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Cuban Love or Fraud

by Jamiela
(Canada )

I have met a Cuban on the resort that I was staying at. We spent almost every day together, when we went off the resort HE paid for everything. I offered to buy him a drink and instead he bought me one. I am planning a trip back to Cuba in the next few months, he has not asked for me to bring anything. He told me that when I get there to worry about nothing. Also told that he wants me to learn everything I can about him and his culture. Told me that he loved me.....but afer 2 months it still felt a little soon. NEVER asked to come to Canada, just asked to be with me.
Can this still be a sign of a scam???? I know they have there routines down and now I don't know the truth from a lie. How can you tell the good honest Cubans from the hustlers??

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Jan 23, 2013
by: Anonymous

I can't believe that even after all the years, women (and some men as well) are still falling for the Cuban song and dance. Wake up people!!! You are not the only one. There are many more- all over the world. It's a first come, first serve basis. Whoever is stupid enough to dish out the cash to either sponsor or marry, is the winner. It's unfortunate to say, but the most insecure and vulnerable are the easiest targets. Regardless of age and/or beauty. In their minds, the older, the more established, hence, the more money. More money translates to a better candidate to better assume the cost of a possible sponsorship or marriage. Both of which cost thousand of dollars!!! IT'S A COMMUNIST COUNTRY!!! THE LIVING CONDITIONS, DESPITE WHAT YOU SEE, ARE VERY DIFFICULT!!!

Jan 23, 2013
Yasmani and all his friends are all Jinetero's
by: Anonymous

Any cuban that you meet on Guardalavaca beach is a scammer. They are all in on a huge fraud ring, the families, the hotel security etc..... DO not trust anyone on Guardalavaca Beach. I can state for the record that I know of 5 individual cuban men on that beach that are playing the scam. Multiple girlfriends, all wanting to leave Cuba on a Visa obtained through fraud. Like I stated above, all of their families, friends and aquaintances are in on it! Do not get fooled

Apr 16, 2012
First Africa, then Cuba....
by: Tonya

I am so thankful for my experiences. Really I am. Cons are everywhere. I got married to a Kenyan when I was stupid and naive in 2009.I was 36-never married and a single mom. Long story short, in a matter of 2 yrs I was conned out of $4000. I lived with him IN Kenya for 6 months with my son. I went to Cuba in June 2011, and so enjoyed my time, i wanted my life back, and filed for divorce 2 days after I got back from Cuba. Aug. 8/11 I was divorced.

While in Club Amigo Guardalavaca in Holguin, Cuba, I met Javier who was a tour guide for the Paradise Island catamaran excursion. He talked to all the women, and he was a nice guy. Not good looking-short, overweight and hairy. We did meet up on my last day down at the beach, and we barely talked. When he did, he asked for water. So, I gave him water, and walked away. He has emailed me-and have read here that someone else does the emailing, and that is fine. I don't care. Obviously he is right there too coz he emailed things only he and I would know. I did tell him about my divorce and told him I am not eager to marry another foreigner, and I am not sending him money. And I still heard from him again. its not often, coz he sends me email from his friend's computer in Banes. He does want me to meet his mother, has told me he likes me more than a friend, and I am still not eager to jump into something else. I'm thrilled I was duped by an African, coz I won't be duped by a Cuban.

He's only a friend, and I will be going back to Cuba in 46 days. In the meantime, does anyone know Yasmany in CluB Amigo? He travels around on roller skates. He's good looking, acts shy, and curly hair like a chia pet. Well, he married a Canadian girl last yr, while he was dating another Canadian. The 2nd girl never knew until recently about him getting married. Yasmany's wife never knew until recently about this other girl. Facebook is amazing! Yasmany's wife divorced him 3 mos. after they got married.

Awesome thing is, both girls met on facebook, and this week are both heading to Club Amigo to confront him. Nothing worse than a woman scorned....

