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Send food, money and gifts to Cuba

Many tourists travelling to the country ask: How can I help the Cubans ?

What's difficult to find? 

Remark: don't give money, this practice attracts beggars. Cubans are a proud people and most of the time they try to sell their (illegal) services such as recommending a Casa Particular (a private room) or a Paladar (private restaurant) or a box of phoney cigars instead of begging. 

Give money only to eldery people they have a hard time to survive on a small pension. 

Having said this, there's a need for decent toiletries and hygiene products such as:

- tooth brushes , tooth paste
- Kleenex, condoms, sanitary towels
- soap, shampoo, deodorants and fragrance 

Gladly accepted are:

- chewing gum, chocolates,
- toys for children, color pencils,
- Pens, pencils, notepads, ballpoints
- Magazines (Spanish language)

Stay in Touch

You had a great time on the island, made new friends, and want to stay in touch. 

Best way and less expensive is to use email and internet. Cubans have an intranet (not internet) access via the Cuban Post offices (Correos) Cuban internet

Sending Parcels and Letters

Don't send parcels by regular Post Services, the majority never arrives at destination. You can try registered post, but a better option is to use DHL courrier services. 

DHL is the only foreign courrier service in on the island. (, very reliable, fast, with internet tracking service, but not a cheap solution.

Sending Money

Keep in mind due to the Cuban economic embargo it's not possible to send money through US bank services. However you can use Canadian companies or banks. 

"Duales" website :
"Transcard" website :

Emergency Money

Without money in Cuba? ASISTUR Emergency service for tourists in Cuba

Send Groceries to the country

NOTE: We frequently receive queries such as:

  • How can I send meat , rice or cake?
  • Which companies send stuff?
  • How can I send clothing to the country? etc.

The Cuban Customs regulations are strict, no import of perishable food such as meat, fruit and dairy products is allowed, several other products are regulated or prohibited. 

Take in account that the transport cost can be higher than the parcel value and that products such as rum, rice and some clothing can be bought cheaper in Cuba. 

We recommend the services of "" a reliable company that delivers products out of Cuban warehouses. 

Quality food, especialy meat, beef and cheese are difficult to find, and not affordable for the average Cuban citizen. You can send food and groceries with the online shop: EnvioRegalos (send gifts) a Spanish company ( 

Most popular items are beef, cheese and chicken, don't send products like rice and rum,they are cheaper on the island.

Caribbean Medical Transport

This is a non-profit and non-political humanitarian organization that sends medecines and medical equipment.


The Aids Project is a non-profit, non-religious and non-political organization that directly supports Cuba HIV-AIDS patients.

The Spanky Project

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