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The local Law covers, the Family Code, criminal law, private property laws and economic regulations.

The Family Code

Regulates and discusses marriage, divorce, martial property, equal rights in marriage.

Private Property Laws

The Law recognize property and descibes different categories:

  • Socialist property of all people
  • Ownership of political, social and mass
  • Cooperative ownership
  • Ownership of the small farmers
  • Personal ownership

Personal Ownership

ARTICLE 156. Personal property includes goods intended to satisfy the material and spiritual needs of its owner.

ARTICLE 157. Personal property can be:

a) the income and savings from one's work

b) housing, vacation home, vacant lots and other property acquired by any legal means, and 

c) the means and instruments for personal or family work.

ARTICLE 158. Personal property assets that are means or instruments of personal or family work can not be used for the generation of revenues from the exploitation of other labor. 

ARTICLE 159. The law sets the amount by which personal property can be seized.

The Criminal Law

Liability for unlawful acts important articles 

ARTICLE 83. Compensation for civil liability cover:

a) The restitution of property

b) repair the damage

c) compensation for the damage, and compensation for moral damage. 

ARTICLE 100. Unjust enrichment occurs when heritage values are transfered to another, without legitimate cause. 

Special Crimes Law

PART I: Crimes against State Security
PART II: Offences against the Administration and Jurisdiction
PART III: Collective Security Offences
PART IV: Crimes against Public Order
PART V: Offences against the National Economy
PART VI: Crimes Against Cultural Heritage
PART VII: Crimes against public faith
PART VIII: Crimes against life and bodily integrity
PART IX: Offences Against Individual Rights
PART X: Crimes against Labor Rights
PART XI: Offences against the normal development of sexual relations and against the Family, Children and Youth
PART XII: Honor Crimes
PART XIII: Economic Rights Crimes
PART XIV: Crimes against Public Finance

Economic Regulations and Laws

- Trade and commerce in general
- Special Trade Agreements
- Maritime trade regulations
- Suspension of payments, bankruptcies and losses

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