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Correo de Cuba - Email and Intranet in Cuba

by Aleksandra

Quiero saber como se puede crear una cuenta de @correodecuba.cu
Cual es su pagina de inicio?
Hi, I want to know how I can create an email address at correo de Cuba (= Cuban Postal Services)Where can I find the home page?

ANSWER: by Vic webmaster

CORREO DE CUBA is a private e-mail service of the Cuban State. It is an intranet, access to internet, other websites and search engines is not possible. You can only create an account in Cuba in a Correo de Cuba office, where you can buy time credit too. There is no home page as it is only an email service, not a website. This service is intended as a cheaper email access for Cubans. The (real)internet in Cuba is expensive (6 CUC - 5 USD per hour) most Cubans can not afford this, so they use the cheaper Correos de Cuba service to send emails in Cuba and abroad. You can send an email from your Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail account or any other mail service to a correo de cuba mail address. You only need to know the email address of your correspondent in Cuba, example: luisa444@correodecuba.cu

I have a Cuban friend. She told me that two days ago she send me an e-mail. However, I haven't received anything. Does Cuban government delay e-mails? Do you thing that I might receive it in few days?

Answer by Vic

Yes it is possible.There are several possibilities why the email doesn't arrive.
- Is the address correct?
- The email can be delayed due to system overload
(remember Cuba has no access to the fibercable due to the embargo)
- There are often power outages, even Cuban governmental websites that are (temporary) out of service. Try textmessaging to a cellphone.

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May 19, 2015
Sugerencia sobre idioma empleado y patrocinante. NEW
by: Anónimo Pérez

Hay que escribir en español también, mi amigo; esos datos sirven más a la gente que habla español que a los angloparlantes.
(¿Promocionando en el sitio un alquiler de 20 CUC por día cuando ese es el salario mínimo de un cubano? Ubicarse, bajar las ínfulas y nivelarse con el resto...)

Feb 03, 2012
Address on the envelope
by: SRE28

Hi there!
My cuban friend sent me an address.
But he sent it to me like this:
I was just wondering, in what order, or how would I write this on the envelope. Exactly as he has sent it. Because it is very different from the way Canada uses an address. Please help

Answer by Vic Webmaster

YES, Cuba is different from Canada.
Write the address the way mentioned above.

Send the letter only by registered mail and NEVER include money. Most mail is opened. It takes 5-6 weeks before arrival.
The most reliable (but expensive) service is to use DHL courrier service (2-3 day delivery with tracking on the internet)

Nov 04, 2011
receiving email in cuba
by: Anonymous

I have a friend in cuba who sent me an email from a 'yahoo' address and I have sent several emails but I'm not sure that he is receiving them..? I have read the prior posts re: correo de cuba and I don't think this is the type of account he holds. Since he holds, what appears to be, a yahoo acct., is there any problems receiving emails in cuba? Could it be a yahoo address through correo de cuba..? Can someone give me an idea of how this works? Gracias.

Answer by Vic Webmaster

I have explained this several times on this site.
In Cuba exist TWO systems.
1) INTRANET (correodecuba.cu) this is a dedicated network for Cuban citizens where they can send emails (often located in Cuban Post Offices).
To use this network, Cubans have to go to a Correo de Cuba office, and open an account (showing their identity card and pay access time). Access to foreign websites is blocked, sending to and receiving email from Hotmail, Live, Gmail, Yahoo accounts is possible!
2) INTERNET - real internet access is only possible from authorized internet access points.
There is one in the Havana Capitolio, the major tourist hotels have internet access (6-10 USD/hour)
Normally your friend can't install a Yahoo account in Cuba. Often a Hotmail or Yahoo mail acoount is made by a foreigner abroad for the Cuban and the address and password are sent to the Cuban. The MAIN PROBLEM is that your Cuban has to find a place where he has "real" internet to access his Yahoo account. Note that almost nobody in Cuba has private internet (at home), so your friend has to go to a tourist hotel, or find someone who has access to internet (hotel staff, medical service, administration etc). All this services will cost him (lots of) money (to Cuban standards)One hour internet in a tourist hotel cost 6-10 USD, sending a message on the black market will cost him 1-1.5 USD. Most Cubans can't afford to check their "internet account" on a daily base. This will cost him 30 times 1 CUC (=1 USD). This is more than the average salary (20 CUC) in Cuba. The cheapest way for him to send emails is through the correodecuba.cu service. Even with a free email account (Yahoo, Hotmail etc..) he has to pay for the access time.
The main obstacle will be money (dinero)

Jul 26, 2011
What does this mean?
by: Simona

Hi, I just got back from a vacation in Cuba and I got an e-mail adress from my friend there. I read your answers to other people posts and you said this: "If you send a letter to Cuba, make it a registered post or it never arrives."|
Can you please elaborate?

