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Cuban Love

by Anonymous
(British Columbia, Canada)

Have you ever lived under comunism with not enough food and no freedom? Have you ever have that feeling you will never be able to see in this life what's around you? I am sure you did not.
I live in Canada now but many years ago I lived the Cuban's life, same system in a different country where people would do anything to escape the 'jail'. We can't blame Cubans for trying to get out. They are so desperate to find their freedom that young-beautiful girls marry old canadian men and young-handsome guys marry big-ugly canadian women. No offence but, how can you trust a girl who is marrying a 30 or more old years Canadian? I've seen a few cases like that, they all ended in divorce. So, who is to be blamed?

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Oct 07, 2016
Cubans All Have A Price! NEW
by: Anonymous

I agree 100% with the original poster who says; 'You cannot blame them for wanting to leave'. I man who in their right mind would be happy to work their butt off for between $15 -$20 a month, in a country which has food shortages and rationing, continual power cuts and shortage of essential medicines in their clinics, staffed by nurses since all of their doctors have been sent overseas on so called 'Missions' for which the Cuban government will be well paid in return.

The current generation of Cubans are as materialistic any young Canadian or American, they have access to DVD's and movies from the States, they want the technology, the clothing, they will not settle for the cheap regalo of a t.shirt. These days they demand their 'novio' brings them the latest iphone, laptop and latest clothing range, and we are not talking Matalan or TK Max.

The elderly men (65 - 80) who flock to the off the beaten track 2 star hotels to hook up with putas who's rate is $40 a day, delude themselves into thinking these women are 'in love' with them. They arrive laden down with laptops iphones jewlery, and of course Viagra, and play the game, the staff at the hotel play the game, they have booked in these whores and are on a nice comission.

The obese frumpy 50 and 60 year old women who flock to these tacky resorts where they can stuff their chubby faces with all the food they can eat and all the booze they can knock back, equally deluded that Havier or Omar is 'in love' with them, meanwhile these dudes are stringing along at least 50 other deluded overweight low self esteem Canadian women who fly there up to five times a year their suitcases bursting with expensive regalos.

How sad are these people, the overweight unattractive women, the wrinkly old septegunarian fake tanned men all fooling themselves that these male and female whores 'love' them.

You have very sad masochistic women who do marry them, fly them to Canada, where they become so 'depressed' they cannot stand the cold, they miss their family. So what does she do? boot them back home with a one way ticket? No. She spends her life savings in setting her rogue up in business back home, now he owns a casa particular, a bar, a restaurant where he has the freedom to play the casanova when fat frumpy wifey is grafting back home in the sub zero artic while running up a fortune in long distance phone calls to her casanova husband who now has half the female population of the town in hot pursuit since he is a 'catch' a local who has made it in Canada and has a fool of a wife bankrolling him.

So long as there are deluded foreigners who would be better advised to seek the help of a psychiatist as opposed to the fake charm and b.s. script from a Cuban con man who has relieved them of their life savings, nothing will change, and those fat frumpy 50 year olds will keep flying down to Holguin or Havana, like lambs to the slaughter, fresh fish to be caught reeled in by the Cuban con men and women who are so well versed in the well worn scripts which are trotted out like the old bag in traditional dress who fleeces the tourists for $10 for taking a picture of her with a cigar in her wrinkly old mouth.

There's a mug born every day and these days most of them are flying in from Canada.

Nov 10, 2015
Useful relationship advices NEW
by: Jess Doke

I can see a lot of life and relationship ideas and thoughts about Cuban life as being shared by different people. All of them share some kind of different nature of life and together every bit of the experiences shared serving as a good pitch for those who love to visit the place and stay safe with every deals. It's always part of a tour to get ladies or men to lure you, but how you play wise will determine whether you will be a victim or not. I'm working for a cheap essay writing service online and hence all these ideas contributed by you guys are going to help me with out put to work perfectly in my upcoming essay writing on relationship . I'm sure this discussions are effective to have a safe trip and also to have a professional contribution to work on projects with real life experiences and ideas.


Mar 15, 2015
Yes They Have To Be Held Accountable For Sham Marriages and Fraud! NEW
by: Anonymous

To the naive soft hearted old lady who says in the original post that 'you can't blame them' for conning thieving and scamming the yumas into sham marriages and sending money and gifts.

