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Cuban Marriages

Is it possible to marry a Cuban girl and have the marriage recognized only in Cuba? Is only the payment of a fee required .. or do you have to fill out a jumble amount of information, put money in a Cuban Bank and all of the rest of that procedural stuff?

Answer by Vic Webmaster

As a foreigner you can marry a Cuban girl in Cuba.
You have to follow the normal Cuban procedures.
The prodecure includes that you have all the required documents translated in Spanish by a sworn official translator. All this documents must be stamped and sealed by the authorities in your country of origin. The following documents are required from the authorities of your home country:
- A birth certificate, an official document stating your identity.
- A document stating whether you are single, divorced or widower. In case you are divorced a certificate of the divorce, in case you are a widower a death cerificate of your wife.
After translation in Spanish as mentioned above,
the documents must be certified and approved by the consular services of the Cuban embassy in your country of origin. Note that you have to pay a seal duty for each certified page!
For up to date information contact the Cuban embassy in your country.
The whole procedure can take a few months and depending from person to person (quantity of needed documents) cost up to 1000-2000 USD or more. The procedure is aimed to avoid marriage fraud. The marriage is registered in Cuba, but the registration in your country of origin is subjet to local legislation.
I recommend to read the testimonials of our forum visitors.

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