Dec 25, 2011
a cuban
by: Anonymous

Ok, it's very, how to say, sad, or maybe dirty, read what most of the people here in this page wrote about cubans. I'm cuban, and I had one experience with a Canadian girl, and now I can understand why our relationship did not work, she probably readed things like this. I'm got in love with that girl and I can say now, I haven't ever felt something similar to anyone....
The problems you all have girls here is that you didn't pick the right person and it seems like you probably are a little unmature in love matters, if you have two thingers of mind, I guess you could realize the diference betwen a good and a bad person, so don't talk that all bads things about cubans, there are alot, lots of bad men around the world, as also good ones, and I'm pretty sure the badones not are only cubans, besides, to tell you a littlebit more, the 99.99% of the cubans has gone to school and at very high levels, you don't have it and probably youre not like that either, so....
I really doubt that cubans ignore what love is and how to get a girl in love for real, so don't talk bad about the cubans and please try to pick better and dont or you could be unhappy with any man, cuban or not, and believe me it will be your hole responsability

Nov 14, 2011
Sometimes it works out just fine
by: Anonymous

The hardest part of my relationship with my Cuban husband has been the naysayers, all those who were hoping to save me from the heartache they felt was inevitable - that was bar none the most difficult part of our relationship history.

I met my husband at a club in Veradero - possibly one of the most highly concentrated tourist areas in Cuba. He was a tender 18 years old and gorgeous. I was immediately attracted to him, and did not speak Spanish so our first few dates were awkward to say the least. When I returned to Canada I used every opportunity to visit, and I learned Spanish. We married quickly. His parents were kind and respectful, but very apprehensive, both being highly educated and well-travelled. Neither were keen on the idea of their only child marrying young, or to a foreign woman. They kept their reservations quiet, and only provided kind encouragement to both of us to take more time, and think thoroughly through the decision, which would require my husband to cut short his university studies.

Six years later, we have three beautiful children and he continues to be my best friend, and favourite person I know. He continued and graduated from post-secondary school in Canada. Despite it all - the unlikelihood that any marriage works let alone one that is entered into at a young age, add a heap of babies, and no family supports nearby - we are beating the odds, and all signs point to it continuing. We have amassed a great group of friends, we both have great careers, and we continue to celebrate both of our cultures with our children.

I am not naive and I realize that many Canadian-Cuban relationships do not work out - for a variety of reasons. Prior to commencing the big irreverisble steps, those involved in signing the sponsorship agreement for immigration - I had to be satisfied that no matter what - win, or lose - I was prepared to keep my end of the deal and the consequences that may flow. I learned early in life that I cannot control the feelings or decisions of anyone else, only my own. So I knew there was a chance he would leave me, or our relationship would not succeed. I felt completely prepared to deal with the devestation that would certainly be mine if that were to take place. In spite of the naysayers, I still knew in my gut that it was the right decision. Even if it only resulted in a whirlwind romance, and providing him with an opportunity to better his life, and the lives of future generations of his family.

In the end - who knows whether we will stay together forever, and to be frank - I don't care. I'm not focusing on that - I am soaking up every minute I have now - and will continue to ride our crazy romance til the wheels fall off.

While rushing out the door to go to work tonight, he stepped back inside to give me a quick kiss and told said, as he has said every day since we wed, "Te amo mi vida". Sometimes it works out just fine.

Oct 02, 2011
true love in cuba - just not possible
by: Anonymous

Here is an eye-opening story. Cuban guy at his house in bed with his cuban girlfriend. Knock at the door. Italian girlfriend just arrived from the airport to surprise "her man". Cuban girlfiend jumps out the window as to not screw up her boyfriend's chances of getting out of Cuba. Sorry Canadians, it just won't work. They are ALL in it. Please, please, don't do it. The Canadian government won't stop you because it would infringe on your basic human rights. If it it's too good t be true - it is. Right when you think this is the most real love you have experienced, that is the time to pack up and run before you end up heart broken and BROKE!

Oct 01, 2011
wanting to get married
by: Anonymous

I met this man online and he has woo my heart so deeply that i cant see the forest for the trees after reading everything here iam not going to this man i given money due to he say he got a contract from his job and that he travel all over the world iam so afraid to marry him now due to this add thank you for saving my ass i could have been taken for more.i was even going to leave my job for this man and move with him he said he going to take me to meet his family.he a big cry baby threating to do harm if i leave him i want to know how many women out there has heard this line before.he say he travel all over and he love you over and over.