I do not agree. They are not so hard up as someof us. I pay my mortgage, insurance, taxes, utility bills,gasoline, car insurance. The list goes on. I am left with precisely $100 after I have paid out for everything each month.

Cubans pay no rent, education is free. Healthcare is free. They even get 'raciones' free food each month.

They really are not too badly off, and there is no excuse for scamming conning and fraud.

How many women have spent fortunes ono these con men in visas flights weddings etc only to find out he was a fraud, only after a visa.

These guys are wrecking women's lives and have to be made accountable, arrested jailed and deported because what they are doing is criminal!.


Dec 26, 2013
Just live.
by: SherrCuNa

I'll be honest i've pretty much seen it all with my 29 years in this world' was raised under the castro system, also under the american system as well as its canadian cousing; in reality they are all the one and the same, the only difference is the organization. I'll tell you about the cuban system since this page is focused towards it. been seen parents going to 100 y alda bo later in the combinado del este and having to jump thru hoops to avoid the military service in pure periodo especial, i can clearly understand this poor girls who are looking for a way to better themselves, even if it starts from "los amigos, the system, our parents, and circumstances" the ultimate decicion can only be decided by this girls. I've revisited my patria about 9 times since becoming an american citizen to bring my wife , have 2 beautiful girls and we are happyly married, we are revisiting again to see my family and her family this same february. what im trying to say is simple marrying, falling in love, making the realtion work with a cuban girl raised in the cuban system will work, only if you were raised in the cuban system yourself, otherwise that girl will never love you, she may bear your children but forget it, she will never accept you as her one and only in her hart she may take this position to the grave or cheat and so forth... advise if you were RAISED anywhere outside of CUBA and you are in love/marrying a Raised cuban woman, you will be living a lie until separation. Cuban Jineteras imho are the realest women in this earth. (sorry for my spelling)

Dec 23, 2012
Hiring a private eye is the lamest thing I ever heard
by: Joe strong

I get emails still from Cuban girls I banged a few years ago. I tell them I'm not single & don't know when I'm coming back. She wad honest & said she had s Cuban boyfriend but if I was ever in Cuba she wanted to hook up...Lol! She gave me her phone number & told me to call if I wanted to share some intimate moments...at least she was honest...if you are with an older guy with a woman much younger you better accept she has someone younger to get her rocks off... If you got to hire a private eye then you have to be the dumbest & loneliest man in the planet. Just there for a vacation, take your blue diamond pill & live out your fantasies but don't marry them...I shake my head at you fools

Nov 12, 2012
by: Anonymous

When I read your stories "old men and young girls" it makes me sick. Cuba is one of the countries where you find 'love' easy for a few dollars. And you think the young girls are using you? Last time I was there I saw a couple on the beach, a beautiful-young girl with an old-ugly man. They were hugging and kissing. I felt sorry for the girl not for him. He was discusting.I would rather starve than making it out with a probably 30 years older than me. I don't know who are you trying to convince here when you say 'you're single' enjoying your stay in Cuba. I am sure YOURSELF not us, you're trying to stay away from cubans but you can't. I just married one, but I don't think I married a cuban. I married one because I have feelings for that man, he could be from Africa, China or from the moon. If he is the man that I know now, then I was very lucky to have him as my husband. If he will change when he is coming to Canada, then I don't need him in my life. But that doesn't make me another victim as many people thing when marriages in between Cubans and Canadians end. About Cubans 'taking advantages' on us? Be realistic: You marry one because of love and because that is the only way to bring the Cuban into Canada. I know the risk is higher because Cubans are charming but why judging them then go back to them? Are you think you are the smart ones? No offence, you are the ones who take advantage of Cubans not the other way around. And all of you who did it or think of marrying one,you are ALL mature enough to think teen times before you do it. NO ONE is pushing you to do it.Follow your heart, open your eyes and use your judgement. BUT do not blame Cubans for your mistakes...Take the risk if you think it is worth, start acting like adults and stop crying on anybody's shoulder if you think you are the victim because YOU ARE NOT! It is your choice, your life, your money and your decision to go back to Cuba, have fun, get married, screw up with your life etc, it is your choice. DO NOT BLAME Cubans, take responsibilites for your actions and especially for older men going for young Cuban girls: you are not the victims, the girls are! And NO ONE is a victim at the end...You choose how to live your life, it is very simple why many of you make it so complicated? Nobody knows what's going to happen tomorrow? Tomorrow it might not be tomorrow. I know I am happy today, hopping my Cuban husband will stay happy also when he will be here,and I hope I will succeed, all I know I am happy today and hopping for happiness in the future.But that needs work still, efforts and understanding when my husband will be changing his life from the cuban ones and the only one he knows. Let's face it: we all have the freedom to travel, to choose who to marry, Cubans cannot do anything without us, so stop considering yourself victims, start acting as adults. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!

