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cabaret Las Vegas Havana Cuba We were invited by a friend in Havana to attend a spectacular transvestite show in Cabaret Las Vegas in the Vedado district. Our friend reserved the best seats just in front of the stage.
The show began at half past eleven with the presentation of great music videos on a big screen including international stars such as Madonna, Rihanna and others.
At midnight the live show started with the presentation of two transvestite "ladies" in gorgeous dresses, who started with a few jokes in Cuban slang, everyone laughed, but I understood only a few words because my understanding of the Cuban dialect is very limited.
Followed the announcement of several "Stars" with names like the "famous Doña Maria", the "gorgeous Doña Elena", the whole performance was play backed, but the acts were compelling, sometimes de ladies were twisting and crawling as if they were dying on the stage.
Each act was followed by an intense applause from the audience, at different times the enthusiasm was overwhelming and the crowd shouted "otra vez" (again) and the "Star" had to give another performance.
The robes were pompous and voluminous and most ladies needed help to leave the stage.

Transvestite show Havana Cabaret Las Vegas

Throwing money in Havana

After each performance 5 or 6 admirers ran to the stage to slip banknotes of 5, 10 or 20 Cuc in the décolleté of the performer.
One of the transvestites was so popular, her cleavage was full with money and the banknotes dropped on the floor. The crowd went mad and throwed more money to the lady on the stage. One admirer collected the banknotes on the floor and the transvestite left the stage with both hands full of banknotes. You need to realize that 20 Cuc equals a month salary for the common Cuban. Everybody in Havana complains about money, but I have seen them throwing banknotes.
That's Havana too. After 4 hours of performances the audience went mad and the "music" was so loud that I had pain in my ears. The night at Cabaret Las Vegas was a special experience and showed another facet of La Habana.

Cabaret Las Vegas Havana nights

Address: Calzada de Infante #104
between 25th and 27th street Havana Vedado
Phone: +537 707939

The Good things:

  • Well aired
  • Prompt service
  • cocktails at reasonable prices (3.5 - 6 Cuc)

    The Negative:

  • Music too loud
  • Disturbing laser beams in front of the audience

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