Apr 30, 2011
we are not the same shit
by: Anonymous

fraud,well like in every country in this world can exist peoples like that ...I'm 100 percent cuban and I'm not a fraud ..I'm married with an australian, I love her and she loves me, and its true like someone said before about that many cubans do shits like that with the purpouse to get out of cuba and a better situation ..thats sux ..im not a saint ,but cum on ...i know there are lots of problems and all that ..but ,like in everywhere is bad and good persons . we ,the cubans are peoples frienly and we believe in the human quality ..well I'm like that see ya then ...Richard the cuban

Apr 10, 2011
The beauty of a people vs. leeches
by: Anonymous

The Cuban people are amongst the most kind and innovative people of the world. Their openness to share what they have or know creates memorable vacation and even procures future visits. This pride for their country maintains their economy and enables visitors to fall in love with the country. The landscapes, architecture, culture and music make it almost impossible for a tourist not to fall in love with this beautiful country. Once an environment like this has established the romanticized environment enables joy and great friendships to be created. While there are so much positive aspects that contribute to a beautiful land there is still antagonist who preys on the ignorant tourist. These people are con artist but of romance called ?Leeches?. These men or women who manipulate their way to the hearts of the tourist by searching for weakness in the tourists present relationships and create division and insert themselves as the obvious solution. The relationships, a so called ?friendship?, develop through constant long distance communication to continually insert themselves in their life. This is ancient strategy to divide and conquer has a negative objective to make the tourist commit to a relationship that will ultimately sponsor them to visit the tourist in their own country. This has occurred to my parents. My parents had an argument in Cuban resort the ?employee? was the consoler and built the trust in my mother and began to persuasively suggest separation. As months passed the division was executed and now my parents are separating due to that. I had communicated to this individual and he said ?it is her choice if she now wants to be with me!.... I am not manipulating anyone.... doesn?t matter anyways because your separating anyways!?(this man is 35 years old and my mother 65 years old) This is a coward. This should not be allowed occur on the hotel environments. This activity ruins relationships! So be careful! It could happen.

Dec 13, 2010
Pedro xxxxxxx from Guardalavaca
by: Anonymous

Pedro from guardalavaca
Examples of his tipical emails:

Hola mi amor espero que al recibo de este correo te encuentres bien, por
aquí todo esta bien, solo que he tomado la mayoría del tiempo esta semana
para dar algunas clases de kite surf en la playa, yo me siento muy
dolorido porque se reconocer que hace una semana no he venido al correo,
eso ha sido mal por mi pero estoy seguro que ha sido por una buena razón,
yo te extraño terriblemente y quisiera estar a tu lado en estos mismos
momentos, Aller en la noche no pude contener los menos que echaba hacia
ti y me dio por enviarte un mensaje por el teléfono, yo deseo que todo
esté bien. Espero que tengas ganas de estar conmigo, en tan solo una
semana tú y yo estaremos juntos otra vez. Escríbeme cuando tomes el
10000000 de besos.
enviame un mensaje a mi telefono cuando recibas este correo
Te escribo mi ultimo email por el momento, se que te sientes un poco enfadada conmigo porque pase un largo tiempo sin escribirte, yo primeramente seria incapaz de olvidarme de ti o de engañarte sin razón alguna, yo esta semana vendré a ver si puedo escribirte todos los días,
yo te extraño mucho y quisiera estar junto a ti, a mi me gustaría saber
si tu me quieres o si vas a estar conmigo en tu próximo viaje a cuba, tu
puedes decirme la verdad y yo te entenderé, si tu lo que quieres es venir
a cuba a disfrutar y no a verme a mi tu puedes decírmelo, no olvides que
el primer día de tu segundo viaje yo te hable sobre eso.
A mi no me gustaría discutir contigo nunca mas, solo espero que me
respondas pronto o que te tomes 5 min para llamarme a mi teléfono. No olvides que yo te quiero. Haaaaaaa otra cosa
mas yo estoy contigo porque tu me gusta y por que tu eres la persona que
yo quiero, no estoy contigo porque me quiero ir para canada, acuerdete de
eso, por el pequeño párrafo que me hiciste.
Respóndeme pronto.
10000000 besos

Note webmaster

Deleted last name for privacy legislation.

Dec 13, 2010
Holguin, Guardalavaca scam
by: Anonymous

I have a very similar story with a cubano man. I don't want to write a lot since the stories here are pretty similar to what I had in Guardalavaca cuba. there are a couple of scammers hanging around at the Brisas beach. PEDRO Lxxxxxxxx is one of them. He is a hastle for the guardalavacan police because this guy has been doing it since he was 14 and he's 22. Please ladies don't believe him. He can be really nice and makes you to fall in love with him but after he gets you on his hook he becomes a completely different person. He will lie to you that he wants to have kids with you and to marry you. He has new girls/ women every week. Women who fall for him bring him presents. He is unskilled and uneducated man. He is abusive and demanding once you get too deep into his shit. He demands you spend money on him.
He pretends to be teaching kite surfing but he is not a good teacher. There had been bad case of his teaching when people hit their head or were injured during his lessons. He is not allowed to teach. Be aware that kite surfing is an extreme sport which requires professional certification.


