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Battleship US Maine The battleship was an armored cruiser of the United States Navy with a lenght of 324 feet an four 10 inch guns firing 500 pound shells.
During the Cuban revolt against the Spanish ruler, the battleship was sent to Havana to protect the US interests.
On february 15 1898 the battleship exploded and sank, almost the entire crew died in the blast.
The explosion was a mistery, the cause for the sinking was unclear and subject of speculation. It was never been proven that Spain was involved in the sinking of the Maine but many citizens in the US were convinced that the battleship was sank by the Spaniards.

Finally this led to the Spanish American war.Several investigations were conducted and all came to different conclusions, none of them could prove that a mine, was the cause of the sinking of the ship.
What destroyed the USS Maine? Read more about the investigations.

The Maine Memorial Havana Cuba

The bodies of the sailors who died on the Maine were buried in the Colon Cementeryin Havana Vedado, some are buried in Arlington National Cementery. In 1926 the Cuban government installed a memorial dedicated to the victims of the Maine battleship along the Havana Malecon, near the hotel Nacional de Cuba. After the Bay of Pigs invasion the Monument was damaged by unknowns.

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