Nov 11, 2012
Learning Curve
by: Anonymous

Went through it last year, for the first time. I was a single, recently retired mid-fifties guy who got caught up with an mucho younger Amiga, which quickly progressed to Novia. A learning curve to be sure. Some observations... after returning again from Canada with mucho presents for her and family at the Kampo, not one THANK YOU. She was a different person from the previous visit... the difference in age began to show.

One day while sitting at the cafe in Camaguey, I had a glimpse into a possible future. There was an early sixties Italian guy holding a 15 mth old baby who screaming and wailing in a loud voice. Beside him sat his young cuban wife with a long look on her face. The look on his face spoke volumes... it was one of those "what am I doing here looks."

During that week while frequenting that cafe I met a number of retired Canadian guys who had spent some time in Cuba. All in the eventually in their Amiga/Novia/Wife relationships had ended up single again.

There are two Canadians who have a Private Eye service in Camaguey... who for a small fee will follow and photo the Cuban Amiga with Cuban Boyfriend for the Canadian while he retruns to work in Canada. Upon return to Cuba they give, him the update and file, photos and all.

Si, I enjoy Cuba... as a single guy.

Apr 13, 2012
sorry to here you got fooled
by: joe.s

it took me all of 3 days in havana to figure out how things worked. most don't make money on their jobs, they make money on their side jobs. i'm not an idiot & have been all over the world. when i went to cuba i had planned to do a tour of the history of this nation but instead have been test driving women steady. i've had waitresses at restaurants offer me company when i'm paying my bill, had 2 cleaning ladies & hotel manager in my bed at the same time. took several local women for test drives & have found 2 i like that i always come back & see. i know my roll & know i can dangle money & they will jump at it like a fat kid on a smarty. not everyone is getting fooled by these scam artists. i laugh my ass off when they think they fool me. i got fooled a couple times drunk by a black bartender for $20. i laughed because that moron didn't have any idea how much money i tip when i travel & go out. i never left him a cent for the next 2 weeks but tipped his co-worker in front of him twice as much & never ordered a drink off him again. these people are not good scam artists they are simpletons who think they are smarter then you. i make more money in 5 hours of work then most cubans make in a year. lol! i treat my 2 girls & their families very good. i send them money($50\month each)& when i am in cuba i spoil them but know that there could be others when im not there. i really don't care what they do but when i'm there they do as i say like a pet.if they think they are exploiting me then they are pretty dumb because it's the other way around. but i want to make sure you understand that i treat them good. i pay for everything. i have them both stay in my hotel with me & they have NEVER stole anything from me & i have left them alone in my room for hours at a time & never worried. considering that they are registered in my hotel & they have their name & address. they screw me over i'll just call the police. these 2 are not dumb enough to screw up a good thing. i'm the bankroll & they know the money could stop coming at anytime...

