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Beautiful cuban man

by julia
(new philadelphia, ohio, u.s.a.)

The most beautiful cuban man, the only cuban man I ever met and I fell for him fast and hard. He was with me for a couple weeks then one day, he was gone.

This may seem as crazy as crazy can get, but I met this beautiful man in ohio at a gas station and when I looked at him I was melting and falling for him the minute I met him.
He was fun.
We watched movies together, rode bikes, just hung out.
He told me about his life in cuba,
some good, some sad, some scary.
I knew nothing about cuba and the way of life there.
It was like a whole different world.

I am from the u.s. ohio. I have always lived free to make my own choices.
We did have a language barrier, but we did what we had to do to understand.
We did both get frustrated over that at times, but it was ok. he told me "i love you julia" we made love, it was good. i knew his life was complicated. but I trusted every word he said, and then he was gone.
I am still very sad over this and it has been 3 months.

I am confused and just dont understand. I just want him to call me and I would do anything to touch him and kiss him one more time. "I LOVE yulian still" people say "you are crazy julia", I say "LOVE is crazy."

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Nov 02, 2015
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May 07, 2015
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Feb 26, 2015
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by: Geo

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Mar 21, 2014
Oh Julia.... what ever happened to Romeo? NEW
by: Anonymous

Well Julia, your Romeo is probably off with his next lover. You were just 'another notched on his belt' and by means, not one that can be easily fooled so he off with his next sucker. I hate to say it, his whole intention is to finally get someone to financially support him until they land their papers and then divorce the poor fool, take whatever possessions, a house/condo/cars/ ect. then when they get old, find themselves a much much pretty and younger wife (probably from Cuba) to cook, clean, take care of him then, the children, ect. Unfortunately, that's is the reality. Love is blind and I hate to agree with your friends, this love, you can call it "crazy". He did you the favor by leaving you sooner than later. You are better off without him.

Oct 23, 2011
I agree he probably left with another estranjera.
by: Janine

I agree with the last poster, he most likely had a better pre-arranged option. A woman with more monney more status than you.

Cubans are cunning as foxes. Does'nt matter if you're younger that the large mamma who's flying them out.

Does'nt matter if you're more beautiful than the plain Jane Brit. who's made a much better offer than you.

She has a home, a steady job which may give him an opportunity for him to fly back to Cuba twice a year.

Love never enters the equasion.

I know one such plain Jane, nothing at all to look at, but she had a good job, steady income, and her gigolo knew that's what would impress Immigration.

Ten years on this little con man gigolo has not put in an honest day's work. He prefers to swan round the night clubs, chasing younger women.

She regrets the day she met him but no doubt lacks the courage to kick him out. Some women are afraid to be alone.

Little does she know how much better her life would be if she sent him packing back to Cuba.

I've seen obese Canadians in the 50's with men half their age, these guys have no shame. Their aim is a Visa out.

Better to have a fat old woman with a great job with the Canadian government, working in tourism, which again offers the chance of regular flights home, than some younger attractive woman who has no assets.

They play the game, they bide their time then change as soon as they set foot in a foreign country. They become abusive morons who make the woman's life so miserable that she kicks them out. But of course by then they will have acquired residency.

It's all been premeditated.

They could write a thesis on using foreign women.

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