a little insane/crazy.

This is Cuba and be very careful. If you are not in Cuba for 6 or 7 months each and every year, it is impossible to have a relationship with any Cuban.

I'm still broken hearted for this beautiful, innocent, nice girl who her own mother messed up and got her screwed over. She never did get or have sida (aids) Thank God

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Apr 08, 2019
Note to turistas... NEW
by: Chris

These heart-broken Canadian men leaving comments here are cracking me up...Listen up, fellas! You get what you give. Give respect, get respect. Act like a trick, get played like a trick. Your foolishness knows no borders. You make me sick. anyways...Vive Cuba libre, aceres!

Mar 23, 2017
blank NEW
by: Anonymous

Spanish guy here. Fell in love with Dominican girl. Lost part of my lifetime e-mailing and phoning her from distance. When finally we were both together, we couldn't make things work. She was demanding too.
Thought about going to Cuba, now that in the rest of caribbean islands it's impossible to live (too high crime rates). Don't know if that's a good idea, I could be an easy target :(
Sorry to hear about the things that happenned with your girl. Don't want to mess with your life too much, and maybe it's better for you if you let things go. But, did you think about possible concussion symptoms, speaking about the girl?
Anyway, take care man. Seems that things can be pretty difficult sometimes. But you are not alone in the ordeal, I guarantee

Oct 29, 2016
It's a heart breaking NEW
by: Demol

If that's true, then you know that she(her mum) is a wicked and heartless human being.

Jun 24, 2016
This is a common story cubans tell... NEW
by: Anonymous

I have heard from hundreds of sponsoring spouses that their Cuban spouse comes up with all these stories about how their friend is married to a Canadian and "he keeps her locked in a room and she can't get out" the other is they are a "drug addict or alcoholic" …this is part of the script they use to appear innocent when taking off. You will here this story over and over and over again… their stories are all the same, like the script they all use while trying to con us. Same stories, same poetry, same music they send, same results..this woman who has been here with her family for 20 years and still can't speak english…is just another con. Cubans are conmen!! Stay away.

Nov 04, 2015
I was once a Cuban girl NEW
by: Anonymous

i was 22 years old I was studying at the university english literature and I had to do a coop for my career at a local resort in camaguey Cuba I'm a Cuban and proud to be one Cuban people have nothing and the little they have they share between them to survive they care about each other there is family respet and love ties and strong values in most of Cuban families but like in any other society is always some scum bags like my canadian husband a drogadict alcoholic pig and after what I went thru I don't think all the Canadians are pieces of shit I just think I hang out with one scum bag so don't generalize Cuban families well going back to my story I was doing my coop and I meet this good looking Canadian men tall slim blue eyes I had few boyfriends before him but no ones swiped me off my feet I spoke English he conquer me and after few days we went in a date by them I was not me anymore I was crazy about this charming prince a gentelman very well educate we had a year relationship where he went to Cuba 16 times in one year to be with me I quit university because he was always there with me and I no longer had time to go to class and he dint like for me to be wasting time away from him first red flag I should have keep in mind before marrying a forgeiner and moving to a land where I had no one only him my abuser we got married and six month later I came to Canada where he was not himself anymore he drink alcohol every day and injected himself with cocaine that's why always wear long sleeves shirts even in the pool in Cuba I never relized that I never knew in Cuba no one that did drugs when I ask him to take his shirt off he will have all kind of excuses and a believe them each one of them he star beating me up I was not aloud to even go to the patio I had to keep indoors all the times some days he will be so paroic he will think I was spying on him that the government send me to spy on him and he will beat me up could no ask for help I was 24 scared to dead far away from home dint had any contact with my family he will said if I tell some one he will send some one to kill my family in Cuba and that was time for me to pay him back all the money he invested on me so he got me a job striper :(((( he was my manager and got me clients as well one day he bring home like a 300 pounds old men and told me I had to make him happy I said no he beat me up I broke a window with statue I yelled help he keep on beating me and thanks good some one hear me and called the police he went to jail I got help from social services I went to school become an Rn brought my mother and father with me to canada I'm 45 years old now I have not have another relationship after him or even a date I'm to scared to meet anyone imadopted two children by my own children victims of domestic violence and I'm still today I have nightmares of my Canadian marriage and like me is thousands of cuban girls around the world that are force to do things and are beaten up daily by their prince charming tourist husband so the scamming goes both way some of them may try to get your money but it's not as nearly as bad as what some of you do to them

Oct 07, 2015
good post NEW
by: Shashi

Andy B shared with us An ugly and very sad story from Cuba and after read this story I become also sad. Girl's mother did not do good work and I think citizenship also the cause of unsuccessful love story. He has true love with her but I think that girl is not for his life. I hope in future you must find a girl who love him very much and he too as well. Actually, I fully want to buy essays online australia but after read this love story become very sad for the person who has true love for Cuban's girl.

Oct 01, 2015
great NEW
by: Anonymous

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Sep 24, 2015
by: Anonymous

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Apr 07, 2015
Not Mothers NEW
by: Anonymous

who know maybe they are not the mothers, but kidnapped, and trained to be who they are.

I don't know, I am just think out loud.