Mar 15, 2012
by: Anonymous

Some pretty crazy comments on here and sweeping statements about Cubans!
I will tell my story only because I want others to hear another side of Cuba. First I will tell you about me so you don't make those judgements about me. I"m 48 tall blonde athletic, lifeguard and social worker. I have been to Cuba a few times, I stay near farmland in the mountains, no where near Havana or Varadero, although I have spent about 5 days in both in my travels and have had men following me in the streets asking to take pictures of my eyes, heard every line out there. Heard them all over the years from Canadian men too.
I am single and travel alone, I met a man there last year, became friends, a simple man from a fishing village near by. I don't know where the thoughts are cubans don't work? all I have met work daily, he works 6 days a week 10 hrs a day for 12 peso's a month and likes his job. His sister is a doctor and lovely too. We have kept in contact. I spent a few weeks with him resently and we would like to continue to see where it goes.He is no rush to marry or leave the country, once before I left he said he had a dream we were married on the beach in 2015.I laughed.I have spent time in his Casa, met mom, who adores me,I know some spanish, his english is ok.
I have 2 more trips planned this year where I will spent 2 of them living like a Cuban, my goal is to be living down there 3 months a year, my girl friend does, so we may spit a place, nice Casa on a beach in a small town. Am I falling in love with him? maybe? He is kind gental,we both don't drink alcohol and both live quite lives work and home life being the most important, he is 10 years younger, but but ex here was 14 years younger, I"m extemely young and fit for my age.
Stay away from the slicksters in the hotel and the ones thast cruze the beaches all day, know your heart... too good to be true, possibly it is, I"m taking my time possibly years to know this man.Have fun enjoy Cuba! I had the time of my life alone, I had all day while he works to enjoy cuba and my friends there, did I have problems with men... only if you stop to talk, I keep moving smile and wave.

Jan 09, 2012
Part II
by: Anonymous

You are right that Cubans are charmers but, this is the way the are and not something they only do for their foreign partners. I think Cubans look at love/marriage/relationships in a very different manner. They fall in and out of “love” much faster and easier than many other cultures. They also move a lot faster when in a relationship than many other cultures. Also, you must remember that Cubans are latinos and they do the mushy, gushy romantic thing just like all latinos do except that Cubans take everything latino the nth degree. I think a lot of foreigners don’t realize that this is the way they are. They are mushy, gushy romantic with all their partners, be they Cuban or foreigner. I have a feeling that far too many foreigners feel “special” because of the way their Cuban partner treats them. Thinking that they are treated in this fashion because of something that is unique about them when, in fact, their partner would act in this way with whomever they were in a relationship with.

Another bit of advice.... if you are successful in bringing your partner to Canada, please remember how difficult your immigration process was and remember that your partner will be going through the same difficulties. It will likely be as difficult for him as it was for you, maybe more so. Also be aware that the process so far has been comparatively easy. You may think it has been very difficult but the difficulties haven’t even really begun. Those begin the moment your partner steps off the plane in Canada. That’s the moment when the romantic dream you’ve both created in Cuba comes to an end and when reality begins. It’s a lot of hard work but, if you’re both willing and patient, I believe it’s worth it.

Jan 09, 2012
Protect yourself and your heart cause assets will be very difficult to protect
by: Anonymous

If when you say that you are “protected by your lawyer” regarding your assets, you mean that you’ve gotten a pre-nuptial agreement signed while your partner is still in Cuba, I wouldn't count on that holding any water after your partner’s arrival.

If you don’t spent a lot of money. Bring as few gifts as you can and live as “cheaply” as you can while in Cuba. You need to spend $ on plane tickets, on the marriage/immigration paperwork but, you don’t need to spend lots of $ on other things. The more you spend on other things, the less likely you are to truly get to know each other and the more likely you are to keep a con man on the hook.

There are successful relationships with Cubans out there. I know because I am in one. I can’t say for sure that the above is the reason why but I can tell you that every time I read stories about people spending tons of money on their relationships, I am astounded. That's not necessary in Cuba. In fact, it’s probably to your detriment because it creates an unreal environment for both of you and unreal expectations on your partner’s part. You can do Cuba and your relationship, marriage, immigration “on the cheap” if you really want to. I know because I did it and while in my case it wasn’t “on purpose”, I think it’s probably the best thing I ever did.

Dec 31, 2011
Follow Your Heart..But Give it Serious Thought!
by: Diane

All you can do is follow your heart. When you're in love that is all you can do.

However do take Vic's advice and guard your assets, seek legal advice on what the consequences would be for you if things do not work out and the marriage fails.

All I can tell you is that I am not a believer in marriage as an institution, to me it is an outdated patriarchal institution of benefit to men more than women.

You will end up in a lot a domestic drudgery, regardless of how willing they are to shop or vacuum in the first month that soon fizzles out and you will have inherited the extra baggage of housework, and feeding a man every day.

Think about the expenditure, and you also have the outlay of airfares, lawyer's fees, visa's etc.

I am telling you this so you will be forewarned.