Answer by Vic

Please make the distintion between email and regular post. In Cuba they call email, electronic post.
Sending an ordinary (paper)letter to Cuba is a risk a lot of post never arrive at destination or is opened. To increase the chances that the letter will arrive, the best procedure is to send the letter by registered post. The safest way is to send the letter by DHL courrier (www.dhl.com) this is a fast but expensive service, this service takes 2-3 days to arrive. Even a registered letter will take 4-5 weeks to arrive at destination.
You can also send your message via email. You got an email address in Cuba. Don't expect a quick reply, the majority of the Cubans have no internet at home and have to check their email account in an internet café at a post office. If they can afford an email account (costs money)

May 11, 2011
Problems sending.
by: Josie

Hi, I was just wondering why I can't get any emails though to a friend of mine. I was just in cuba and I got an email adress from a friend but I am having trouble actually getting anything to send to him properly from my hotmail account.
Answer by Vic, Webmaster
A frequently made error is that the email address is incomplete or wrong.
Example: a typical email address in Cuba is
This address is often misspelled as correosdecuba.cu (correos instead of correo, or coreo with one r)
Did your email bounced? or did it not arrive?
At this moment there are some problems with internet connections in Cuba due to renovations.
Try to contact your friend by phone or regular mail and ask for a second email address, in Cuba it's always good to have a backup, an alternative email address and/or phone number. If you send a letter to Cuba, make it a registered post or it never arrives. GOOD LUCK!

Jun 15, 2010
by: Anonymous

So I am correct in thinking that they write their own e-mails, but someone else at the office types it for them?

ANSWER by Vic havana-guide.com
I think there's a misunderstanding. Yes, in an internet cafe or Correo de Cuba office which is a public service, Cubans write (type) their own texts at one of the (15-20) computers available. No one does it for them. They are free to write what they want, no one is checking the message. Note: with "office" I mean at their government "work place"
sometimes, a Cuban can ask to a friend, family member, etc. who works at a government department (for example, university, medical service, a state hotel, etc. to send a message in his name. The Cuban will than give a written message on paper to his friend who enters this message in his computer at his work, during his work time. In this case the message is entered for the Cuban by a trusted friend, but as said earlier, this can be considered as theft when caught. The legal way is to go to a Correo de Cuba post office, this is a free public place with internet access for the general public and there you can enter your own message. I hope that this explanation makes it clear.

Jun 14, 2010
Security of a Correo de Cuba account.
by: Anonymous

Do you really need to be careful about what you write in an e-mail to a friend with a correo de cuba account? What types of things could be a problem to write about? Do they really monitor everyone's e-mail account?

Also, can anyone answer whether most Cubans write their own e-mails or do they have someone at the office type the e-mail for them?

ANSWER by Vic Havana-guide.com

There's a lot of speculation about the monitoring of emails in Cuba. My guess is that there is not more monitoring than in other "free" countries. Be sure that the CIA and the NSA monitor more than the Cubans do. Most monitoring systems work with keywords, the amount of e-mails is huge so they can't monitor each mail unless the the system detects some names, addresses or keywords such as "terrorist", "bomb" etc, or names of persons on a "black list" etc.
As a matter of fact you always need to be careful an email can always be used against you in any country be it Cuba, the US or any other country.
Cuban citizens have a buit-in radar for this, they use frequently a coded language mixed with Cuban slang. For example most Cubans will not speak about Fidel Castro, but they say "Papi", but everybody will understand they mean Fidel Castro, same for his brother Raul. Raul Castro is called "Tio" (uncle) or "La China" (the Chinese) etc. etc. So there's a lot of "secret" language in Cuba. But on the other hand there's criticism too. There's a rule: never attack persons, or the "revolution", but instead criticize situations, put the blame for the shortages on the "hurricanes", the "embargo" or the weather etc.
If you write about actions to support for example: opposition groups, or about illegal activities such as illegal trade, drug trafficking etc. they probably monitor your email and phone conversations.

In general you can be open and write about all things as long as you don't get involved in illegal activities included anti-regime and opposition activities.
Cubans have to write their own mails. They go to a Correo de Cuba office (Cuban Post office) buy access time, and they have to show their identity card. Typing and sending an email at the office is in fact illegal it involves the use of "State property", in other countries this practice is sometimes tolerated, but most companies and countries also see it as theft.

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