Feb 20, 2015
Thanks NEW
by: Rake

In my opinion it is better not to get involved with the people from this part of the world as they will be mostly trying to have the basic needs of the life to be met and in between those chores I don’t think that they will be having any time for these. visit

Oct 19, 2011
Charming Cuban Con Men Part 2.
by: Anonymous

One day I caught him whispering to the maid. I wondered what it was all about.She was always commenting on my clothes, complimenting me on my 'style'. She kept telling me how much her daughter loved my clothing, dropping heavy hints.

She even suggested I send her clothing which she 'could sell for me'.I told her the cost of the shipment would be far in excess of any money she would make.

On my last evening he begged me to leave my clothing behind which he would "sell to buy a phone so he could call me".

Stupidly I did, he even helped himself to the casa towel which he claimed 'sells for good money'.

He turned up early next day to let me know he was on his way to a 'feria'or market to sell the clothes and my sneakers, but would meet me at the airport to say good bye.

He never showed up.

Two months later he emailed me to say phone he bought did not work hence the silence, that he was saving for another phone, that he missed me.

I replied with just two words...

'F...k Off!'

Oct 19, 2011
We Should Be Wary of Cuban Charmers.They're Are Most Lying Con Artists.
by: Anonymous

Andy I am sorry to hear of your horrific story. You were both taken in, conned by devious women who were no doubt charming when you met them.

The men are just as charming and devious as the women believe me.

I met a real charmer in Baracoa,a handsome light skinned guy with dreadlocks, who literally swept me off my feet in the Casa de La Trova.A natural dancer. He was like my shadow for my remaining week.

Gave me a present of a handmade pendant, was incredibly attentive, would sit with me whispering sweet nothings in my ear telling me how much he loved me.

He told me he was single.No parter, no kids.

He emailed me sweet messages for over a year, always telling me how much he missed me, always begging me to return which I did almost two years later.

I booked into a lovely casa with a sea view, much to his annoyance, he had been emailing suggesting a 'great casa' owned by a 'friend of his mother'.

He sulked and insisted I check it out.I went along for the sake of peace, it was dark dingy and smelt of cigarette smoke. Her son was doing his homework inches from the room I would be in.

Immediately I told her no, I was happy where I was, she looked annoyed.

This bossy crone asked me cheekily what my intentions were regarding him was I marrying him, would I be inviting him to my country etc. She pointed out that he could stay overnight if I booked the room unlke the casa I was currently in, as if sex was more a priority than my comfort.

I told her that I could not possibly say in a dark casa that stank of smoke regardless of her allowing him to join me. She was shocked.

I walked out. He was furious. After that day he changed.

A neighbour of his told me he had two children by different women, that he was living with another Cuban woman, a single parent. He denied it. I later met his father who told me about the 'sweet two year old'.

My friend later dismissed the child as an 'Avventura'.

Just an adventure, nothing serious!.

He took me to a home that looked like a shack, claiming it as his, that he apparently shared with his grandfather. It was a dump, unpainted pile of rubble.

He whinged about the cost of painting it so 'we could be together, have a place to stay when I visited'.

He whinged about his sister's 15th b.day how much it would cost.

He depressed me so I walked out as fast as I could. Sex was the last thing on my mind. I felt this guy was ruining my holiday and was suddenly a dead weight.

On my way back to my casa I met him walking towards me.

He apologised. He had refused to sign the casa register (sign of a seasoned jinitero?). But he signed as a visitor.

One day I caught him whispering to the maid. I wondered what it was all about.She was always commenting on my clothes, complimenting me on my 'style'. She kept telling me how much her daughter loved my clothing, dropping heavy hints.

Oct 15, 2011
Oscar Winners
by: Anonymous

You don't know how much you should believe. These Cubans are great actors and faking an illness (either mental or physical) is probably one of the things they get taught in school due to its usefulness later in life, either to avoid work or to get rid of somebody once they're tired of them.

Mine was similar. She seemed like a nice girl (and of course everyone said that she's not like the 'other ones'), but eventually it all came clear, and she too seemed to have her strings pulled by the mother. Things were great until I refused to send money and then the real problems started (her real agenda came out, in other words). She couldn't see me because she was sick, or her mum was sick, or her phone was broken so she couldn't write, or there was a long queue at the email place, or she had to work an extra shift, she had an audition for some made up nonsense blah blah blah blah blah mentira mentira mentira.

The week I went to visit her home (and the mother), she spent the whole time drugged out on sleeping pills. When she wasn't sleeping late, she would disappear for minutes at a time to have secretive chats with the mum. Probably keeping her appraised of the progress to extract more gifts and money. The long drive back to her other home (probably with the boyfriend/husband) she just sat there eyes glazed over staring into space. I swear she didn't move or respond for the whole 5 hours. God knows what she was on, but she had previously tried to give some to me to 'calm me down'.

Oh and speaking of gifts, half of the stuff went to the mother. She asked for a new pair of jeans, I asked the size and she told me. Well they weren't even close to fitting her but amazingly they fitted her mother perfectly. I took a load of paracetamol and other medicines, they went straight to the mother. Food and drink, in the mother's fridge. I took 12 cans of Crystal, went out for the morning and by the time I returned, these non-working layabouts had drunk the whole lot (mother, uncle, aunt, cousin).

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