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Cuba Dating Advice Please

by Ted Harrison

I need some advice please

I just met this lovely cuban girl by a dating site 3 months ago. I start to get closer to her as she sent pictures of her and family. We keep in touch almost everyday by e mail, and she is always caring and sweet.
Well I am 36 years old with good job and not bad looking at all but I don't know what happend maybe is because she is 16 years younger and me and really good looking. Any way I plan to go and visit her in the next couple of weeks and she will be waiting for me in the airport with her mum, to travel where she lives but yesterday she ask me for some money top up her phone as her mother is not well. So I got little bit worried now I never been in Cuba and I am traveling alone, plus after that e mail she might just interested in my money. So I need some advice should go or just cancelled the holidays I already booked.

Comments by Vic webmaster

Sorry, if my comments might upset you. I give you my honest opinion based on the experience of many other Cuba visitors.
I see many red flags in your story. Sure she's after your money. This doesn't mean the relation will not work, one thing is for sure it will cost you (lots of) money.
Think about this:
What kind of relationship do you seek? A long distance relation whereby you meet her one or two times in a year? You have a good job abroad, there are no jobs in Cuba. How you gonna live?
Protect yourself and your assets if you gonna marry her. Note that the latin style of relationships is different of the Western style. Beware to sponsor her entire family and friends.
Before marriage be sure to seek advice from a lawyer (in Canada and Cuba) to protect your assets! Be vigilant, don't believe all the stories about money for the sick mother, child etc. There are several honest Cubans, but many Cubans are master storytellers to survive.
My advice take your time, don't rush things, and don't believe everything they say. Stay vigilant, to stay alive.
All the best, good luck!

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Jan 08, 2018
Starting to get worried NEW
by: Sergio from Toronto

Hello. I went to Cuba in September and because of Irma I left earlier than I had planned. I met this beautiful resort employee. We had sex before I left, she gave me her id number so I can send her some money. We started a relationship over messages and phone calls. I have visited her twice already since September, met some of her family and we are planning to move together to Uruguay, South America, where I am originally from.
I read all the comments and I cannot help but to get worried, she is 33, and I am 66. I believe she loves me and wants to be with me. But like I said I am concerned.

Nov 09, 2015
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Oct 18, 2015
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Sep 15, 2015
by: Greg

Well there is no way you could know for sure. I am more than sure you misread the email.You should definitely go. Cuba is a very nice place to visit.

Jun 18, 2015
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Apr 13, 2015
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Jul 27, 2013
forget it
by: Anonymous

Hi there,
I love Cuba. I would love to Marry Havana and not the girls and the pimps which populate better say pollute Havana. A decent working girl or woman will never ask. she will only accepted if you give her something from your heart anyone working for a pimp or her mother is exploiting her daughter for such a little things is just forget it. the daughter is ignorante as a stick but the crafty mother or the pimp is the one who writes to you emails passing himself or herself as her. take it from me the girl could genuine and innocent but the surroundings is definitely not. to cut the story short just go first on your own with no announcement to a distant hotel. pay the extra and wonder in Havana and just do not get involved. just listen to the questions you will see hear a set pattern. where there is a beautiful girl there is a pimp. take a note : in Man-serrate bar near the floridita Hemingway bar there are gorgeous girls operating ( with added aids( SIDA) from Santiago DE Cuba) their pimp by the way is just a outside waiting to ponce.
now you know. i have been there 11 times. i will always go there to piss the american Embargo. But no way Jose i always travel light. meaning never carry excess baggage- some of these girls will turn up to bit an expensive commodity which you will never manage.

Jul 25, 2013
The same thing happened to me
by: Anonymous

I kept going back every three months or so for a week to 10 days. I gave her gifts and cash, and she kept asking for more. When it got too expensive (she wanted a laptop and $20 000 for a HOUSE, I never went back.

The sex was GREAT and definitely worth the expense of the trip, hotel and gifts and cash (usually $100 for the week, a few items of clothing and some cream, shampoo, toothpaste will be sufficient). But when she asks for more, and she WILL ask for more, move onto the next one. Or better yet, find a different one every time you go and never keep in touh. But make sure you don't bring anything to the hotel that you don't want to lose. Many people have told me about their wallet being emptied, camera, watch, laptop, jewelry... disappearing along with the woman a day or two before you are scheduled to leave.

Good luck.

Jul 19, 2013
If It's Too Good To Be True...
by: Jessica

Ted my advice for what it's worth is, if it's too good to be true then it probably is. And that applies to everything from a piece of fake jewelry being sold hy hustlers down the market, or the offer of a beautiful young Cuban girl of 16.

What do you expect from a child who is more than likely being pimped by her family Nothing ceases to amaze me any more. The hustlers and the con men are drawn to the tourists areas, they pay to work in bars, restaurants tourist hotels. They are slick at what they do, very well educated and they are the smartest scammers in the world.

when it comes to relieving you of a suitcase of your clothing, or conning you into a sham marriage, or the misguided notion that they 'love you', Cubans take the biscuit, they're top of the class when it comes to global scamming and scullduggery.

Of course a 16 year old is not in love with a middle aged man, she has been primed and manipulated by her family. It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that Cubans will go to and just how good they are at scamming. Cubans are in a class of their own in perfecting the art of the con and the scam and fake love.

Remember Ted there is always a price on romance or 'love' in Cuba, it will never come for free. Not a hope in hell of that. There will always be a price put on Cuban friendship and love.

