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Cuban American

by Sleepingwith 1eyeopen
(In a city where it is warm, USA)

We actually met in America

I met this sexy, cuban guy from Miami in his late twenties. He was not in the states for very long, and had a work visa. He claimed to have done well in cuba and have no one here that can help him. But I later realized that he did have extended family in Miami.
He has pictures of his family and showed them to me. I cannot help but to wonder if his "sister" is really his sister and if he has children in Cuba. He is not able to
keep a job and always has a sob story, but does not seem to WANT to work. I think my situation is different because he does not need me for residency here because he is already a legal citizen. He has friends here that, if they have a woman, cheats on her or you will never know that they had girlfriends in the first place. After reading and hearing the stories of Cuban men, I wonder how is he different, and is it real? I am happy, but sometimes always waiting for the other shoe to drop. All that I can do is enjoy things for what it is worth, and not trust him with anything that can threaten my livelihood.

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Jan 27, 2018
Going to Cuba end of February NEW
by: Nick

Hi I am 42 I’m going to Cuba end of February I need to meet the girl to enjoy me for two weeks The girls they’re interested can email me at Mnbuilders17@yahoo.com

Nov 23, 2015
Cheating Is Natural To Cubans NEW
by: Anonymous

For sure some gullible woman has flown this gigolo to Miami, paid for his flight, exit visa, marriage perhaps, and paid a lot of money to maintain him while in Miami.

Have you asked him who arranged his visa and if he has a wife?. They all cheap, it's in their DNA and think it is perfectly natural to have a mistress on the side.

Even the married Cuban women cheat, especially if they feel the guy has money. Cuban women are in competition with each other and will steal their best friend's husband if they take a shine to him.

Morality does not enter into the equation.

You will see these married Cuban guys on Facebook, posing with pictures of their children, while looking for another woman, they are all on dating sites, and do nor hide the fact that they are father or have wives.

It's a way of life for them.

Just be wary. If you sleep with this charmer make sure you use protection,promiscuity is a way of life in Cuba. make sure he has himself checked out and you personally see the results.

Do not spend on him, they expect a yuma to spend.You will never know how genuine he is if you spend on him. Tell him you are in between jobs and money is very tight, that you are paying for your mom's residential care.

See if he will stick around.

Somehow I feel you will not see his heels for dust. lol

Nov 05, 2015
Tricky NEW
by: essay-writing-place.com

The situation is really very ambiguous. From what you told, it's difficult to see whether he can be trusted. I'd think twice before doing it. You are right while saying that you should keep an eye on him. If he's so smart and can say beautiful words, write even poems (like my boyfriend did), it doesn't mean he's an angel.

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