Pedro was able to escape to Holland now but continues his scam -game with the women he met at the beach.

Note webmaster

Names deleted for privacy reasons - Please describe situations or bad practices, but avoid "names" for reason of the privacy legislation.

Oct 18, 2010
by: Used by a cuban

I went to Cuba with my mom after breaking up with my long time boyfriend. I met Joan on the beach the next day after my arrival. I was not interested in him, but I was interested in his friend. However, Joan lied about his friend not being interested or unavailable, so I decided to give him a chance. We dated for 2-3 years. I got pregnant once,and lost the baby. My entire time with Joan was like a roller coaster ride. It was up and down. Until we had more downs than ups. As soon as he came to Canada he began to change. He wanted to leave, so I told him he could but, I would not help him in any way. Because he knew he would need help and had no family in Canada he stayed. Shortly after I was expecting our first child.I thought this would change him instead he became jealous and abusive.This man would sleep around with anyone that would offer him sex. Because I did not want to catch aids I left. He is now living with a older women and her two kids, because he does not want to be in Canada alone. He does not love her because he has attempted several time to come back to me. I am free now from all of his abuse verbally, mind and physical and I am truly happy with a man I met here in Canada. My suggestion to anyone that believes that they can be happy with a Cuban learn from my mistake. Cubans don't know how to truly love anyone. They are just trying to survive and will use anyone to get ahead. They have no conscious. Find someone in your own country to love. If things don't work out with them then you will feel less invested. I recommend any women that wants to get in a relationship with this man "DONT".I never sent him back to Cuba, because of my daughter. Plus, he needs to stay here to pay child support.

Aug 19, 2010
don't do it!!!
by: Enlightened

I feel for all those who have been victims of Cuban fraud...
I'm a frequent traveller to Cuba. I have many Cuban friends that I visit on a regular basis. As per most of my Cuban friends living in Montreal, as well as those still "trapped" in Cuba, Canadians (and Italians) are the easiest women in the world to marry. Now, only an honest Cuban will admit to that - so beware ladies.
If you understand the conditions in which they live, if you understand to what degree they "invent" money in order to survive, you will understand why they are so desperate to get out. My best advice: Visit their home - spend a day or two. Live the way they live. And soon, you'll realize why the desperation to get out.
Cuba has been this way since 1959. So, yes... the art of how to court a women is learned at a very young age. We, as Canadians, are not accustomed to that intensity of charm. Even the ugliest men in Cuba are charming.
Most men in tourism have up to 10 "yumas"- otherwise known as foreign girlfriends. The first one to agree to marriage and go through with it, is the one they marry. Doesn"t mean that they weren"t hoping that it were another one of their "yumas." But, hey, they are fighting time. Once settled in their new country, they will probably contact one of the others, hoping she will get him out and "invite" him to her country.

Lately, and I just got back the other day, it seems that most of the men, my friends and I met, were all using the same lines... It seems that they got a work contract in whatever country and were set to leave within the next couple of months.... Hello!!! "You mean you are getting married?????" we said. "NO, I met this couple" or "I met this family." Yeah-right!

If you wanna have a good time in Cuba, go ahead. But, be prepared mentally. Upon the first encounter, make them aware that you know better. But, please, please ladies... don"t fall for it. Let's show them that Canadians are not all a stupid as the ones before us...

