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The "Camello", Spanish for camel, the CAMEL BUS is a Cuban invention. It’s a hybrid, a combination of a truck and a bus in the shape of a camel. This unique means of Havana transportation, dating from the special period is intended to carry as many people as possible with a minimum of comfort. It’s been said that this bus can transport as many as 300 people. Some of these busses have already been replaced by regular standard bus types. This is a pity, since the Camello bus is as unique as Havana Club Ron is to Cuba.

The departure point is the terminal in the Vedado district, from where the busses leave for all important suburbs. A (short) trip with the Camello is a special experience. A word of caution : watch your wallet and belongings as pick pockets operate on these busses, especially when they are crowded. Ventilation is non existant, so don’t choose a hot day when there’s a crowd aboard. I have heard stories of Cubans breaking the window glass to allow in fresh air.

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