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Havana port of call

Before the Cuban revolution, Havana has always been a historic port and the major cruise destination in the Caribbean.

Due to the US economic embargo, the travel is still restricted for US citizens and regulated by OFAC. 

The major US cruise companies with their headquaters in Miami Florida, can't do business with the country as long as the embargo is valid. 

Since 2010, Havana is working on its comeback as a cruise destination and port of call. In 2010 the British warship HSM Manchester made a remarkable visit to Havana and was mooring at the waterfront terminal in the Old city historic center close to the Plaza de la Catedral, Plaza de Armas, Bodegita del Medio and other tourist attractions.

Other cruise ships have found their way back to La Habana. 

The Thomson Dream cruise ship is the largest cruise ship to dock in years and other cruise lines are following. 

The British Thomson company has planned several cruises during the 2011 season and all will visit the city.

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines has two ports of call in the country, Havana and Santiago. The German lines Hapag Lloyd and the Spanish Happy Cruise Lines too have Cuban destination cruises.

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Cruise 3 Days in La Habana

Happy Cruises Lines offers a 8 day promotion cruise in the Caribbean with departure from Cancun Mexico and a 3 day stay on the island. The trip include a stay in La Habana (day 5, 6 and 7)and return to Cozumel (Mexico)

cuba cruise Havana Port of Call

Havana Port of Call
The Sierra Maestra Terminal

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