Aug 12, 2010
by: canadian sucker

Well I am ashamed to admit that I fell for the bull. The first time I went to Cuba I was with 3 other Canadian women and we stayed at Breezes Jibacoa. Nice place but definitely not the 4 star that they advertised and kind of boring. One of the women I was with had previously met a Cuban there by the name of Michel on the beach just down from Breezes. Well we all met up with him and a few other Cuban Liars. My friend got totally sucked in by a young guy that was 30 years her junior. I myself got sucked in by someone 20 years my Junior. They are all from the area of Caraballo and San Antonio De Rio Blanco. I do believe that everything was a scam from the start. Big set up largely engineered by Michel who I later ended up marrying. Needless to say my friend married her young guy as well. He absolutely took her to the cleaners. She even quit her job in Canada, sold her house and moved to Cuba. Only to be treated like garbage once she got there. I however realized I was being duped after I had spent around $20,000 and divorced Michel prior to him getting to Canada. Thank God I finally got my brain back. My friend however is not so lucky and she has lost everything. The money is bad enough, but it definitely gives you a blow to your self esteem. I think that all the towns and people around the resorts are in on the scams. They will never tell you the truth as your money benefits them all. I am seriously thinking of lobbying the Canadian government to stop immigration to Canada from Cuban citizens that marry Canadians. What a scam. If you ever go to Breezes Jibacoa watch out for a guy by the name of Michel that will be hanging out at the beach. Short guy and very smooth and seemingly helpful to the tourists. He is without a doubt the worst thing that ever happened to me in my life. BEWARE OF CUBA

Aug 04, 2010
Mi Amor, Mi Vida (my love, my life)
by: Jacquie

What can I say that hasn't already been said? Cubans are the absolute GREATEST actors I have ever seen. The first thing they will say is "I don't like lies" (they are lying already). They will cry false (crocodile) tears. The sad part is, even if I had read this forum I still would have believed that maybe, just maybe, there would be 1 good apple in the whole bunch. There just has to be, they all can't be bad people and con artists. BUT they all are con-artists. Including their families and friends. The Cubans will all cover for each other and lie for each other. There is no remorse in what they do or say or get us to believe. I rationalized everything, he was close to my own age. He liked the same things I did. I figured if he wanted out he could have left long before I came along. I was one of the lucky ones. It cost me $3000.00 to marry him and another $3000.00 to divorce him. At least he didn't get to Canada as Immigration denied him. I will never know why.I still went to Cuba looking for answers. He wouldn't talk to me. Finally after being there for 10 days he says to me "I didn't do anything for him, it's over". No emotion, no remorse, no nothing. He just looked me in the eye, his eyes cold and uncaring, "it's over, why do you need to know". I still continued to travel to Cuba. Thinking it was a Country that was poor, and in need of help. That I couldn't blame the people for doing what they do just to survive. BUT they are not starving, like they lead us to believe. They never ask for food or money for food. They will however ask for money for the their cell phones. They will ask us to bring them laptop computers, MP3's, chocolate and anything else that is not neccessary for survival. With my eyes more open I watched and learned. The friends I thought I had are not true friends. I have been approached by other Cuban men time and time again. They all think they are being original. But if you go there and stay long enough, you hear the same words, the same acting, the same sad, cute, puppy dog eyes that try to sucker you in. Even though I had been burned I fell for it again. At least this time I didn't marry him. But I was oh so close to believing the lies again. A Canadian friend once said that a Cuban can get us to believe that it snows on the beach in Cuba in July. And they believe what they are saying, and by gosh they can get us to believe it too. So go to Cuba, have fun (use protection for your heart and your health). Be careful, live the romance for the short time but don't believe it, it's not REAL! It's not REAL, It's not REAL!!!! Not any of it. If you think Las Vegas is sin city, Cuba is sin country.

May 19, 2010
relations with a Cuban
by: Anonymous

sorry to hear you are falling for the Cuban B.S ...everything you have posted about this fellow sounds the same as what my x told me...Im sure they take a class in grade 7 or 8 telling them what to say and what to write...as they all say the samethings...it's not until after you are married that they begin to ask and beg for stuff....I say go to Cuba and enjoy every minute ...but go home alone and don't fall prey to the stuff they say...Visit when you need to but leave it there as they have no idea what it is like to live here...all they want to do is make $$$ to send home to their familys...I have yet to meet a cuban who is thankful to be here in Canada...and wanting to get to know our country and how we relate....good luck ...but I say save your $$$ and all of the heartache.