The only people desperate to marry these day apart from the die hard romantics, are the many millions from developing countries desperate to flee poverty and see marriage as a quick route to a visa.

Take a look at the many social and dating websites for evidence of this. All of them seeking ..'Serious Relationship/Marriage'. There is a desperation about them all.

Do do think carefully.

My best times in Cuba have been man free, hassle free. Meeting the lovely Cuban people who will never hassle you or expect a dime or a scrap of clothing.

The warm welcome from the landladies of the Casa Particulars, participating in their anniversary parties and fiestas.

The one occasion I had a romantic involvement I felt so presurised, manipulated, stressed.

But only you can make your own decision, but do give it serious thought before you sign that register or walk down the aisle.

Dec 29, 2011
Many thanks!!!
by: Anonymous

Thank you for taking the time to tell me the risk in my situation. I really appreciate it. I will follow my heart and be careful, as much as I could. I am protected by my lawyer regarding my assets and that's all I can do. By the time he will be 'free' in Canada, I will make sure he won't leave with what I have right now if that will happen because I do have enough to be worried and not loosing it in case he is 'one of them'. But, thank you for your concerns. I know Cubans are educated and smart and know how to get us when it comes to their interest. I have to make sure if I'll be another victim, he won't take advantage of me. What I am going to spend for him untill he'll be here as you all know it is not a small amount of money. I put my effort to make it work, but if it doesn't I won't blame him or myself. I tried, that's all I can think of.On my opinion less than 10% of Cubans are honest in a similar situation as mine. But, think about people in Canada how messy can get when a relationship or a marriage is broken. It is not only Cubans that can turn your life up-side-down. I agree, they have more 'education' in making you fall in love. They all say 'I love you' so easy but, not all of them mean it. How can we be 100% sure that they are honest or they are big liars? But, if we don't believe in love, we'll never be able to love. If we don't believe in Cubans, then we shouldn't go for them. If we don't take the risk, we will never know. I admit, it is not easy but, also not the end of the world if we try and is not working. It's all about the money you invest for bringing them here, believe me. Think this way: you invest in a cuban like in a business, it might bring you money or you might loose everything but, don't make the cuban feel that way. Many canadians think they 'bought' them and make them feel they are their 'properties' then the problems start...then, the love is trasforming to hate. Cubans don't know another life but, the simple one they are living now. When I immigrated to Canada I was lost for a long time, i felt like I was a new born. I needed help in everything, it was the hardest part of my life. You have everything in here but, you don't know how to use it. Same with them: don't let them loose their personality we all like about them. I know that takes time and patience.Based on my past experience, I hope I'll help him grow here and keep our love up.

Dec 26, 2011
I Hope It Works Out For You.
by: Anonymous

To the last lady who posted I wish you the best for your forthcoming marriage.

We only read about the disaster stories on here, but I am sure there are some successes, however few and far between.

I would however still be very cautious. I mean why marry?. Is it only as a means of getting him into Canada?. And if that is the case have you thought that he could be using you as a way out of poverty?.

Marriage to me is an outdated patriarchal institution of little relevance to how we live today, and unless you are in need of a visa/green card why would you seriously want to encarserate yourself into a life of domestic drudgery for a man who has used you as a means of escaping poverty.

One of my friends lived a a Colombian guy for seven years, she loved him but they had grown apart, mainly because of cultural differences, he began to spend more and more time with his Colombian relatives and friends.

After seven years he insisted they marry. When she pressed him on why the sudden insistence, he told her his student visa was way over the limit, had run out years ago and marriage was the only way to save him from being deported. The last chance saloon.

She told him she did not want to be used as a means to procure a visa. 'Oh but we love each other" he told her.

"Well love is not enough' she replied.

He moved out next day and she never heard from him again, of a word, not a phone call, not a text, nada.

Just be careful.

Dec 20, 2011
Life goes on anyways...
by: Anonymous

Sorry to hear so many stories and bad experiences and sad endings with Cubans, unfortunatelly it will never stop, no matter what you say on this site. For sure it will be more Canadians who'll became the Cubans' victims and the sadest part: I might be one of them in the near future because I am going to marry a Cuban soon. Family, friends, co-workers and relatives tried to stop me from making a mistake like many other Canadians but, I've decided to take my chance and do it anyway. On the other hand, I do agree with most of you that Cubans have no respect for Canadians and do wathever it takes to get what they need. I love the man I am going to marry but I hate the idea that he could change as much as the others when he will be in Canada. I am not saying he is the best and my marriage will last longer for me than the others who married Cubans. I know for sure it is a big risk but, I've decided to go on and do it. Why??

