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What is a casa particular?

This lodging is a Bed & Breakfast, a private room with full accommodation in a house with a Cuban family.

The Advantages

The private rooms are less expensive than a hotel room and are the cheapest lawful lodgings you'll find for your stay in Cuba. The prices of the rooms range from 25 up to 50 cuc a day.

A casa particular gives you the "real Cuba feeling", as it puts you in direct contact with a Cuban family. It will also give you more privacy than just staying with friends. In addition, citizens are not allowed to give shelter to tourist or foreigners.

Ignoring this law can lead to severe fines, up to 1000 cuc, a sum that equals five years salary for the average Cuban. In a casa you may invite any guests you want, even friends.

Renting a casa (private room) helps a Cuban family and in turn they can help you to with information about restaurants, transportation, renting a car, or by explaining the life in the country, and even Cuban are sometimes baffled, but they just shrug and say, "es Cuba" (that’s Cuba).

Is a Casa Particular for everyone?

As said before this is a must if you want close contact with the people, but a casa is not for everyone.

Complete hotel accommodation, lobby bar, restaurants, elevators, swimming pool, 24 hours room service, internet, 24h surveillance are in most cases not provided.

The quality of the amenities may vary, especially in the old city, where the average prices are lower than in the other districts. 

In Old Havana some casa's are situated in old decaying buildings. Some people will find this an adventure as a part of the real Havana, others will refuse this.

Safety is generally not a problem, but hotels are safer because of the 24 /24 h surveillance and the possibility to rent a safe. Some of these services are only provided in the better casa's in the Vedado and Miramar area.

Tips for renting

Choose your casa with care, since you are not supported by a tour operator, travelagent or hotel staff. The room should be a legal one, a blue triangle sign on the outside of the house indicates this. A legal casa means that the owner has an official license to let the room(s) and has paid the taxes.(200-300 Cuc) (each month even if he can not let his rooms) Despite the heavy taxation with a good occupation the owner can make a profit.

For this reason there are a few thousand private casa's all over Cuba, some of them advertise on the internet, because public advertising is not allowed. 

The internet has the advantage that you can easely compare prices and location. The better casa's show pictures of the interiors and the neighbourhood.

The better class of casa's often give testimonials on their websites.

Select a few rooms, if one selected room doesn’t suit you, you can quickly move to an other one. Make the selection in advance, in Cuba you will pay an extra included in the price, for the jinetero (hustler) who delivers the addresses. Normally a hustler gets a five peso CUC fee per night from the owner.

Casa Prices

The prices vary between 30 cuc and 50 cuc (cuc = peso convertible 1 cuc=1 USD) for one night . Sometimes breakfast is included but in most cases it’s an extra charge of 3-4 cuc. In Old and Central Havana prices are around 25–30 cuc . In the 'better' district Vedado 35-40 cuc is a normal price and in the residential upper class district Miramar 50 cuc or more is common. The Vedado and the Miramar districts area far quieter than the Old and Central Havana area, but the distance to the Old Town where the 'action' is 5–10 km, so you need a taxi or a Coco-taxi. Ask your casa owner, maybe he can help you with a Car rental service or a car driver for a few days.

Always ask price and conditions before you make a deal.

Havana Apartments Long Term Rentals

Some owners of Havana apartments offer a better rental price for longer periods (minimum 3 months)

Sea View Penthouse
Private penthouse with sea view in het heart of the Vedado district near the hotel Riviera and hotel Cohiba. Car rentals, restaurants and supermarkets in the neighborhood. The penthouse has all amenities, airconditioning, cold and warm water, kitchen, living room, Private terrace.

The penthouse is located on the 4th floor in a quite area. 

Price: 35 cuc per night The penthouse is preferably rented for long periods. If you rent the casa for three months the price per month is 750 Cuc. Email us at yaimiazua(at) for more info, on request we can send you pictures of the penthouse.

Apartment Havana Playa
The Playa district is a quite and nice residential area in the city. Comfortable apartment for rent on the top floor with separate entrance. All amenities provided, airco, warm and cold water, private bathroom, refrigerator, TV. 

The apartment is preferably rented for long periods. The price is subject to negociation. 

For more information email: laguajiracubana(at)

Casa with swimming pool
The casa is situated at the residential Reparto Fontanar in the Boyeros district, calle 229a number 20031, close to Habana Golf Club, the exhibition halls ExpoCuba, and the International airport José Marti. The apartment is provided with all amenities, airco, warm and cold water, refrigerator, included a patio with swimming pool. 

Price: 25 Cuc per night, the casa is preferably rented for long periods 

For more info contact us via email yosvany.morales(at) Phone (0537) 6453262 or 052376051

Comfortable Apartment Havana Miramar
Nice luxury casa situated in the residential Miramar district, all amenities, living room, kitchen, bathroom, garage and garden. Price: the casa is preferably rented for long periods at 1200 Cuc per month. 

Email: Phone: +53 52847152

Apartment - Nuevo Vedado
Nice apartment in the Havana, Nuevo Vedado district. All amenities, bathroom, refrigerator, microwave, TV, phone, airco. On request we provide meals. 

Price: 800 Cuc per month - Minimum rental period 3 month. 

Email: yoli7373(at) phone: 05 298 2527

Apartment Havana Vedado
Two comfortable rooms located at the Paseo avenue, residential area in the heart of the Vedado district. Situated near the University, Plaza de la Revolucion, restaurants and major hotels. Fully equipped apartment with airco, private toilets, warm and cold water. 

We offer laundery and breakfast services. 

Price: 30 Cuc per night , breakfast included 

The apartment is preferably rented for longer periods Address: Paseo Avenue, #313 corner 15th street, 1st floor Apt 21 Phone: (0053) (7) 833 5030 Mobile: (0053)(5) 2543536

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