May 18, 2010
by: Diana

Hi after reading this posts i felt i needed to add my story to you too, well, i never, never even thought that one day i would be writing a story on this and a victim of a fraud marriage in 2010! i never even thought of the consequences ,,i was so much in my little world, my paradise, my little romantic world , and could nt see for the future or anything as dramatic as this nightmare im living today after being so much blinded by love and in love with this young, charming, good looking man at the hotel, my heart felt for him after meeting him at the hotel while my son was invited in this huge pretigious chess tournament in havana, cuba called the cabablanca chess tournament, once i got back to montreal , i could not focussed on anything else but think of him and my heart flutter etc. it was as if i had a spell on me. it was just matter of time that i continued keeping in touch in every single way i could and went down to visit him and spent some time with him at casas, going to different restaurants etc. even helped him with his family bring mp3 player, got him so many gifts because i felt he needed it , a digital camera, a watch, all his clothes and brand name jeans, etc, guess, and rented a car to visit, let him keep the car for him to take his daughter to the amusement park and the beach etc. i was so given , it was just give and give, and thought the was sincere with me and in love with me and had feelings for me. well, after going down about 8-9 times to cuba in a period of 3 years, i even rushed my divorce, with my xhusband which i was married for 25 years and he was really in love and was really depressed and sad once he found out i was in love with this young cuban man ! he even went all out and send him and email and asking him that if he was not sincere and honnest to let me go so i dont get hurt, well, this never happened, it is such a long story i could write pages and pages, i even went during hurricain when my flight was cancelled, there is nothing i did not do for this relationship, i moved mountains, i borrowed money, i put myself in a debts because of all this, i could only think of him and him telling me until the last week in june that he was so anxiously wanted to be with me and misses me, and love me and will prove what time of husband he is and not to fear and to trust him, he was not like those scumballs cubans that uses canadians to get out of his country, well wrong, today may 2010 , im living the worst nightmare of my life ! he was an impostor, a liar, a cheat all what you cant imagine , all what you read about cubans man using any time of means and pretend to get out, i was his ticket out of cuba, they are so determined to get out, and to achieve their goal, he played his role really good, got me so good and believed in him ,

Apr 04, 2010
It's Real and It Is Devastating to Those Who've Been Conned.
by: Michele

To Shakes head I dislike your arrogant dismissive attitude.

Sure there is good and bad all over the world.

However Cuba, by virtue of it's Communist system has much more than it's fair share of hustlers who will try every trick in the book in order to escape. They are extremely determined and will use every trick in the book to achieve this aim. They have written the book when it comes to conning and tricking tourists in order to achieve this.

Now we have all heard about the rafts which rarely make their destination, which Cubans pay up to $5,000 to crooks in an attempt to flee to Miami. They are desperate.

How much easier for them to not pay a peso and trick some gullible woman instead. So they prey on vulnerable tourists. Trick her into believing they love her.

Bombard her with emails with the tired old .....'Te Quiero Mucho' script. And it is a scripts. Read through the BS scripts received by every women on this forum and they will all read the same. They are rarely written by the hustler, but by his mother, his wife or his novia who has access to a computer. He rarely has.

Beg her to return tell her how much they are missing her. She falls for it and bankrupts herself in the process.

Because exporting a hustler out of Cuba is very costly and will set a man or woman back at least $6,000 in Shengen visas departure visas, air fares, marriage licence etc. etc. Women go into debt, financial ruin. But worse is to come as soon a the con man reaches her country and is not happy with the weather, the lifestyle, the fact he has to get off his coulo and work. So he makes her life hell.

Now the stories on this forum are real, and painful to the victims.

So do not be so arrogant to dismiss these real life accounts, or compare them to other countries.

Cuba's system is unique and workshy Cuban hustlers are a breed of con man apart.

They will use any means necessary and have a nuclear proof determination when it comes to hustling a woman as a mean to achieving that goal to escape.

Mar 29, 2010
Its mind blowing
by: Shakes head

I am reading all these negative comments, and can hardly find one positive.
Whats the old saying???, 'theres good and bad in every country'.
Its unbelievable that so many people have been scammed, duped, made a fool of by just the one nation, Cuba.

Have any of you travelled to other poor countries?, Cuba is a girl guide compared to other countries.
Just because some of you have been burned, does not mean to say all Cubans will burn you.

Try finding other sites, theres a few out there saying exactly the same things, Turkey for example, Gambia, theres and eye opener,Jamaica,they wrote the script.
If you went into these countries forums you would read some awful things, but again there is good and bad everywhere.

I really do think its unfair that when someone writes in asking for advice, the ones who have been burned, or know someone who has been hard done by automatically jumps right in and gives the poster both barrels of how they are being played or scammed.

If I ever found a Cuban I would not come in here and say so, I would get tarred and feathered!!!!

