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On February 7 1962 President John F. Kennedy extended the trade Embargo against Cuba, and the cigars from the island were banned. The story goes that president Kennedy asked Pierre Salinger one of his assistants to buy 1000 Cuban cigars before the embargo became effective.

Today the consumption and the sale of authentic cigars from Cuba is illegal in the United States. Several former manufacturers from the island moved to the Dominican Republic or other Latin American countries such as Honduras and Nicaragua.

Importation of Cuban Cigars into the US

There is a ban on the importation into the United States of original cigars and other tobacco products from the island. This prohibition extends to such products acquired in the country even if the traveler is licensed by OFAC.

Read the complete regulations and laws on Cuba sanctions ( Cuban cigar update
(Source: US Department of the Treasury)

Famous Brands manufactured on the Island

  • Cohiba
  • Montecristo
  • Partagás
  • Romeo y Julieta
  • Hoyo de Monterrey
  • H. Upmann
  • Bolívar
  • Punch
  • Vegas Robaina
  • Quintero
  • Fonseca
  • José L. Piedra
  • Cuaba
  • Trinidad
  • San Cristóbal de la Habana

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