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Cuban Love Don't Do What I Did

by Andy

Don't do it !!!!!!! No matter what !!!!!!! In my case I was duped. I'm the idiot !! Some signs were there. My honey was honest, she was sincere, her family seemed perfect, but the day I brought her into Canada the nightmare began.

In the 1st 48 hours she slapped me in the face telling me I'm not your girlfriend anymore, I have rights as your wife here. Oh no I thought I've been duped.

My Cuban wife called government officials telling them I was forcing her to work like a slave, another time she told government officials I was keeping her prisoner in my home. Every single person she met started off like a normal friendship but as soon as she was angry she started telling these friends how I abused her, assaulted her, she made me look like a monster when she was the monster. She assaulted me many times and when I told her that I would call the police she said I'll just tell the police that you are hitting me when they get here.

She was finally arrested and charged with assault with a weapon as she pulled a knife on me. She begged me to help her and promised me she would change. I helped her and things became terrible again just a few weeks later.

In my experience (100 times in Cuba) you do the same to them, only do it first. Promise them everything and give them, you know what and nothing else. Cubans both men and women are a breed of their own, 98% are liars and cheats. They make love for sport, no need to have emotions or feelings, just being horny is reason enough.

I know of more than 2 Canadian guys that are married to Cubans but these 2 Cuban woman have Cuban husbands. The second the tourist arrives, they check out of there home and move in with you. You can't check it out or find out the truth as the neighbors, family, friends, and co-workers of the Cuban are all protecting the con game.

In Cuba, Cuban woman don't take the man's last name. The government doesn't care who they are cheating on. Fidel once said tourists are a necessary evil and he promotes robing tourists, Fidel is the biggest crook and liar form all the Cubans.

Be very careful in Cuba regarding love. Cubans love the dollar only and will do anything to get out of that ---- country. Be very careful. If you marry a Cuban just do not bring them back. If she starts to hate you, you can do the sister or mother. I have done sisters both at the same time. Yummy !!!

I once treated a Cuban woman nicely, she invited me back to her home and began to tell me that her 15 year old daughter was a virgin and wanted me as her boyfriend, I said this can't happen as I'm 48, the mother went on to tell me how that isn't a problem in Cuba. Get it !! Be careful.

Have fun with some of the most beautiful women in the world just do not bring them to your country.

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Apr 01, 2012
I dated a Cuban girl
by: Miami Man

This story is just like mine. I met this cuban girl 26, awesome looking, like Sandra Bullock but way hotter. She was living with another guy and had problem,s 5 months later she moved with me and then she started to party like crazy. 2 weeks later she moved with a friend who was 23 who lives with a man who is 42. You bet the trheesome.

Then she tries to contact me again, she is missing me, but I found out she is back with her original boyfriend. I confronted her and a week later she saw me in the street with another girl. It seems she was so jealousy that she got together with a 50 year old man!!! and put a lot of pictures of them together in facebook. That man is older than her own father.

And yes, cubans have no possessions, they do not respect boundaries, they always have cuba inside, they are liberals but not like the europeans, cubans cheat, hide things and make everything complicated.

As far as I know, this girl has no friends and people want her just to get laid, I believe she is in drugs.

Usually cubans suffer from borderline personality disorder in general. They can not find themselves and they resolve all their frustration with sex (without protection).

I told this girl if she was concerned about getting a diseased and she told me: is that guys does not protect themselves! She is adorable, she has everything as a person to be successful, she speaks 4 languages, is a natural leader and is gorgeous and classy, but she uses all that in the wrong way and she is digging her own grave.

But yes, this is the kind of forum I was looking for to re confirm what I just experience for the last year. With cuban girls, fuck them but keep your walled and heart away. They, culturally, will suck you and do not even try to help her out, she will go back and hide again with their people in her head.

Mar 22, 2012
Yemaya - Mulatica
by: Anonymous

I met this cuban girl in 2005 when I was travelling over there, she was coming to London to be with an English man and we kept in touch. Things never worked out with the English man so I started seeing her. After 6 months she moved in with me. 4 years into the relationship I found out that she was cheating on me, I forgave her since I loved her so much and we had been together for such a long time. Then back in 2011 I found out she was cheating on me again but with a Cuban guy. I am so upset I gave her everything, I thought everything was good but all she was interested in was getting her papers. Someone said something to me when in Cuba - A Cuban women even if she leaves the country with a tourist she will always have a Cuban Man back home, and yes this is true. That B**C she fooled me, took advantage of me, and I was so silly for not seeing the signs in the relationship. Be careful with those Cuban women as someone else mentioned ' They will do anything for Money '

May 16, 2011
See the "How Pig" comment
by: Anonymous

This "How Pig" comment is from my wife.

The person that is both mentally and physically abusive towards me. She not only sneaks around my home looking for whatever she can find to cause problems, she takes phone numbers from my phone book, she takes email addresses from my contact list. How? Because as a normal male/husband you tend to trust your wife (don't trust her if she's Cuban) if I walk away from the computer and she uses it, if I didn't "sign out" she reads everything, took names from my contact list. She even took my answer to my secret question and gets hotmail to give her my password, (so be careful)

My wife has a very serious anger management problem as well, she's out of control when she gets mad or upset and she has admitted this. Unknown to me AGAIN she has been reading all my emails, lately because she is continuing to cause problems almost on a daily basis I sent an email to my children that when we move to another city I'll set my wife up in an apartment and leave her. Because of her anger management problem she couldn't contain herself when she read this email to my children and blew up like a bomb reading this. I questioned her about how she knew this and she told me that my daughter sent her a copy of the email I sent my kids.

I knew this wasn't true. Later she fabricated an email and made it look like my daughter sent it to my wife, she did such a good job that it really looked real. After taking it to a computer specialist the specialist said it was prepared and sent to herself by herself as the type and some other things were not sent by or through hotmail.

That's the real PIG. Can you imagine a wife trying to make me hate my own children.

Once only 3 months after my Cuban wife arrived in Canada I took my son to Thunder Bay to look at buying his first home. My son is shy and very quiet. Because he didn't talk to her very much she became very agitated and then her anger and craziness started. She completely ruined my and my sons time together looking at homes, as well when I went to the bathroom in the hotel that we were staying in I heard her say to my son (18 at the time) your father is a bad man, your father is no good, when your father dies I'm going to have a big party.

Can you imagine anyone saying this to someones son or daughter. This is how sick this Cuban is my wife the REAL PIG !!!

Signed the lonely idiot

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