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The Havana weather is mild subtropical, with more than 200 hot sunny days per annum.
The best months for a vacation in Cuba are March, April and May. During this months it is not to hot and there's no danger for hurricanes. The Eastern part of the island (Santiago) enjoys a warmer climate than the Western part, (Havana) normally the temperature in Santigo de Cuba is 2-3 degrees up. The average sea water temperature at the beaches is 22-25°C

Hurricanes - Tropical Storms

The hurricane season starts from June till November, but is less risky than the situation on the Gulf Coast. The island has a proven Disaster Prevention System, one of the best in the Caribbean area and a well trained Civil Protection Service. The country has a complete early warning system and in case of a major threat they organise massive evacuations to minimize the loss of human life. Even the livestock is evacuated.

The forecasting and early warnings are led by the well-known Dr.José Rubiera, Director National Forecasting Center. (Instituto de Meterologia, Havana). His fields of expertise are Tropical Cyclones and Disaster Prevention. Dr. José Rubiera is the main weather presenter on the Cuban TV and gives international lectures on this topic.

Beating the Hurricane
Tropical Cyclones and Disaster Prevention in Havana

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