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The objective of the Eastern Cuba Cultural Exchange Association is to foster an environment of goodwill through the sharing of cultural ideas and the celebration of diversity. 

Arte de Cubanos
Arte de Cubanos wishes to introduce you to some of the best contemporary artists. 

The Farber Collection of new Cuba encompasses the full scope of the contemporary art history beginning with the 1980’s to the present day. 

Cuba Space
art from the country is very little known in the United States, especially that made by artists who are still living and working in the country. Our intention is to promote the work of the artists from the island.

Cuban Self-Taught Art
Indigo Arts exhibits the work of a wide range of artists from Cuba, most of them self-taught. Collecting this work introduced us to a large and diverse country, its art and its artists....

Cauri Gallery
Cauri Art Gallery.

Some of the most known artists are shown in this section, although many more remain to be listed. These painters, some are living in Cuba, many now in exile, and others left a great legacy to be followed.

Viredo - Colors of Cuba
Viredo Espinosa (who would use only his first name as an artist), the eldest of three children, was born in 1928 in Regla, a small town across the bay from Havana..... 

'Culture from Cuba' sponsored by Havana Club
Havana Club presents, Habana Cultura. A window on contemporary creativity 

Dan Heller Cuba
Dan Heller Photographer - Art Photo's. 

Cuban-ness and the Hot Art Scene

Yuri Martinez Gallery
Thank you for visiting my Gallery. My figurative oil paintings depict the reality, dreams and fantasies of local society, surrounded by the magical realism representative of the Latin American life and culture. 

Alonso - Contemporary Cuba Art
Alonso Art was established in 2002 in Miami, USA, with the purpose of promoting the work of Contemporary Latin American Artists, with an emphasis in Contemporary Cuban Art. 

MOAS - Cuban Image Gallery
Great Masters Of the Art Image Gallery 

Art and Cuban Artists

Racial Politics in Cuban Art
Excerpted from the new book: Cuban Arts, State Power, and the Making of New Revolutionary Cultures, by Sujatha Fernandes (pp. 160 - 167


Amigos de Thomas Merton

Angel Alonso Blanco Havana Painter
Angel is consumed with his art and the world that it takes him into. He has had solo exhibitions in la Habana, Sweden, New York and New Jersey. He has also held collective shows on the island. 

BELKIS Paradise Art Blog
Flowers, animals, landscapes, and faces from my world: the dream of my Cuban Paradise art. Knock the door, please. Welcome to my world!

Tony Mendoza - Cuban-American Artist
Welcome to Tony's on-line Gallery. Tony an artist who creates vibrant works, inspired by his childhood in Little Havana. 

Cuban Art & Living
This blog is about one woman's personal adventures during a continuing 10-year search for artistic treasures on the forbidden island ... 

Miguel Alfaro Pintor Blog

Rafael M. Calvo artista plastica Cubana
Rafael Manuel Calvo González Location: Municipio Especial, Isla de la Juventud. Soy Graduado de la Escuela Elemental de Arte en 1986 y de la Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas en 1990. La Habana. 

Sanjorge - Un artista Cubano
Denys San Jorge Bauta, La Habana. San Jorge labora actualmente como profesor en la Academia de San Alejandro, en la cual estudió hasta el 2004.

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