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What do most Cubans smoke? Cheap cigars!

They like to smoke a good cigar but can not afford to buy a box of real Cohiba's, MonteCristo cigars or Romeo and Julieta at 450-500 USD per box. Remember that the average salary is still 20 USD per month. So what does the ordinary guy smoke?

Cheap brands called "Tobaco Nacional" are made for the internal market.

The "El Credito" and "Selectos" brands are made in Holguin, these cheap cigars are packed per 25 pieces in a white paper wrapper. The "Selectos cigars" may look a bit rough and uneven of color but they don't taste bad and are better than most counterfeit cigars sold on the streets.

The "Selectos" tobacco are sold in bars and kiosko's (small street shops) and cost 1 CUC (1 USD) for a pack of 25 pieces. Watch out, they tried to sell me in a bar a pack Selectos for 15 CUC, after negotiation I bought it for 5 CUC not knowing that the real value was only one dollar (1 CUC).

cuban cigars selectos

Tobaco Nacional - Cuban brand SELECTOS

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