Jan 05, 2010
In Reply To Anonymous
by: Denise

No one is accusing all Cubans of being fraudsters.

And there are no 'descriptions' of what is a fraudster.

A fraud or con artist is determined more by their fraudulent deceptive actions rather than their dress code or hairstyle or whether they wear a bandana or the latest designer jeans. Though many of them do since they have been hard at work conning many tourists hence the designer labels and cellphoone.

A fraudster is a man or woman who deliberately deceives someone into believe they love them when they clearly do not.

A fraudster is commonly referred to as a 'Jinitero' Jinitera' in Cuba, meaning like a jockey they ride on the back of, use, the gullible tourist, exploit, con, milk, take them for all they can.

In the case of a large Canadian woman who posts on here, it was a ticket out of Cuba, a hefty 'exit visa fee' to the Castros. A passport and being set up in a dance school.

There are thousands of such cases. Con artists who trick use exploit the vulnerable, the gullible, every day in Cuba.

Not just in Cuba of course, all over the world, Africa, Morocco, India, South America, anywhere there is poverty, dictatorial governments, lack of work or a decent wage, you will find the hustler, the con artist, ready to pounce.

Unlike their fellow countrymen they are unprepared to get off their Culo and go out and do a honest day's work. They are lazy. So they con, use exploit, trick the vulnerable.

So the vulnerable needs to be made aware, and needs to be informed.

As I have informed them.

Dec 26, 2009
How To Spot A Fraudster!
by: Denise

They are always very charming. Usually speak English well, gained from their years of hustling other foreign women.

They're incredibly tactile and will hug you as they sip their rum cocktails or Cristals, which you have paid for of course!.

They know all the key words to charm and make a woman melt.

They will never ever mention the 'M' word - as they are well aware that female travelers have been informed of these scams and are sceptical.So they tread very carefully.

Marriage fraud involving Cubans is all over the internet on t.v. and almost daily in the Canadian press.

They will introduce you immediately to their family, usually a single mother with access to the internet through her work.

It will be her or her female colleagues who will be emailing you all those 'Te Quiero Mucho' 'Te Estranjar' scripts. Not him. Not from him at all, but a nurse in a clinic, a secretary at a university with access to the net.

Never written by him. No, he is not computer literate and besides he will be too busy chasing younger more available women in the dance halls and bars.

He is usally unskilled or unemployed. Cuba does not allow it's skilled professionals, doctors, engineers, scientists to leave, even if they marry for love, no chance of them getting permission to leavfe Cuba.

They are currency, used to exchange for oil when they are sent on millions to Venezuels and Latin America.

He will be a smart dresser, brand name jeans and tops, trainers, cellphone, bandana. The hustler is always impecibly groomed - yes, even in cash strapped Cuba.

All fashion items have been donated by his previous flings.

Check his cellphone and you will find the long list of these former visitors.

How to protect yourself and your assets from this con arist?.

Make it clear to him that you are not a high earner. You are barely struggling to get by. Are planning on returning to College and living on a very low income. Have dependents to support.

Tell him you are against marriage, you just do not believe in it and think that women who fly Cuban men out of the country must be out of their mind, there have been so many disaster stories, that

Tell him that Cubans never settle in a cold climate and the marriage always ends in divorce with her being fleeced financially and having to pick up the tab for his social security payments and healthcare.

Make it clear you are not seeking a long term romance and marriage is definitely out of the question.

You will not see his heels for dust.

I guarantee you will not hear from him again :)

The Cuban Government will be incredibly disappointed however that you have not taken this idler off their hands since he is a liability in cash strapped Cuba.

Nov 27, 2009
Having read the reports on here I am now sceptical!
by: Denise

I am so sorry to hear your story. You loved him believed in him and he really conned you.

It's even worse when you think they are genuine, you say he was shy.

I met a man in Holguin, he also seemed shy. We got to know each other during my vacation, but he was not prepared to sign the register at my casa which would allow him to visit me.

I wondered why this was, could it be he had signed such book before with other women?.

The emails arrived fast and furious, declarations of love, lots of 'Te Quero Mucho' etc. But I began to find it all a bit contrived. He wrote nothing about his life, his job, his family, it was all just too sickly sweet, too much I love you miss you etc.

I made it clear to him that I had no plans to import him or any man out of Cuba. He said he does not want to leave Cuba and move to Canada.

