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Bringing Money to Cuba

I'm traveling to Cuba for a conference and have been asked to carry (r/o)
money and deliver to a colleague's relatives in Cuba. Is this legal? I don't want to get in trouble (I'm in the USA).

Answer by Vic Webmaster

You should be vigilant and very attentive to carry
cash money these days for several reasons.

1) The amount of money you are allowed to export from the US to Cuba is limited by the OFAC regulations, the regulations are eased but there are still some restrictions.
See OFAC regulations
2) The import of foreign money in Cuba in cash is limited to 5,000 USD or the equivalent in another foreign currency. In case you carry more than five thousand dollar in cash you have to declare the money to the customs and fill out a declaration form. Without the declaration the money can be confiscated. Last year a woman coming from Latin America was arrested on a Cuban airport with seventy thousand dollar in cash.
3) Dealing with money trafficking is stricter these days in every country. There's a lot of seach for money laundering and money from criminal activities.
4) You always have to be attentive when somebody ask you to carry a parcel, an envelope with content etc. Inspect the content before you accept. I should not accept to carry more than 100 or 200 dollar for another person. Note that
200 USD equals 10 months of salary in Cuba!
Have a nice trip!

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