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Cheap Visa Out of Cuba!

by Kirsty
(Edmonton, Alberta)

Lengths To Which The Cuban Lazy Workshy Loafer Will Stoop, In Order To Gain A Visa Out of Cuba

He will home in on you when he spots you in the Casa del la Trova/Bar, restaurant.
Flatter you and tell you you're the most beautiful woman he's ever seen, could you please meet him for a drink tomorrow.

He will pay

However it's the only time he will ever put his hand in his pocket.
Hold you tightly, arms wrapped around you, as he whispers sweet nothings in your ear. Whisper lots of romantic endearments in Spanish (No doubt words from his favourite song).

Explain his round the clock 24 hour availability/ lack of employment as due to his religion.
He's a;
This of course occupies lots and lots of his time and explains why he cannot support/maintain any of his three illegitimate offsprings by different women, and why he will never has a dime in his pocket.
He will always know of a great casa, far better than anything you can find.
Always cheaper too, way cheaper than anything you will find.
And no he's never on a commission.
It's just that in his preferred, chosen casa he won't have to sign the register.
He always knows the owner and it will save you money.
You can both have 'lots of privacy'. And of course it has nothing at all to do with commission.
Oh no!.
He will regale and depress you with lots and lots of hard luck stories all night. How he lost that great job due to not having shoes. His grandfather can't work because of arthritis, can't eat.
How his own home is falling apart and is dire need of roof repairs/painting/plastering, but that would require a spend of at least 100 CUC.

His sister's Quinze (15th b/day), is only a week away and his mom is desperate to scrape together the money to pay for the music, photographer, food, taxis etc etc.
All so gloomy, all so so very depressing.

All of course, a way of eliciting your sympathy your hard earned cash, your posessions, ipod, cellphone, clothing, sneakers.

He will not be happy to sign any register, despite you being the 'love of his life' His 'Amocita" his 'Mujer" potential wife! (yeah right)
The seasoned Jinetero / Con Man never likes to write his name on any police/immigration casa or hotel register.
He will consider instead being a 'Visitante' .
A Visitor, thus ensuring his name does not show up on the Police computer. Because in case you're not a willing participant, then his name is not linked to you, and he can work someone else.
If his name crops up a few times he knows he will be arrested.
Little does he know that in Cuba they are on to him.
(The police know him well as a man who "fraternizes with tourists". :)

They know his address his I.D card No. They even know what colour his underpants are.
He's being watched round the clock. As everyone is in Cuba. You, me everyone.
He never ever wants to leave Cuba. Loves his country.
Oh No! he's never leave. He's a Fidelista. A Socialista. (Yeah Right).
However, he would love to see your country..Sure he would.
But only of course... "Out of Curiosity".
Though he claims poverty, he will surprise you one night when he show up in the latest Puma sports shoes, and latest England /Italian team t.s.shirt. Snazzy Italian shirt and trousers.
And no they are not regalos, He 'bought them from a friend who has a yuma'.
He "purchased them at a market in Havana".

He will gradually quiz you about your work, living situation. If you have a man.
Why you do not at your age have a man. Do you want to die alone?. Shock Horror!.

Slowly you notice the spontaneity /fun/dancing seeping out of the 'romance'.

He becomes more serious. He's getting much more desperate.
He does not want to go out dancing. He's too well known in all the dance venues, and who knows what yuma could show up last minute.
He does not want any nasty surprises.

He's more than happy however to dine at your expense at your casa/hotel.

He is very selective about the choice of restaurant. Not for him any old restaurant, he has a preference for seafood, lobster, snapper fish. All on your tab of course.

He's concerned that you rarely are hungry at night. Why when you have lots of money do you not want to eat dinner every night?.

He will get very angry if you drop his hand in a tropical rain story to run to your casa.
"Are you No Wanting To Walk Sola" he will shout in disgust.
More concerned at what passers by will think than your desire to get back home to shelter from the torrential rain asap.
That evening he will be all sweetness and light. Does not want to lose you, he only has three days to go, to work on you, elicit every last dime, article of your clothing, your ipod, cellphone if he can work it with the sweet talk.
Now he will be on romance overdrive until you depart for the airport.