Remark by Vic webmaster

Do not generalize, there are success stories too!
Follow your heart, but be vigilant, protect your assets, be vigilant with money too!
Wish you all the best for the future!

Dec 16, 2011
Oh Please!!
by: Anonymous

You've only told 1/2 the story. It may be true that most tourists should give their head a shake and wake up out of dreamland but, that does not absolve Cubans of their role in this. The Cubans that do this are equally to blame.

I'll give you that Cubans want a better life but do not tell me that they do this for "freedom". The Cubans that do this are a bunch of no good, freeloading, con artists that probably never worked a day in their lives and who's sole interest in "getting out" is finding a better life (in economic terms). They take as much money and "presents" as you're willing to give them while they are still on the island and, if you give them 1/2 a chance, they'll take all your earthly goods once they've arrive in your country.

The thing about the Cubans that do this.... this is a way of life for them. While on the island, they con a tourist with as much ease and as little remorse as they try to con Cubans and, once off the island, they try to continue because they don't know how to live any other way.

There are plenty of people in this world that are worse off then Cubans and they don't go to the extremes that some Cubans do. There are also plenty of honourable Cubans who would never resort to these sorts of tactics. I know a bunch of them and, in fact, I'm married to one.

Dec 16, 2011
not just old
by: Sarah

It isn't just older people that get taken for a ride by the Cubans though, younger people who lack self-confidence or are overweight or otherwise hold a negative self image appear to be easy targets.

One of my friends works for a travel company and she was spending many months in Cuba. At the time she was in her early 20s, lots of freckles, brown eyes, a little on the chubby side but still pretty and a lovely personality. One of the hair-gel-bearing Casanovas in the hotel's entertainment team almost got her to marry him, after having gone out for several months, until somebody told her he was sleeping around whenever she wasn't there. He didn't even try to hide it, although this was a surprise since most Cubans seem to get off from telling lies.

The only good thing to come out of it is that she said "screw him" and started dating properly again. She met somebody else, not a Cuban, with whom she has been happy for almost 5 years now.

Dec 16, 2011
I Totally Agree
by: Michelle - Ontario

totally agree with what you have said.

How can men and women in the 50' s or 60's complain when the Cuban disappears as soon as their papers drop on the mat.

Do they really believe that she/he married them out of love?.

Cubans are the best actors in the world. How good is Andy Garcia at playing the Mafia boss/con man. :).

But seriously, as many have pointed out they would win an oscar for their portrayal of someone who is deeply in love.

They are skilled in the art of con and deception. The most educated con artists in the world, courtesy of the Cuban Communist government and it's excellent free education system.

Deception is never right. Lying so as to gain a visa out of poverty is also not right.

I have met a retired man in his 60's heartbroken in Holguin after being taken to the cleaners financially in Toronto by his Cuban wife who hired a lawyer and claimed abuse so as to obtain posession of his house.

What does he do? go home and retire in tranquility? Oh no, he flies back to Holguin to find another woman or should I say Jinitera.

I have been in Varadero and seen 180 lb. women in their 50's check in a gigolo half their age to an all inclusive hotel.

I have seen these women overloaded with excess luggage at check in, full of presents for these players.

Do they honestly believe in their hearts that these male whores really love them?.

If they do they are deluded and living in cloud cuckoo land.

I know of a professional woman who is director or a tourism org. in Ontario.

She is hugely obese, unattractive, in her 50's. She has been repeatedly scammed by Cuban gigolos who have used and dumped her. But she does not give up.

A glutton for ever more punishment she returns to Cuba five times a year, waddles down Varadero beach her arm wrapped round the latest toy boy, her walking stick in the other hand to prop her ample weight up.

Until women like D. wake up and face reality, smell the coffee, accept the reality they are being used, nothing will change,and the scams and heartache will continue and we will be reading their sob stories on Havana-Guide for years to come.

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