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Cuban man with fire in his eyes.

by margaret

I am home from a tour of western cuba, from Havana, we went to Vinales valley.
One night in september, we went to the village, and to a bar. a man came and asked me to dance, he held me gentley, and we danced the salsa.
I looked at him, and he was looking in my eyes, his eyes were on fire! he kissed me many times on the lips, his eyes never leaving mine.
We danced all night, he was with some Russians, and some of them went on a lorry, he waved me to go inside the bar, for I was watching him. he came back for me to dance one more time.

Then he came with an interpreter, who couldn't really speak english (I am an english woman) but he wanted to see me next night. I wanted to see him very much.
We left on the coach, back to the hotel, next night, I was late for him, the taxi was late, and he was not in the bar, he must have gone!
I was so dissapointed. His eyes I will never forget, for a man has never looked at me like before.
His mum was in the bar too, he introduced me. I can't remember how he pronounced his name.
He is a cuban man, but name like ''lativir''. I dream of him still, i am going to write to him, the bar in the village, thats all I know, send him a photo, I will never forget my man with the fire in his eyes.
He was a hard working man, had very worn hands, quitely spoken, and polite, did not ask me for anything, we had fun.. never forget......

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Jul 08, 2015
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May 25, 2015
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Mar 04, 2015
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by: Dayne

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Mar 21, 2014
Wake up! NEW
by: Anonymous

He was most likely drunk and forgotten about that whole night when he woke up which is why didn't showed up. Consider yourself the lucky ones.

Oct 20, 2011
Do Not Hold Out Much Hope. You Had A Lucky Escape.
by: Celina

Margaret your story is so romantic, but like fairy tales they are best left to the imagination.

He might have done you a favour by not turning up for your date.

I too met a man in a bar in Cuba, he was charming, handsome, had fire in his eyes, could dance like a dream but he was a scammer who connned me out of clothing money cellphone. He was clearly on a mission to con a visa out of Cuba.

He played it well for the first meeting, lots of emails followed, apparently he loved and missed me.
He was biding his time.

They all do.

When I returned he showed his true colours. He kept complaining about poverty, he needed sandals, not any old sandals btw. This scammer wanted Havanias, the cool flip flops.

No doubt he was after marriage too had I been mug enough.

I wised up and ended up despising this user.

Margaret, they are ALL charming lovely with fire in their eyes when you first meet them.

After a year they do change.

Wake Up!!.

You were lucky, you got off lucky. A few drinks in a bar?. Had he shown up for your date he could have cost you a helluva lot more.

Count yourself lucky.

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