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The overall crime rates are high due to a handful of small countries with a high violence and crime rate. This gives a distorted picture because there are several safe countries too, with a low crime rate.

Safe Caribbean Countries

Anguilla , Aruba, Cayman Islands, Cuba, This are all generally safe countries with a relatively low crime rate.
Nevertheless petty theft and violent crimes can occur. Travelers should take the normal precautions, avoiding large amounts of cash and expensive jewelry.

Dangerous Caribbean Islands


There is a persistent danger of violent crime. Haiti is among the most important countries for drug transit to the United States.
Kidnapping, death threats, murder and armed robberies are common in Haiti. Night travel should be avoided for danger of armed robberies.
The Haitian Police is understaffed and poorly equipped.


Crime, including violent crime is a growing problem in Jamaica particulary in Kingston.
The Jamaican Police is understaffed and ineffective.
Tourists should take all necessary precautions such as keeping windows up and doors locked while in a vehicule. Travelers should avoid walking alone especially after dark. Sexual assaults against tourists are reported.


Both islands are known for increasing violent crime. Particular caution should be excercised after dark, armed robbers have been reported.
Kidnapping, sexual assault and murder involving tourists and expatriates have been reported too. Burglaries of private residences are common.


Crime continues to be a problem throughout the Dominican Republic.
Precautions should be taken to avoid becoming a target for pick pocketting and mugging. Violence against foreigners is growing. It is recommended to leave valuable property at home.
Hide cell phones and avoid wearing headphones, limit jewelry, cash and credit cards. Make photocopies of credit cards, passport, drivers license etc. Excercise caution at night for armed robberies.
Source: International Travel Advice

Death rates from violence in the area
(per 100,000 inhabitants due to violence)
  • Bahamas 21.2
  • Dominican Republic 10.2
  • Haiti 10.2
  • Barbados 8.5
  • Cuba 5.3
    (source: World Health Organization year 2003)

    CPI - Corruption Perception Index

  • Haiti 1.4 (highest corruption)
  • Dominican Republic 3.0
  • Jamaica 3.1
  • Mexico 3.6
  • Trinidad and Tobago 3.6
  • Cuba 4.3
  • Puerto Rico 5.8
  • Domica 6.0
  • Barbados 7.0

    (for reference only : USA 7.3 , Canada 8.7)
    Source: Transparency International (year 2008)

    Caribbean Youth as Victims

    Homicide rate per 100,000 inhabitants
    Country Male Youth (all ages) Female Youth (all ages)
    Columbia 116.89.0
    Jamaica 102.110.5
    Dominican Republic49.9 4.4
    Cuba 9.62.7
    World 13.6 4.0

    Source: World Health Organization (year 2003)

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