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cafe cubano - Cuban coffee

Coffee was imported in Cuba in the 18th century and became a popular drink on the island.

The warm, humid climate and the fertile soil in the Sierra Maestra mountains (Santiago de Cuba area) facilitated the production. The premium Cuban brand is harvested in the El Nicho valley in the Sierra Escambray mountains and sold under the Cohiba premium coffee brand.

It's a habit for Cubans to drink their Café Cubano, first thing in the morning or to offer it as a welcome drink to visitors at home.

The Cuban "cafe" is drunk from small cups and is generally strong and very sweetened.

In bars and hotels they serve mainly two version of Cuban coffee:

cafe Cubano Cohiba

Cohiba Atmosphere Premium Cuban Coffee

Café Cubano

This is a Cuban style expresso, served in a small expresso cup, very strong and very sweet. In the tourist hotels the sugar is served separatelly.

Cafe Americano (American Style)

This is a less stronger drink than the Café Cubano and served in a big cup, generally drunk with warm milk. When one third of milk is added to the coffee, the drink is called a Cafe con leche ( coffee with milk). Before adding sugar, taste, because the coffee is usually already sweetened.

Original Cuban Brands

  • Cubita
  • Serrano
  • Turquino
  • Cohiba Atmosphere, a premium Cuban brand 100% Arabica

How to make Cuban Coffee

Cuban Coffee Maker

The Cuban Coffee Maker is a stove top expresso maker, the sugar is added before the brewing, this adds a special flavor to the coffee. Most Cubans like their "cafe" very sweet.

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