But you will gradually begin to see through it for the shallow Bullshit that it truly is. Spot the lies the inconsitencies.
The Cuban workshy lazy loafer may be great actor.

But... his charm and acting skills are no so great that an intelligent Yuma can not spot the shallowness, the deception, the lies.
And you will slowly end up despising him and all that he stands for.

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Nov 15, 2010
Selfish Cuban Mothers Have Created A Generation of Parasites!
by: Miryam

Silvana you really have suffered. But you are better off without this nasty man in your life, and they rarely change. A leopard does not change his spots.

Weak women who return to abusive men have only themselves to blame. And shame oon them when they have a young child who is repeatedly damaged by his vile father's behaviour.

I blame the selfish Cuban mothers for raising a generation of selfish egotisitical needy sons who are angry at having been abandoned in childhood while she indulges her whim for yet another husband.

My ex has three sets of half brothers and sisters in different provinces. His mother married three times and dumped him at age five.

This has resulted in a needy dependent dysfunctional leech looking for a yuma to take care of him.

Selfish Cuban mothers collude in their hunt for a yuma, their whole family does. They are tired of maintaining, feeding a selfish grown man and want to offload them on us.

I felt under real pressure to marry him.

I was bombarded by emails and texts from so many sources. Looking back they were all in on it. And it was the biggest mistake of my life.

But the best thing I ever did was to kick him out. Turn on him and tell him what he really was.

My life has got so much better since. As yours will to Silvana.

Life goes on. Time really is a great healer.

Nov 14, 2010
Emotional - Song!
by: Silvana Teresa

Hi again Miryam,
Just finished listening to the song that you suggested,and yes it grab's at your soul.
Tortured emotion's are worse then any physical pain or fracture,and I have experienced both.
When my husband died my emotion's went in disruptive hysterical mode,for it was sudden and unexpected.
As time went on I faced the fact that he was never coming back,and I'm living with this reality every day.
Now the Cuban factor is a different torture,I, ask myself every day,how could a man who held you tight when we danced and said "this is our moment Silvana never forget it".
How could a man who made sure every morning I had coffee and sweet bread,who loved to cook with me,did shopping ,and shared joke's and funny storie's with me.
Took me to Casa America's to dance all night with friend's who by the way they paid for everything,had his hand on my leg all night,and reassured me that all is going to be alright,and made sure I was safe at all times.
How could this same man hold a knife to my head and told me never to ask question's about his health like " why don't you stop drinking your on your 17 can of Buccanero beer?
When I refused to marry him and give him money he left me stranded and alone in Havana,and the verbal abuse that followed after that.
This is the hurt that never goes away no matter how hard I try,after 3 year's I'm still trying to come to term's and still asking--WHY??
Take Care,
Silvana Teresa

Nov 14, 2010
Family Background !
by: Silvana Teresa

Hola Miryam,
You are so correct when you say to observe the family background of the Cuban you are with.
In my case,the Cuban's mother had 4 kid's within 3 failed relationship's-2 being a set of twin's.
I was not judgemental for it's not my business,but what struck me was how natural and at ease it was for them to live this life style.
The Cuban I was with also grew up with no father image,plus he had to witness the abuse from his mother's other partner's.
When I told him my kid's were from the same dad,they thought that strange and abnormal---go figure!
So anybody seeking a relationship with a Cuban it is only natural for them to be in more then one relationship-it's inbeded in their culture.
Being a widow and having lived a so called "normal life" I observed all that was happening around me in Cuba,I deceided it was not for me, there was no feeling no sentiment from him, and when he was drunk, he was a total abusive idiot.
And to top it all off he was a school teacher, who worked as security at the resort.
I did go twice with the preliminary paper's,like birth and status paper's, but tore them up after one of his drunken binge's, everyone of his friend's told me to be careful and prudent for all he want's is a ticket to Canada.
As of now we still e-mail and exchange local new's, I told him about his unacceptable behavior, he acknowledge's he has a problem and is trying to change, but I doubt that, as the old saying goes "the wolf change's his fur,not his habit's"
Take care,& good luck,
Silvana Teresa

Nov 14, 2010
Do Not Marry A Cuban Man!
by: Miryam

This is a warning to all women on here who are contemplating a marriage with a Cuban man. Don't do it.

