Dress Code in Havana

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What do you wear in Havana?

The standard Dress Code is casual, cotton and linen clothing is ideal. Lightweight clothing is recommended in the city. In December and January a pull-over or a jacket can be useful for the evenings. Note that topless sunbathing is not allowed in Cuba, only on the private hotel beaches are exceptions tolerated for the tourists.

What Do Cubans Wear?

They wear Caribbean style clothing, the women and girls dress is sexy, femine and colorful, women on the island wear short skirts or tight jeans and a blouse or a T-shirt named a "pull-over" in Cuban Slang. Men wear jeans or cotton pants and a T-shirt or a Guayabera, sometimes also written Guayavera, this is a loose men's shirt a popular "Latin clothing" in the Caribbean. The original shirt is also known as the "Mexican Wedding Shirt".

man in Guayabery - Clothing in Havana

Cuban Man in the Old City
Guayabera and black trousers

Nightlife Dress Code in Havana.

In most restaurants shorts or beach wear is not allowed. In some better nightclubs and Disco's you may be refused entrance when wearing shorts, sandals or sloppy clothing.

Traditional Cuban Dress - Cuban Costumes

Schoolchildren in Cuba wear a uniform and in some Public Services and hotel shops the employees wear a uniform too.

The traditional dress in Cuba has many Spanish infuences and is nowadays only a tourist attraction shown in the touristical areas of the Old City.

schoolchildren in Cuba

Schoolchildren in Havana

Traditional Cuban Clothing

Traditional Cuban Clothing

Traditional Dress in Havana Cuba

Guayabera shirts in Clothing Shop Obispo street

Clothing shop Havana Cuba

Old man in Havana

Traditional Dress in Cuba

Traditional Wedding dress in Cuba

Traditional Attire Cuba at 15th Birthday

Traditional Cuban Dress at
15th Birthday

Traditional Dress in Cuba

Clothing Shop

Traditional Attire  Cuba

Dress in the Old City

Fashion and Cuban Models

Fashion shows and Cuba elegance are shown at the catwalk in the luxury Hotel Nacional de Cuba near the Habana Malecon. The collections of the famous Italian designer Rocco Barroco were shown by Cuban and International Fashion models.

Fashion shows in the Miramar District

Cuban fashion shows are presented at the luxury La Maison. At night you can visit the fashion shows given by Cuban models in the open air restaurant. Admission fee 10 CUC.

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