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The directory shows a collection of the better Casa's in the Old City (Habana Vieja). This private rooms generally offer a good accommodation, and usually include airconditioning, bathroom and TV. Prices for accommodations range from 25 to 35 Cuc per night, depending on the season.

Casa Evora
Paseo del Prado #20 Piso 9 (9th floor - elevator)
Habana Vieja (Old City)
price range 35 Cuc
Excellent room, great view over Malecon and the old city.

Humberto Acosta Calle Compostela #611 between Luz and Sol street
Habana Vieja
Phone +537 860 3264
email: johnyterroni (at) (note replace (at) by @)
website: Casa Humberto Havana
price range 30 Cuc

Eugenio y Fabio
Calle San Ignacio #656 between Jesus Maria and Merced street
Habana Vieja
Phone: +537 862 9877
Price range: 25 Cuc

Casa Chez Nous
Calle Teniente Rey #115 (calle Brasil)
between Cuba street and San Ignacio street
Phone: +537 862 6287
email: cheznous(at) (replace (at) by @)
Price range: 30 Cuc

Casa Jesús y Maria
Calle Aguacate #518 between Sol and Muralla street
Old Havana
Phone: +537 861 1378
email: jesusmaria2003(at) (replace (at) by @
website: Jesus y Maria
Price range: 25 Cuc

Orlando y Lisette
Calle Aguacate #509 Apt 301 between Sol and Muralla street
Habana Vieja
Phone: +537 867 5766
email: lisettesobrino(at) (replace (at) by @)
website: Orlando y Lisette Habana
Price range: 25-30 Cuc

Los Balcones - Pepe y Rafaela
Calle San Ignacio #454 between Sol and Santa Clara street
Habana Vieja
Phone: +537 862 9877 - Fax +537 867 5551

Casa Daniel Carrasco Guillen
Calle Cristo #16 2nd floor between Brasil and Muralla street
Old Havana
Phone: +537 862 7362
email: carrascohousing(at) (replace (at) by @)
Price range: 30 Cuc

Fefita y Luis
Paseo del Prado #20 between San Lázaro and Cárcel street
Apt B 5th floor Old Havana.
Phone: +537 867 6433
email: fefitaluis(at) (replace (at) by @
website: Fefita y Luis Havana
Price range: 30 Cuc

Martha Dominguez
Calle Jesus Maria #312 between Picota and Curazao street
Phone: + 537 867 5005
email: delfin.marrero(at)
Price range: 30 Cuc

Juan y Margarita
Calle Obispo #522, Apt 8 between Bernanza and Villegas street
Phone: +537 867 9592
Price range: 30-35 Cuc

Casa Dania Havana
Calle Obrapia #460, Apt:5 Between Villegas and Aguacate street
Habana Vieja
website: Dania Havana
Price range 30 Cuc

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