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Cycling on the island is a great experience, the country invites for a bike ride, the climate is pleasant and there is not too much traffic on the roads. You will not see many bicycles on the roads, for the ordinary Cuban a bike is still a luxury. In the big cities such as Havana cycling can be dangerous, there are no bike paths, many potholes and few traffic lights.

Cycling on the Island

Renting a Bicycle

In some tourist resorts you can rent a bike, this is convenient for a day trip, but when you think about cycling around the country for a week or two, this might be an expensive option.
The daily rent is 29 USD with a security deposit of 200 CUC (200$) Five days rent will cost you 145$.
I am sure this will be a quality rental service, but an other option is to buy a bike for around 150 USD in the Trasval Shopping Mall in Central Havana or in one of the other Havana shopping malls.
After two weeks of cycling on the island you can always donate (or sell) your bicycle to a poor Cuban family. Everybody happy!

Bringing your own bike is an option too, but ask your Travel agent or tour operator for the transport costs. (often 50-75 USD) The Cuban customs will ask you to sign a document that you will export the bike back when leaving Cuba. Last remark: never leave your bike unattended!

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Cycling tours in Cuba
( Recreational cycling tours. Complete arrangements 8-15 days.

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