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Cuban airport  Varadero

The major airports for tourists and international travel:

José Martí Airport - Habana (HAV)

Distance to city center: 17 Kms.
Aeropuerto Internacional "Jose Marti". Ave Rancho Boyeros s/n.
Ciudad de la Habana.
Telegraph address: (AFTN) MUHAZTZX
Tel: (537) 707701, 454644
Opening hours: 24 Hrs 

Havana Cuba Airport Ride:
A taxi from Havana Airport to Central Havana will cost you 18-20 Cuc (20 USD)

Juán G. Gómez Airport - Varadero

Distance to city center: 22 Kms.
Aeropuerto Internacional "Juan G. Gómez".
Varadero. Matanzas. Cuba
Telegraph address: (AFTN) MUVRZTZX
Tel: (05) dir: 253612, (052) piz: 613016, fax: 253612
Opening hours: 24 Hrs.

Vilo Acuña Airport - Cayo Largo del Sur

Distance to city center: 3 Kms.
Aeropuerto "Vilo Acuña".
Cayo Largo del Sur.
Telegraph address: (AFTN) MUCLZTZX
Tel: (05) dir: 48207
Opening hours: 11.00 - 23.00

Jaime González Airport - Cienfuegos

Distance to city center: 20 Kms.
Aeropuerto Internacional "Jaime González".
Telegraph address: (AFTN) MUCFZTZX
Tel: 0 (432) dir: 4553, fax: 451328
Opening hours: 11.00 - 22.00

Máximo Gómez Airport - Ciego de Avila

Distance to city center: 24 Kms.
Aeropuerto "Máximo Gómez".
Ciego de Avila. Cuba
Telegraph address: (AFTN) MUCAZTZX
Tel: (033) dir: 266346, piz: 266629, fax: 266346
Opening hours: 11.00 - 23.00

Ignacio Agramonte Airport - Camaguey

Distance to city center: 9 Kms.
Aeropuerto Internacional "Ignacio Agramonte".
Telegraph address: (AFTN) MUCMZTZX
Tel: 0 (32) dir: 261889, piz: 261010, fax: 287113
Opening hours: 12.00 - 05.00

Frank País Airport - Holguín

Distance to city center: 13 Kms.
Aeropuerto Internacional "Frank País".
Telegraph address: (AFTN) MUHGZTZX
Tel: (024) dir: 425271, 423934, fax: 468087
Opening hours: 24 Hrs

Sierra Maestra Airport - Manzanillo

Distance to city center: 12 Kms.
Aeropuerto Internacional "Sierra Maestra".
Granma. Cuba
Telegraph address: (AFTN) MUMZZTZX
Tel: (023) dir: 54654, 54535, piz: 53019
Opening hours: 11.00 - 22.00

Antonio Maceo Airport - Santiago

Distance to city center: 6 Kms.
Aeropuerto Internacional "Antonio Maceo".
Santiago de Cuba.
Telegraph address: (AFTN) MUCUZTZX
Tel: (0226) pm: 691944, dir: 691741, 691823, piz: 691014
Opening hours: 11.00 - 05.00

(source: Goverment info)

Varadero airport cuba

Airports: Varadero

Hotels near Havana Airport

Hotel Palco Havana

The hotel is located near the International Conference Center and will provide maximum comfort for businessman. Guests will enjoy professional service, and use the different meeting rooms.

The business center offers internet services, cell phones, photocopying, printing and fax.

The hotel has also a restaurant grill, buffet, lobby bar, sauna, gym and a swimming pool.

Hotel Cubanacan Comodoro

The 4 star Hotel Cubanacan Comodoro is facing the sea, situated at the Miramar district only fifteen minutes from the old City. The hotel has 360 rooms and 15 suites, offers entertainment programs, wedding facilities, swimming pool, a restaurant, internet, and a shuttle bus to the Old City.

Hotel Melia Cohiba Havana

Is a luxury five-star hotel, located along the Malecon, sea boulvard and an ideal place for business and pleasure. The hotel has 462 beautiful rooms, including suites. The facilities include a swimming pool, restaurants with International cuisine, cigar cafe, shops and conference rooms.

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