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Hot Salsa Dancing in EL ESCABECHE

Forget about the typical tourist traps for a while, places such as
El Floridita, La Bodeguita del Medio, Ambos Mundos etc.....
With all due respect, Hemingway is dead and we are in HAVANA NOW !

Welcome to ..." La Casa del Escabeche"

A tiny bar on the corner of Obispo and Villegas streets. The door is always open and you feel at home the moment you enter. At noon you will be entertained by the excellent house band: "Sonrisa Carabeña" a "five chicas group" consisting of Anais, Ladybel, Mora and Luisa, they sing and play the Cuban Classics as well as hot salsa music accompanied by abundant rum, lots of spontaneous handclapping, singing and dancing.
Let's have fun this is Havana!!
Yes, "El Escabeche" is definitely my first choice in Old Havana. Or as the Cubans put's "mi Oficina", my office in Havana.

MY RATING (5 stars being the best)
Drinks and cocktails ......... 4 stars
Service ........................... 5 stars
Live music ...................... 5 stars
Fun, excitement .............. 5 stars PLUS

My special tip :
If you want an excellent Mojito, ask for a Mojito Macho,
a strong one ....a lo Cubano ... CHEERS !!

"The best bartender in Havana is La Fitta in El Escabeche Bar Obispo Havana Vieja." Jan Nielsen Copenhagen

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Discover The Real Cuban Bars

Fed up with the tourist bars and the overpriced cocktails? Discover the life in the ordinary cafés, but be warned this is not for everyone, don't expect great cocktails and impeccable toilets.... Welcome to the real life in Havana! Meet places like : Salon Fausto, Castillo de Farnes, Bar Actualidades,....

Bar Fausto Havana Cuba

This is a typical bar located at the Prado (Paseo de Marti) where you will never encounter a tourist. Cubans here, drink the cheaper "Mayabe" beer, a premium Bucanero beer is a luxury. The rum is cheap and dark, without "refresco" (softdrink, Cola). A can of cola cost an additional Peso Convertible (1 USD). The music in the bar comes from a radio or HiFi, Cubans can't afford to pay for "live music", live entertainment is for the tourist bars.($$$)


Bar actualidades havana cuba

This place just opposite the Bacardi building at Avenida de Belgica is the bar of the former Cinema Actualidades, one of the first movie theaters in Havana.
Today the cinema is out of service but the bar is still open to the local public.
Beware with money, keep a low profile, pay each drink immediately. They are notorious for "adjusting the bill" and shortchanging! Count your change!

Castillo de Farnes

Castillo de Farnes Havana

Located in front of the well known bar Monserrate (a real tourist place), the "Castillo" is a quiet local bar with a nice terrace and great views on the street. Inside the bar is a restaurant, where many years ago Fidel Castro together with his brother Raul and Che Guevara had dinner. The public is a mixture of Cubans and foreigners. A nice place to relax!

Creativity in Havana
New cocktail invented by the barman of the Castillo de Farnes

Ask for a "Tsunami Macho"!

Tsunami Havana Cocktail - Castillo de Farnez

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