He said he only wants me to return and spend time with him.

However having read all the emails on this forum I am having doubts about his sincerity. So many of the ladies tell the same story. How convincing their man was, how he told them he had no plans to move to their country etc. then when they were in deeper and married he changed as soon as his papers arrived.

I may be wrong I may be unduly paranoid. But alarm bells rang when reading through all the posts on here.

I have no plans whatsoever to invite him here. He knows that.

i get the feeling that the Cuban government is very happy for us ladies to invite them to our country. It is one less person to maintain, to feed, and the country is pretty much bankrupt.

When I was in Cuba I met a doctor from Switzerland he was married to a Cuban lady, also a doctor, they had been in a relationship for 5 years and were married, yet she was forbidden from leaving Cuba. They had tried and applied but no chance.

It seems that Cuba will not allow Doctors or Engineers or Scientists to leave, but are more than happy to allow unskilled workers or playboys to leave the country.

I am not saying that my friend falls into that country, he is working and is a responsible man. However where this relationship remains to be seen.

This website's content has made me extremely sceptical.

I wish all the ladies who have been hurt lots of luck, and happiness in future relationships.

Do not give up, there is always someone out there for you, who will genuinely love you.


Oct 21, 2009
going through the process with my cubano
by: Anonymous

How do I start this? Well four years ago I met my Cuban man. He was normal and was working he was my friend neighbor, he didn't even want to talk to me b/c he was shy you know I was the American, but he got to know me and saw I was a normal girl. My parents are cuban grandmothers living there. So we shared something in common. The begining was great. Hey I was doing my thing in the States and God knows what he did but i'll tell you one thing he always waited by the phone for my calls on saturday after 6, emailed me like crazy and got upset if I wouldn't visit him for a while. Two years later he finished the military we got married through a church first (my mothers crazy idea) for some reason being in the States occupied with other things I did ignore him so he wrote everyday, and would beg me to call him to write to him. Just when I was giving up hope b/c I had mailed the papers to the consulate in washinton to get married in Cuba and they weren't arriving one day they just appeared, wow I was going to get married it was october 2007, what a great day. To bad because after we got married everything changed, I guess his attitude was if I go and it doesn't work out oh well. But I was so desperate to have my partner here. I was happy he had a friend here. Let me tell you what you find great in the beginng is the thing you hate the most at the end, it seamed like he almost didn't want to come. He wasn't being quick with the documents I asked for and we fought like crazy. No more waiting by the phone for my phone calls, Christmas, he was who knows where with who know who. Valentines I have no idea he never wrote. Well he finaly arrived in may 2009, this friend of his that he has here well they spend each and every spare time together. What happend to the marriage? I finally had to kick him out. He wanted to wait until he had a car to get a job, degrades me, if I cook its bad. Nothing is good enough. We had said lets separate and try to work things out well seperationg is leading to divorce and the funny thing is he doesn't even care. He doesn't call to ask to see me. I'm his wife we should be doing things together, but I guess that was a scam. I have already mailed out my money order to the family court house for my simpliefied divorce papers. I'm very sad and distraught, and really which it was different, but unfortunatly I fell for the same trap. Now I have to deal with the affidavite of support, and dam I have to pay for my mistake its gonna cost me $405. The money is not even the issue, my heart is broken, and that will take time to heal. Please don't get fooled with these dam cubans. I honestly want to get away from this cuban town, I want no part of them, I hate them now.

Jul 19, 2009
by: Anonymous

If you are a Canadian female, especially older, and you have barely met a much younger or even not that much younger Cuban male who takes a great and somewhat sudden interest in you,takes you places and pays, tells you he loves you and so on - and you wonder is he sincere, truthful, when he has supposedly fallen in love with you after only your first vacation there and spending time with him. You CAN tell if he is lying easily. If he is talking to you, he's lying.
Doesn't matter what he tells you or how he acts, he's lying. His only goal is to get you to 'fall in love' with him and be putty in his hands, so he can then convince you to sponsor him to immigrate to Canada !
COME ON LADIES, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE ! These Cuban men can act and talk so smoothly, and they fool you every time. They are successful, partly because Canadians are so honest they expect all people to be honest, and partly because they know how to expertly "play" you for the fools you are ! They would tell you anything to get them out of Cuba. To get you to sponsor them to live in Canada ! That is their ONLY agenda.

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