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"Thinking about a marriage?
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We receive mails about marriage fraud, scams and cheating We have regrouped the important information on a separate "Marriage Fraud" and "Sham marriages" page.

Sad title and topic indeed, but it can be a valuable source of information and lead to a better insight into this delicate matter.

Marriage between Cubans

People who can afford it save several years to pay a wedding party but according to government statistics 70% of the Cuban marriages end in a divorce.

Different causes can contribute to a divorce:

  • Poor Housing: The housing problem in Cuba is huge, three generations living together in a small apartment is the rule. This can lead to privacy problems and stressful situations.
  • Low Salaries: The daily struggle to meet ends put a strain on family relations.
  • Latin Lover attitude: and macho behavior. Some citizens change easily of partner.

Marriage between a Foreigner and a Cuban

Cubanos and Cubanas are friendly and charming persons. Citizens particulary in the resorts approach the tourists looking for friendly relations. Many of these relations are pretended and fake.

Tourists who fall in love with a person living on the island are not aware that they are part of what is called the "Te Quiero Mucho" game ('I love you very much' game).

It's the intention of this Cubans to get a visa, to leave the country in a legal way, by pretending love.

It is clear that this behavior can lead to painful situations and tragedies. Read the testimonies of what visitors have said about sham cuban marriages.

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