I made the worst mistake of my life when I married my abusive drunken ex husband who did not want to work a day in his life and leeched off me and any woman who was stupid enough to maintain him.

A word of advice, study his family background. What's his mother like? My mother in law was a monster. She did not so much speak but shout. She abandoned my ex at the age of 5 to go off to Havana and live with another man, the father of her two youngest.

So he was raised in poverty by his grandmother.

It made him hard, shrewed, a survivor, and also lazy out to use women. He could charm any woman with his big smile but the real him was a dark sinister abusive manipulative man workshy man with no respect for women whatsoever.

Take my advice. Leave them there. Protect yourself and your assets. They are out to screw everything they can out of you. They think we 'are all rich and their mission in life is to live at our expense and relieve us of every last penny.

My bastard loser is now back in Camaguey. Still not working, poncing off his family and no doubt any other fool prepared to buy him drinks and feed him.

Nov 13, 2010
Cubans Top The League of World's Con Artists
by: Michelle

There is something uniquely sly, and deceptive about the Cuban con man.
I have not been to Africa or other countries mentoned by previous poster but when it comes to the coming and defrauding the Cuba tops the league.

He is why so many organisatons have been set up around to word to tackle Immigraton fraud.

Sure there is poverty and need in other countries, but they will not go to the lengths that a Cuban will do in order to trick a person into believing they are sincere. Cubans are masters at deception and fraud.

Cubans are not as hard up as the average third world country where you see real hunger, real poverty. I have yet to see an emaciated Cuba.

Right now they have an obesity problem and many waddle around looking pregnant so enormous is their enormous belly and huge ass falling out of their jeans. Mostly because they overeat and they are so lazy. They loaf around all day drinking beer yet claim to be so poor.
Do me a favour!!.
Cuba has changed drastically.

It's no longer the country of the warm welcome. Now they are predicting your arrival in the hope you will transport the shopping list they have notified you about.

They don;t give a hoot about the cost of the air fare, accommodation, transport. And the tourist is ripped off in Cuba, transport and life there is very expensive for the visitor.

They pressurise their friends in returning. They trowel on the pressure and the Yumas are fooling to fall for the lies, the deception the fraud.
Receiving or gaining goods by deception is fraud. It's extortion.

Only when more of us shop them to the authorities. Send photos, description and address to their government and Ministry of Tourism, will it stop.
Cuba has to change or we will vote with our wallet and go somewhere else where the hassle level is not so high.

Nov 11, 2010
Grace - No Not From 'Personal Experience'.
by: Kirsty

No Grace I am not speaking from 'personal experience' merely from what I have seen on my visits to Cuba and gleaned from the posts on this wonderful website.

Women are bascally in Denial when it comes to their relationshps with Cuban men.
The men treat them like Sh.it. The bombard them with emails declaring their undying love :).

They ask them to marry them within a week of knowing them.
Grace you claim to have experience of this type of marriage fraud in African countries, perhaps you could enlighten us.

You keep posting about African fraud and that Cuba is not unique to this fraud.

However as more young Cubans become economically desperate it does seem as though Cuba right now is at the forefront of Marriage Fraud and scams.

I thought this was a problem relating to Cuba.
I personally know of at least three cases of marriage fraud concerning the guys from Santiago de Cuba, marriage fraud domestic violence, alcohol abuse, unemployment.

Cuban men who have conned defrauded professional hard working women here in Toronto and also in London to marry and fly them out of Cuba at massive expense.

So Cuba is at the forefront right now of marriage scams.
Perhaps Grace you could clue us in, enlighten us here on your personal experience of Cuban marriage fraud.

The scams you have experienced.
The money you have spent, the presents he pressurized you to bring.

The expensive flights you purchased from the UK. and Canada. The time they take off from work,
You will be helping so many other women by sharing your personal experience.

