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National Flower of Cuba

Cuban flowers, the National Flower of Cuba is La Mariposa, the Butterfly Flower (Hedychium Coronarium), the flower is not original from Cuba but grows well thanks to the fertile soil and the tropical climate.

The frail white flower has a distict smell and the plant can reach the height of one meter. 

In 1936 a commission of botanists declared the mariposa Cuba's National Flower or Flor Nacional de Cuba.

Cuban Orchids

Cuba has an abundance of orchids, more than 300 species are currently found in Cuba. The Pinar del Rio province alone has over hundred orchid species. A lot of this orchids are found in the Guanahacabiles National Park, Cuba's largest natural reserve, a Biosphere Reserve listed by UNESCO.

Cuban Plants

Royal palm tree

Royal Palm Tree - Palma Real

Also known as the Cuban palm tree, is found in the Caribbean and South America. The Royal Palm tree can grow to 30 meters (90-100 feet) and are used in parks or to decorate the landscape. The Royal palm needs full sun and lots of water is also resistant to drought.

cieba tree havana

Ceiba Tree

The Ceiba tree is a large tree mainly found in Central and South Americal as well as in the Caribbean. The tree can grow to 60 - 70 meter height

sea grape tree

Sea Grape Tree - Uva Caleta

Is a smaller tree with a height between 3 - 8 meters and large leathery leaves.

The tree bears a green, grape like fruit that gradually turns to red and can be eaten.

royal poinciana tree

Royal Poinciana Tree

Is a broader tree with large red flowers, the leaves are bright green, 50 cm long and look like giant feathers.

The Royal Poinciana tree needs a tropical climate but can survive in dry periods and is a commonly found tree in Cuba.

Cuban National Botanic Garden

The Botanic Garden (Jardin Botanico Nacional de Cuba) is located in Southern Havana not far from the Lenin Park. The botanical garden is an exhibition center that displays samples of the Cuban flora and offers the visitors tours in company of professional guides.

Jardin Botanico National de Cuba caretera El Rocio - km3
Calabazar Havana Cuba
Open daily: from 9.00 to 16.00 hrs

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