I guess it has to do with surviving on a shoe string for the past 50 years, they have mastered the art of survival, scamming and scullduggery.

Jul 02, 2013
The Girl Is Being Pimped By Her Own Mom
by: Carlos

Ted, you're being exploited by the girl's greed parents as much as they are exploiting their 16 year old daughter.

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths some Cuban parents will stoop to in order to get money. Pimping your own daughter has to be the most vile way of making money, the lowest a person could go to in terms of greed and sheer malice towards own's own flesh and blood.

Your story reminds me of a girl I met in Guardalavaca a few years ago.

She was 15 no more, I know this because she proudly showed me her recent picture taken at her 15th birthday . She looked so beautiful, like an Indian princess. Her friend, an American who must have been at least 70, kept calling her Pocahuntis, his Indian princess.

The girl was from Moa, a polluted mining town in the province of Guantanamo. For health reasons (and poverty) she was handed over to a 'Tia' who lived in Calle xxxxxxxx . The tia - Maria may or may not have been her aunt but had pimped her, located the American man through a contact who worked in Belize. The Cuban man had shown the girl's picture to the American who instantly wanted to meet her, and flew to Holguin.

The greedy 'Tia' called xxxxxx peroxide chain smoking witch in her 60's from Calle xxxxxx and her husband - a retired Cuban officer brokered a deal for the American to spend a vacation in Guardalavaca with the young girl.

That is how I came to meet this odd couple. The American did not speak Spanish and the 15 year old could not understand a word that he said because she did not speak English.

The were staying in Guardalavaca, accommodation where no questions were asked at the front desk.

The American approached me one morning and asked if I could explain to the girl how very annoyed he was at her for turning her back on him each night in bed, how she would not kiss him. I could hardly prevent myself from laughing in his face.

Did this fat grey haired old red neck 70 years old really expect a beautiful 15 year old Cuban to fall in love with him?. Hilarious.

I interpreted what he had said to the girl who just giggled and squirmed, she found him to be revolting and could not understand why her 'Tia' has set her up with this old man.

He had done a big shopping for xxxxxx,prior to the trip.
They offered me a lift to Holguin. He stopped off enroute to purchase a week's groceries for the greedy xxxxxx

We arrived at Calle xxxxx tiabarely acknowledged the girl much less thanked the old man for the enormous sack of groceries fruit and vegetables.

The house looked dark, cold, Would she offer us a coffee? I asked. "You want coffe, go to a cafe" the bitch replied pure venom in her voice.

God help that poor girl I though.
I felt angry as I left.

Che would turn in his grave if he knew what was happening in his beloved Cuba today

May 19, 2012
All sweet things hurt
by: Anonymous

hello if she is sixteen you are already in trouble with the state as anyone caught with an underage girl will be in prison as well as the girl. now you know plus whoever wants to know this.
they all want to better their life if you can do that do help to beat the stupid bullies of the imperialist from the north (United of shit asses).
she may be genuine but under pressure by her family to perform and make you feel sorry to catch in. But remember every cuban i know has three women running at the same time ( and the women the same) strangely enough they all like the old man. stability(money) easy to manage as she will be having a good time with her chulo (pimp) while you feel sorry for yourself. she will be with you everytime you are in cuba but as soon as you leave i bet you at the aeroport she will be pick up by another. saddly all the same but we should note generelise or blame them. it is not there fault. the main fault lies on the USA as i said before (united of Shits Arses)
Please if you have a heart as you said that you have been to their houses you know their needs. help as much as you can and do not promise things that's all. i have been their ten time and know a bit. I have a good time i comeback and go again and see them all take things to them . and life goes on. but to the point of marrying i have yet to find one marriage which has work out in London. and i know few. Still the beauty of a Cuban is nowhere to be match. lovely i hope i did not destroy your heart. still if you can marry her good on her and you - what's the problem in doing that -none- you will have less hassle then marrying or divorcing a british one. good luck

May 10, 2012
Thank you for your coment
by: Anonymous

Sorry I couldn't see it early is almost a month I came back from cuba she is very pretty to be honest too much. She was waiting for me in the airport with her family and yes I felt something wrong she wasn't the firts to come and greet me and after some problems with the car hire she gave me a lovely love card. On the way to Cienfuegos she didn't talk much in the beginning but after few words we started to talk the her mum was bit drunk as she was drinking with her cousing whom was waiting in the airport too. Any way after few hour drive we reached her mother house and she introduce me to her grandmother and stepfather and we went to her house to meet her father and stepmother everything went well amazing night in the hotel that night she is very cool we went out with her friends we took several pictures and I got drunk but something really upste me she show me a text from her ex whising her all the best on her honney mum and in the end of the night when I was caming out of the toilet the her friend ask her to hide it well that night I told her the relationship will be difficult becuase for the distance and another things and I could see tears from her eyes. Any way to be short she took me to another places again out with another friends and always holding my hand everywhere and introduce me to the rest of her family always very caring even she spoke with my mother. But I can't believe she doesn't have a boyfriend and also after I came back the chating on the internet became less to the point we didn't chat much and I have to go abroad for work a and I meet this lovely woman and stoped to call her and e mail her. Now she keep calling me and saying to chat but bit early because some change in the club joven. I really believe she after my money and from now on I am going just to try to take her out of my life she asked me to recharge the her cell phone this month and I don't think I will do it .
It was great to be her. Very pretty and a good person if she was acting but I don't need this.
Many thanks

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