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La Habana, the capital is the largest Cuban city with a population of 2,300,000 inhabitants. The city was founded by the Spanish conquistador Diego Velazquez and has a tremendous historical heritage recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Santiago de Cuba

Santiago is the second largest town with 423,000 inhabitants and the biggest city in the Eastern part. The population of Santiago has the highest percentage of black people and is the most exotic Cuban city. The citizens of Santiago de Cuba played an important role in the early days of the Revolution in the support of Fidel Castro. The citadel of San Pedro de la Roca is noted on the UNESCO World Heritage list.


Camaguey is the third largest town with a population of 301,000 inhabitants. The city has suffered a lot in the past from the attacks of the pirates, Jacques de Sores and Henry Morgan. Camaguey is called the city of legends for his rich history and labyrinth of roads and streets. Today the city can be reached by daily bus from Havana or by plane through the Ignacio Agramonte airport.

Holguin city

This mid size Cuban town with 269,000 inhabitants is an upcoming resort with dazzling beaches at Guardalavaca and Pesquero. 


This city in the Santi Spiritus province has a unique unspoiled colonial ambiance...
Trinidad Cuba


The capital of the province with the same name, is also called the city of the many bridges and has an important Afro-Cuban population the city is considerd as a major center of Afro culture and traditions....
Matanzas Cuba

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