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The ink chains are a rough big necklace made of yellow gold. Most Cuban chains are made of 14Kt gold and priced to the value of the gold. 

The jewelry is available with different types of chains, build up to a specific design. The gold links are often alternated or set at intervals.

The Karat system is used to determine the amount of pure gold in the Cuban chain.
24Karat is pure gold
18Karat contains 18 parts and 6 parts other metals.
(usually copper or brass)
14Karat contains 14 parts and 10 parts other metals

gold link chain

10Karat contains 10 parts and 14 parts other metals

Gold Teeth Caps in Cuba

rapper with gold teeth

Gold has always been a symbol of wealth and worn as a status symbol. On the island, the golden teeth caps are a status symbol just like a pair of Nike shoes or a cellphone.

The golden teeth as a fashion trend was introduced by Rap stars in Miami USA.

Some researchers suggest that the teeth tradition came from Africa during the slave trade.

In general the teeth caps are less expensive than the gold chains because they contain less precious metal.

Only Cubans with access to hard currency from the tourist or music industry can afford the status symbol.

CUBAN LINK is also the name of the Cuban rapper Felix Delgado born in Havana.

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