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The island, offers plenty of access to water, including the saltwater of the surrounding ocean and the freshwater of lakes and rivers. Because of this, many avid fishers choose the country as their vacation destination.

However, for anyone who plans to visit and go fishing in Cuba, they must remember that there is much more to the excursions that just carrying along a rod, a reel, and a tackle box. In fact, the options are so variant that one could spend their whole vacation enjoying the outdoor sport. 

Before planning a fishing vacation, you should take a moment to learn your options so that you can properly plan your trip

Types of Fishing

Many people may not realize this, but the island offers many options, no matter what type of fishing they prefer, from freshwater to saltwater, there is plenty to do. 

Obviously, with the ocean surrounding the island, saltwater fishing is a popular choice. Because of its location and proximity to the Gulf Stream, the waters around Cuba offer a plethora of fish for those who enjoy deep sea fishing.

A vacationer will find that there are plenty of excursions and rentals that will allow them to take part in a deep sea trip. The fish that can be found in the Cuban saltwater include Mackerel, Sword Fish, Tuna, and the Barracuda. Because the island also offers a choice of freshwater lakes, streams, inlets, and lagoons, there are plenty of options for this type of fishing as well.

One popular option is fly fishing. For those enthusiasts who enjoy the rather active form of the sport, the lagoons and flats on the island offer plentiful Tarpon.

Fishing Locations

Because Cuba has become a popular spot for fishing vacations, a number of centers have been formed. Excursions can be scheduled and equipment can be purchased.

The country offers a tropical environment, and in order to make the most of a fishing trip, it is important to remember that it is all about location. This especially holds true if you intend to take part in freshwater fishing.

The southern area of the island is warmer, wetter, and more tropical. Because of this, the fishing excursions to this area are less about the rivers and streams and more about a relaxing afternoon on the waterfront. Those who wish to visit the southern area of the island will find that the prominent fish of the area are Tarpon and Bonefish.

Best Locations

  • Jardines de la Reina (Salt water fishing)
  • Cayo Coco Cuba
  • Cayo Guillermo Cuba
  • Isla de la Juventud
  • Marina Chapelin Varadero Carretera Las Morales km12
  • Marina Dársena Varadero Carrertera de Via Blanca km31
  • Marina Hemingway Havana
  • Lago Hanabanilla near the Sierra Escambray, offers fresh water fishing. 

Che Guevara fishing in Cuba

Since the popularity of fishing on the island has continued to grow, it is no wonder that competitions have become established. Any sports fisher knows that a tournament can be a way to draw in more visitors and in turn, more revenue.

Che Guevara deep sea fishing and competing with Ernest Hemingway

(picture WikiCommons)

A yearly competition takes place on the northern part of the island. On a continued basis, this competition draws sport fishers from around the Globe. Named for the American author, Ernest Hemingway, this competition has been held annually for several decades. In fact, the tournament first began when Hemingway himself lived on the island and is held at the Marina Hemingway. 

The tournament itself includes an entry fee and a set of rules determining the number of people on the team and the type of fishing line that can be used. The tournament lasts for a total of 4 days.

There are many things that factor into the popularity of fishing on the island. The location of the country means that it has direct access to the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, leading to a large population of saltwater fish. 

Because strict government regulations made it difficult for visitors to go to the island for many years, several areas are largely untouched, meaning there is plenty of options for fishing in rivers and lakes without the spoiling build up of urban sprawl that one may see elsewhere.

For anyone interested in a fishing excursion in a tropical environment, Cuba is a must.

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