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Cuban party Alamar East Havana Cuba

Preparing the soup for the party in Alamar

Party East Havana Cuba

I promised my wife we would held a party for our friends and the neighbors, and from the way she insisted I couldn't delay it anymore.
So the next day we went by taxi to buy some pork in a local meat market in Old Havana. I waited in the taxi and 10 minutes later she returned with the rear end of a little pig that she carried by the tail. She dropped the pig on the taxi floor next to the driver. Hey , that floor is dirty, I said...No problem Papi, she replied we wash the pig before we eat it. OK chief !
Then the trip went to " Harris Brothers", a local supermarket in Old Havana , to buy the drinks. The drinks are very important , a Cuban fiesta without booze is no party at all. Ten bottles of rum and eight cartons of Bucanero beer to start with. Back home for the preparations. There was already the hum of excitement when we arrived. Three neighbors were struggling with stones, wood and a big kettle, to make some kind of a campfire. The cauldron was filled up with water . Out of a cotton bag came vegtables and potatoes, together with the pork cut into small cubes and everything disappeared in the soup cauldron. In the meantime the pork was being browned in a big frying pan.

I heard the clicks of the beer cans, the Bucanero beers went from hand to hand. The temperature was rising, loud salsa music was playing, kids were screaming, the soup was still simmering.

Let the Cuban Feast Begin !

Cardboard plates with pork and cooked rice were distributed. People stood eating on the staircase, in front of the house,..everywhere, while the soup was still boiling. Rum bottles passed hands. The ambiance was rising, the singing and dancing began. Hot salsa "a lo Cubano", the Cuban way, the way only Cubans can dance. Here flows the Cuban spirit through the veins together with Havana Club rum invincible cocktail. Laughing, shouting, singing...and finaly it was time for the soup. A cup with hot soup passed from hand to hand, terribly hot, but to my surprise the soup was very tasty. The end of an unforgettable night in Havana Cuba.

cuban party in havana

A Cuban party: Hot salsa dancing

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