I read your previous post in which you expressed anger at your Cuban man demanding money from you.
We would love to hear of your personal experiences.
You really will be helping other women to avoid the same scams and fraud.

Nov 11, 2010
Hit the nail on the head
by: Grace

Hi Kirsty, You are right in what you are saying, is this from experience?
Its the same old story time and time again, women and men being duped/conned into marriage.

The thing is these stories on here mainly involve Canadians as some parts of Canada is only a few hours from Cuba,and its a popular destination for some Canadians, but you are not alone and the Cubans are not the only ones who scam women, oh no, Cuba is a mere pup compared to other countries, it doesnt make it any easier to the one who has been conned and used, but it goes on all over.
There are websites all over saying the same thing, but these are women who have married, Turkish, Algerian, Nigerian, Gambian, kenyan, Indian, the list goes on, plus I have been to some of these countries, and the Cubans could learn from the masters lol
Its unbelievable what goes on, the lengths they go too for a british passport, most of them have wives, GF, and they are in on it, its exactly very much like Cuba, but worse.
Google and you will find the same heartbreaking stories.
I havent a solution for this problem, but it has to stop.

Nov 11, 2010
Don't Marry These Fraudulent Cubans!
by: Derek

I am trying to help raise awareness against these fraudulent foreigners.
I met my wife Eileen Rodriguez Gonzalez in 2007 and got married a year ago Thursday.

It was not a happy first anniversary. Despite a happy union in the beginning.
Soon after coming to Canada in February she started acting funny. At first I thought she just missed her family back in Cuba.

But worse was to come.

On March 26 in the mail was her Canadian permanent resident card.
That day she spent the day with my family while I was at work. When I came home I found the door to the house wide open.
I found a note.
She wrote that she would be going back to Cuba because she was 'feeling bad here'.

Turns out going back to Cuba was not in the plan. She is now in Miami with family.

I am now out by tens of thousands of dollars and had a broken heart.
I have started my own Facebook group called

'Do Not Trust The Island Of Cuba!'

I have also joined a group called:

'Canadians Against Immigration Fraud'.

Take my advice and do not marry a Cuban. You will risk your savings, your livliehood, your life, your peace of mind. It will wreck your life.

Nov 11, 2010
Don't Marry A Cuban!
by: Susan

I brought my b/friend here from Cuba, only to end up divorced and in a position that resulted in officers from the Toronto Police?s 23rd Divison becoming my protective heroes on many an occasion.

My best words of advice from a female point of view: Stay away! Never Marry A Cuban Man!

They are taught from the time they are born to manipulate tourists and their entire family will manipulate you.

If you can?t stay away then have a pre-nup.
Be smart. Don?t marry a Cuban, even if you think that you are different.

I am an educated, attractive professional and I got suckered, so you can, too.
The ultimate kicker? I had to pay this jerk half my pension.

Nov 11, 2010
Words Are Cheap!
by: Anonymous

"Palabres Palabres mean nothing! ..Words are cheap "
my Casa Senora would tell me .

She should know. Her 20 year marriage had fallen apart following the discovery that her husband had been cheating on her with a younger neighbour.

"Cuban men do not know the meaning of fidelity" she warned.

"I could tell he was going through the motions. Our lovemaking was cold and calculated, passion had gone" she told me.

She warned me about men who chase tourist women, who utter palabres of love in emails .

They the generation of Jineteros who are all desperate to get out of Cuba. Too lazy to work for 12 cuc a month.

"It's much easier for them to leech off a Yuma she said".

Wise words from a Cuban woman who knows.

She rightly pointed out that if those men really loved the women they would not be continually demanding or expecting presents while pressurising the woman to marry in the hope of a ticket and visa out of Cuba.

"If you want to know if it's real, never give them presents and laugh when they propose marriage, then see how long they stick around. They soon disappear".
She's right. I think that older women who believe in the "Palabres" are totally in denial. Fooling themselves. And also using the Jinitero as much as he is using them.

A relationship on the road to nowhere based on lies, greed desperation, and false promises.
Sad and desperate and sure as hell is not based on love.

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