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The exports reached 2,252 billion USD in 2009, compared to 2,318 billion in 2005. The major export partners of the country are China 25%, Canada 20%, Spain 7% and the Netherlands 5% (source CIA Factbook)
The major Cuban export products are nickel, sugar, pharmaceuticals, tobacco products, beverages and spirits, fish and coffee.

exports in 2009

(value in thousands of US dollar)

  • Nickel and derivatives 416,534
  • Sugar products 289,971
  • Pharmaceutical products 276,722
  • Tobacco products 240,066
  • Mineral fuels and oils 123,018
  • Beverages and spirits 115,551
  • Fish products 62,763
  • Vegetables and fruit 26,763
  • Machinery 25,432
  • Copper and derivatives 15,975
  • Electrical and electronic equipement 13,207
  • Aluminium products 8,346
  • Wood and charcoal 8,131
  • Coffee, tea and spices 3,066
  • Live animals 1,780
  • Works of art and antiques 894

    (source: ITC - International Trade Centre)

    Cuba Nickel and Cobalt

    Both minerals ousted sugar from the first place in the exports. The Canadian company Sherritt International has a 50/50 joint venture with the Cuban Compania General de Niquel de Cuba for the extraction, processing and melting operations in the Cuban town Moa.

    Results of the Sherritt International operations over 2009 in Cuba
    33.6 million pounds of nickel and 3.7 million pounds of cobalt were processed for a total revenue of 350 million Canadian dollars.
    (source: Sherritt International annual reports)

    Sugar Exports

    Sugar was once Cuba's main export product. The leading role of Cuba as a producer of 35% of the world sugar supply has shrunk to 10% due to a global fall of sugar commodity prices and the restucturing of the Cuban sugar industry in 2002 that resulted in the shut down of more than 75 sugar mills.
    The exported value in 2009 for sugar products was 289 million USD, but the year 2010 ended with a bad harvest.

    Cuba Health Exports

    The export of pharmaceutical products ranks on the third place in the exports, after nickel and sugar. The total export value for the year 2009 is 267 million USD. Cuban pharmaceutical exports include medication to treat meningitis, hepatitis, influenza, diabetes and the cancer treatment escozul

    The country exports also 30,000 medical professionals to Venezuela in exchange for 100,000 barrels of oil per day.
    (source CIA factbook)

    State Owned Export Companies

    Export company managed by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investments, the export is focused on food products.
    Herber Biotec SA
    Trading company focused on advanced biological and pharmaceutical products.
    Cimab SA
    Trading company focused on biopharmaceutical products especially antibodies, recombinants for diagnosis and treatment of cancer and the immune system.
    Vacunas Finlay SA
    Specialized in research and production of vaccines
    Import and export company with focus on the import of raw materials, spare parts for medical equipment. Export of medicines and technical know how.

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