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"The Hamel Alley" is one explosion of Cuban creativity, colors and Cuban Pop Art

callejon de Hamel  Havana Centro

The place is a small alley and side street of Lazarostreet in Havana Centro, situated three blocks from the Hospital Hermanos Amerijeiras in the poor bario Cayo Hueso (Cayo Hueso district)
The Callejon bears the name of a wealthy trader Fernando Hamel who maintained the entire (poor) district. Today it has become a place where the Afro Cuban art and Cuban traditions are practiced.
The surrounding houses and buildings are covered with large murals in vivid colors. The venue has become a tourist magnet, tiny shops sell small pieces of Cuban art, hand carved wooden statues, paintings, Santeria art and attributes etc.

callejon de Hamel Santeria Rituals

Cuban Santeria Art

The alley has become a place for Santeria rituals. The best time to visit the place is on sundays between 11 am - 15pm, when Santeria priests and participants dance to the rumba rhytms and stirred up by the atmosphere and the drums invoke the spirits of the Orishas, the Santeria Gods.

The venue is a great place to experience the Afro Cuban culture but its success has made the place a bit "commercial", so watch out for jineteros (hustlers) and pickpockets.

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