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The casa's Vedado directory shows a collection of the better private rooms in the Vedado district. This rooms generally offer a higher standard of accommodation, the facilities usually include airconditioning, hot and cold water, bathroom and TV. Prices range from 30 to 40 Cuc depending on the season.

Address: Calzada #714 apt.8 between Paseo y A streets
Vedado Havana city
Phone: 83-37851 or 05 274 1238
Price range: 40 Cuc per night (entire appartment)
Owners: Fe Vega and Yaima Rodriguez
E-mail for reservations: yaimiazua(at)
note: replace (at) by @ in the email address.
Website: Casa Penthouse Fe Havana

Maria del Carmen
Calle 2 #470 between 17th and 21th street
Vedado, Havana.
Phone: +53 7 833-6754
email: reyesmariadelcarmen(at)
(replace (at) by @ in the email address)
Price range:25-35 CUC
The best choice for you and your family in the heart of a magic city, Havana.

Casa Ines
Calle Segunda #559 between Ayestarán and Ayuntamiento street
Plaza de la Revolución
Havana Vedado
Phone + 537 870 0237
email : casaines (at) (note replace (at) by @ )
website: Ines Havana
price range: 30-35 Cuc
One of the best casas in the Vedado district.

Casa de Ana
Calle 17 #1422 - between 26 y 28 th street
Havana Vedado
email: analinacuba (at) (note replace (at) by @ )
website: Casa de Anna
price range: 30-35 Cuc
Great room, very helpfull and kind people!

calle 28 #258 between 21th and 23rd street
Vedado, Habana Phone: +537 833 5175 email: casantigua (at) (note: replace (at) by @ email: casantiguacu(at) website: Casa Antigua

Casa Baby
Calle 2 #505 piso 2 (second floor) between 21th and 23rd street
Havana Vedado Phone: +537 830 4444, email: babybety2003 (at) (note: replace (at) by @ )
website: Baby Havana

Paco y Mercy
Calle 19 #1216 corner 20th street
Havana Vedado
Phone : + 537 833 5815
webite: Casa Paco y Mercy

Casa Sonia
Calle Linea #812 between 2nd y 4 th street Apt 5
Havana Vedado
website: Casa Sonia
price range 30 - 35 Cuc

Calle E between 23th and 25th street
Havana Vedado
Phone: +537 96 3325
website: Casa Colonial

Casa Quinta
Calle 6 #406 between 17th and 19th street
Havana Vedado
Phone: +53 7 8305450
website: Casa Quinta Colonial

Casa Vedado Havana
Calle Paseo #313 Apt 43 corner 15th street
Havana Vedado
Phone: 537 833 4174
Price range 25 Cuc

Casa Terry
Calle Paseo #126 17th floor between 5th and Calzada street
Penthouse Edificio Terry
Havana Vedado
Phone: +53 7 31 19 61
website: Casa Terry Havana

Villa Babi
Calle 27 # 965 between 6th and 8th street
Havana Vedado
Phone: +537 830 6373
Fax: +537 830 2094
email: jlrc (at) (note: replace (at) by @
Nice room close to Cementerio Colon. Good value: rooms starting at 25 Cuc
website: Villa Babi Havana

Calle 9 #451 between E and F street
Someco building block C - 5th floor
Phone: (+53) 7 832-0036
Mobile phone: (53) 05296 3524
Price range: 35 to 40 Cuc (Christmas)
Website: Casa Georgina Havana

Casa Dr FLORA Private room Vedado
Calle B #705 between 29th street and Zapata street
Habana Vedado
Price 25 Cuc per night
Description: Quiet and safe house with garden close to the Plaza de la Revolucion (Revolution square), University, Colon Cementery, Coppelia etc. We offer two confortable rooms with airco, ceiling fan, minibar, TV, hot/cold water. We speak English, French and Spanish.

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