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Private taxi in Havana
The vintage car museum is located in Oficios street in Old Havana (see below) but in reality, the city is one big open-air car museum with an estimated 150,000 pre-revolutionary cars still driving around in the city.

The first Cuban automobile made its appearance on the streets of Havana in 1900 and in 1958 just before the Revolution, the country was a large importer of U.S. American cars. After the U.S. trade embargo in 1960, the American car exports to the island stopped. The country started to import Soviet made LADA cars. Most of this Lada cars are still State property and can't be sold even to citizens.

Today the majority of the modern cars in Havana are of Chinese, Japanese or Korean make.
In a Cuban family, the family car is cherished as a child, with a car and a license to operate a taxicab, the driver can make 30-40 dollars per day, a decent income in a country where the average salary is still 20 dollars per month.
This is the reason why several Cuban doctors swap their job for a life as a taxi driver.

American vintage cars

Old Cars ... a Goldmine?

old cars in Havana  Classic car taxi in Havana

Some U.S. vintage car enthousiats are already dreaming about doing business by restoring the old American cars even talk about selling spare parts to Cuba.
A reality check indicates that the Cuban government is well aware of the value of the old vehicules.
The answer to a frequently asked question : Can I export an old car from theisland? is NO .
These vintage cars are considered National Heritage and can not be exported without a license.
Even Cuban citizens need a license and approval from the government to buy a car.

Andy from Ontario, a Canadian living on the island explains how he became a car owner in Cuba, read his advice : I bought a car in Cuba

Cuba classic cars Pink Mafia Car

Pink Mafia Car?
classic cars - Old Havana

Old Cars in Cuba - Volkswagen Beetle

Classic Cars
Yellow Volkswagen Beetle in Havana

American Cars in Havana  -  Chevrolet

American cars
Green Chevrolet in Havana

Museo del Automóvil
Vintage Car Museum Havana

The museum is located at Oficios street #12 (near Plaza de Armas, Old Havana) and displays 30 unique vintage cars. The majority of the cars are of American origine, the collection includes cadillacs, chevrolets and a Ford T built in 1920.

Museo del Automóvil
Calle Oficios #12
Habana Vieja
Open daily 9am - 16.30pm

Classic Cars  Havana Car museum

Classic cars museum Old Havana

 Dodge 1924 Havana museum

Dodge 1924 displayed at Havana Car Museum

 Ford 1918 ModelT  Havana Car Museum

The famous Ford Model T built in 1918
displayed in the Car Museum - Old Havana

 Willys Overland 1926

Willys Overland 1926
Havana Car Museum

Mafia Car - La Salle 1930 - Car Museum Havana Cuba

Mafia Car?
La Salle 1930 displayed in Museo del Automóvil Habana

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