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Cuban birthday cake

A birthday in Cuba is a big celebration, some Cubans save a whole year to have a birthday party. 

Music, dancing and rum drinking are part of the fun, but the Cuban cake is an important ingredient, without the cake and rum there's no party.

The cake is very sweet, the wipped cream is made of sugar, because milk and butter are too expensive. 

The average price for the cake is 3 Cuc (3 USD). For most Cubans a cardboard box is too expensive so they walk with the cake in their hand on the streets. 

It is a Cuban tradition to rub some wipped cream of the cake in the face of the person whose birthday it is.

Bakery in Cuba

Bakery "Panaderia SAN JOSE" in Obispo street La Habana

pastries in Cuba
cake and pastries in Cuba

Cake in Panaderia José

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